WP Toolkit Ultimate Ads Plugin Review FE and OTO Review

They have only previously sold WP Toolkit Ultimate Ads Plugin as an upsell to other offers, but it has proven to be highly successful. As a result, we are now selling it for the first time as a Front End offer in its own right, exclusively on JVZoo. This plugin, which was developed based on 15 years of WordPress theme and plugin building experience, is a Super Tool for monetizing blogs in any subject!

ultimate ads wordpress plugin review

Ultimate Ads Plugin Review


Theme Ads

Any WordPress site can instantly add up to 5 different ad widgets, and you can pick where, when, and how many of them to display. Utilize these to add Amazon advertisements, Google Adwords, or banners to your blogs.

Even better, your home, category tags, etc. pages display these widgets alongside your regular postings. They are simple to make appear like a regular article, and you may direct traffic to any link you desire. with click-through rates that are higher than anything you’ve ever seen!

Ad Bar

This sneaky tactic attracts attention and generates clicks like crazy by utilizing cutting-edge psychology and people’s fear of missing out.

On any blog, the most valuable space is at the very top… and alerts that anything was blocked will almost always be noticed by people. More significantly, they won’t anticipate that these notifications are advertisements and will let their defenses down.

To essentially force users to click on your adverts, Header Bar imitates a pop-up blocker notification bar.

Additionally, we’re taking it a step further with the Ultimate Ads Plugin by enabling you to customize your header bars with many lines, banners, and graphics.

AND you can add them to your page’s TOP or BOTTOM.

Popup Messenger

People adore using social media to keep in touch with their friends. The majority of us use WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, and Skype.

Every every time, the tiny red flag indicating a new message draws your attention since you don’t want to miss anything or leave your buddies in the dark. So we jump to answer.

With the help of this wonderful tool, you can quickly add messenger advertising that seem like actual WhatsApp, Facebook, and Skype notifications and messages. You may use these to direct traffic to whatever link you choose, even affiliate links, as they are certain to attract attention and encourage interaction.

Pop under.

Years ago, pop-up advertisements became extinct like the dodo bird. All modern browsers come with built-in pop-up blockers, so if you manage to get one past them, you are more likely to upset consumers than to generate sales.

Pop-Tarts are unique… They are stealthy, undetectable advertisements that will catch consumers off guard.

You can add any link you choose, and our plugin will open that link beyond the visitor’s current browser window when they click on something on your blog.

When your advertisement is waiting for them later, they won’t even be aware of this. This technique is incredibly effective for both affiliates offers and squeeze pages, making them a very potent way to grow your list.

How does it work? Demo video

Please the demo video below to learn more about Ultimate Ads Plugin


Ultimate Ads Plugin Review


Get More Leads & Higher Click Through Rates for More Profits by Monetizing ANY Blog in ANY Niche!

  • Content Ads That Blend In With Theme Ads For Better Click Rates.
  • Ad Bar: Use This Psychological Trick To Attract Visitors’ Attention!
  • Use Social Conversion Habits For More Conversions Using Pop Up Messenger.
  • Pop Under The Deadly Pop for Steroid-Building Your List

Ultimate Ads Plugin OTO

  • Frontend: $17-$27 Dimesale. Click here to learn more
  • Ultimate Ads Plugin OTO 1: Blog Link Magic
  • Ultimate Ads Plugin OTO 2: WP Optimiser
  • Ultimate Ads Plugin OTO 3: Viper Cache
  • Ultimate Ads Plugin OTO 4: WP Toolkit


Whatever your blog’s focus, it won’t generate income if readers don’t take some sort of action, and they’ve likely become “blind” to the banner advertisements you normally use. With the Ultimate Ads plugin, your offers will be displayed to your site’s visitors. Here are four strategies for increasing your sales from current traffic.



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