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YouTargetr Review – What is YouTargetr? You Targetr is brand new software by Victory Akpomedaye, this software allows you to find popular channel or videos on YouTube, and fetch the exact data, so you can implement the data on your own videos and get higher rank on YouTube and Google SERP. This is brand new idea and concept how to spy your competitor videos easier, this software not required any SEO skills or knowledge, what you need to do is just simply put a keyword you want to grab a video data, you can also filter or customize the search results, and with one click you will find the popular videos on YouTube.

With YouTargetr you can find trending and popular videos on YouTube, and you will get their video data that make them rank higher on Google, like description, tags, even the transcript. Not only that you can also check the rank of any video you want based on geolocation. This is great feature to start making your video rank higher in you targeted niche. For more details, please scroll down below to read the complete feature of YouTargetr.

Product Name:YouTargetr
Vendor Name:Victory Akomedaye
Product Type:Web-Based Software
Launch Date and Time :2018-Dec-18 at 11:00 EDT
Front-End Price:$27
Customer Support:Yes
Skill Required:No Skill Required
Gurantee Status:30 Day Money Back Guarantee
Official SiteClick Here

About The Author of YouTargetr – Victory Akpomedaye

Victory Akpomedaye is one of top vendor on JVZoo, he always produce great and helpful software. His great products: HQWebinar, FBEngagr PRO, Uduala and more. Now he and his team launch this brand new software called  YouTargetr, with this software you can grab all the metadata of a YouTube videos, and you can use that on your video to get same result, or get higher rank on YouTube search or SERP. For more detail, below is the complete feature of YouTargetr.


YouTargetr Review – The Feature

Below is the complete feature of YouTargetr software

  • Channel finder
    With this feature you can search channel for trending videos and also monetized videos. You can also grab the videos metadata, like tags, video rank for that keyword, tags, and even the transcripts.
  • Geolocation Keyword Research
    YouTargetr comes with Geolocation Keyword Research feature, so you can use the power of Google and YouTube search engine trending keyword per location
  • Search Filter
    With this feature you can filter recent videos, video views, channel subscribers, likes, unlikes, monetized video or non monetized videos
  • Download and Export
    You can download all data and export in csv, you can also copy to your clipboard and paste in your Adword account and etc.
  • Video Rank Checker
    You will know the exact rank of any YouTube videos per keyword, even for per location, because this feature also built-in with Geolocation video rank checker.
  • Reach The Channel Details
    You can get all the channel details, like the channel owner contact information, about pages, and etc
  • Spy any Video URL
    You can see their exact ranking metadata like, description, tags and etc
  • 100% Cloud-Based Software
    No need to install any software, this software run in cloud so this is will works accross all device, desktop even for mobile.
  • And more, click here to learn more YouTargetr Software


YouTargetr Review – The Benefit

Below is the benefit of this software.

  • Spy any trending and high rank YouTube videos
  • You will get fast traffic when you can implement same metadata on your videos
  • You will know the exact keyword that a video rank
  • No need monthly payment like other software out there
  • Easy to use and newbie friendly
  • 100% cloud based, that mean this software work for all device and operating system
  • And many more

youtargetr review

YouTargetr Review – How it Works

Like I said this software is simple and easy to use, what you need to do is just 4 simple step. Step 1 is enter your niche keyword, and YouTargetr will give you all the related keyword, Step 2 YouTargetr will find all the videos that are ranking for the keyword. Step 3, you can copy the data and you can implement to your YouTube video to get higher rank on SERP, or you can use the data to YouTube Ads platform. Step 4, is done for YouTube SEO or you can continue to setup your YouTube ads using the data.

If you still confuse, you can watch the demo video below:


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YouTargetr OTO Upsells

For more benefit and unlock more feature of YouTargetr you can also check the YouTargetr OTO below:

YouTargetr OTO 1 – YouTargetr Pro ($37)

  • All feature and benefit on FE
  • Get instant access to the adcabced search feature
  • You can find videos based on length, popularity, license and etc
  • You can filter video within a certain date range
  • Keyword research tool for SEO
  • Fnd more popular and trending keyword
  • Channel research tool feature to find the most popular monetized videos
  • Geolocation-based targeting
  • Video rank checker to see exactly where your video are on SERP (Search Engine Result Position)
  • Click here to learn more YouTargetr OTO 1

YouTargetr OTO 2 – ($47)

Local Agency Website + Local Ads Training. Click here to learn more YouTargetr OTO 2

YouTargetr OTO 3 – ($37)

DFY Video pack. Click here to learn more YouTargetr OTO 3

YouTargetr OTO 4 – YouTargetr Reseller License

With this OTO, you have abllity to sell YouTargetr as your own product and keep the profit 100%, you will get all the sales material like salespage of FE (Front-End) product. Not only that you will also get help to setup your site, and paypal buttons. You will also complete marketing tools, like swipe, bonuses, and new video marketing agency suite. Click here to learn more YouTargetr OTO 4


YouTargetr Review Conclusion

Thank you for rading my YouTargetr review, this software is perfect for anyone who run video marketing, and always drive traffic from YouTube, both with SEO or YouTube Ads. With this software anyone can target same keyword that targeted by trending videos. With YouTargetr we can also know the metadata of a YouTube videos, like the tags, the transcript, the description etc. This is great for YouTube Marketer, for more details please click button below. If you have any questions feel free to leave comment below. Hope this review helpful.


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