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Why It’s Better To Pay Attention To The Method Than The Result

Instead of obsessing over getting somewhere, readers who read “JOURNEY OVER DESTINATION” will discover how to relish the journey rather than the destination.

You’ll learn how to avoid stress, distraction, and self-sabotage on your journey to success in this life-changing blueprint. The advantages of being process-oriented, how to avoid sabotaging your success, how being too focused on your career can limit your life, tips for increasing your productivity, and why stress kills are just some of the things you’ll learn here. In addition to these life-changing suggestions, you’ll discover many more inside!

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Journey Over Destination OTO

This Full-Blown Journey Over Destination Course will teach you the following:

Results aren’t nearly as important as how you get there.
The dangers of obsessing over the result of a situation.
There are five advantages to focusing on the process rather than the results.
How to cultivate the rarest characteristic in the 21st century (See Chapter 2).
How to start small and work your way up to huge goals.
Here are seven suggestions for staying on track and avoiding detours.
How to find your life’s purpose.
How to avoid the most common error people make when they discover their passion.
There are two big things that prevent you from living the life of your dreams.
Here are 11 methods to keep stress from killing you.
7 ways in which people fail to achieve their goals.
Are you a victim of time robbers? You can find out how to get rid of them in Chapter 7.
In ten simple steps, learn how to increase your productivity.
Listed here are five surprising reasons why people succumb to temptation.
Before you give up, take a look at Chapter 8’s five truths.
A step-by-step guide on how to stay motivated as you pursue your goal of becoming successful.
… And there’s even more to be found once you open the door.

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Everything You’ll Ever Need to Make Money Selling Your Own Stuff

Front End

Introduction to High-End E-Books
Module 2: Checklist in Its Completeness
Module 3: Detailed Mind Mapping
Module 4: Sales Page and Thank You Page with High Conversion Rates
Module 5: Video Sales Letter that Illusionizes Customers
Exclusive Lead Magnet – The Final Module
Module 7: How to Create an Effective Landing Page
Module 8: Email Swipes for Follow-up
Module 9: Graphics Pack Stunning
There are two bonuses in Module 10: License Certificates and Smart Funnel Hacks.


Upgrade to High-Definition Videos
High-Performance Upsell Pages
Creating a High-Quality Video Sales Script
To All Videos, Adding Professional Slides
Transcripts of all videos
Audio Files in Mp3 Format


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