WP Story Machine Review – Turns Blog Posts Into Stories

WP Story Machine Review – Social content such as Instagram Stories, Facebook Stories, and also TikTok is a type of content that has a high viral potential, social media content is very suitable for bringing visitors to our website, but is currently very rarely used.

A new tool from Ankur Shukla will give you the ability to turn your blog content into a Social Story that you can post on your social media account to bring free traffic to your website. WP Story Machine is a WordPress plugin that is very easy to use with complete features to create social story content

You can change the background image, adjust the image size, change fonts, text alignment, and so on in your WordPress website dashboard. This is a tool and the latest innovation to get visitors from your social media account using the story. The following are the full features of WP Story Machine.

wp story machine review

WP Story Machine Review

WP Story Machine has 12 amazing features. Which will convert your blog post into a story, with an elegant appearance? The following features

  • 1-click to convert any post
    This plugin will help you convert blog posts into a story that is ready to be posted on social media. Only in one click without special skills
  • Monetize
    You can monetize story content in any way, you can add a call to action and insert affiliate links in your story.
  • Unlimited Stories
    You can create unlimited stories and also embed them to any site, without restrictions.
  • View story
    This feature will add a view story button on your blog post or website page.
  • Social sharing
    Automatically share your content stories to other social media, like Facebook and Twitter
  • Auto images
    You can add images with just one click
  • Mobile optimized
    As we know more than 70% of internet visitors come from mobile, this is why story content is suitable for increasing your website visitors
  • High engagement
    Stories content has a high engagement
  • Add HTML Ads
    You can add banner ads or any kind of HTML ad to your stories.
  • Add a video
    You can also add videos to your stories from several video sources
  • Beautiful transition and animation
    You can add transitions and animations in your story.
  • Unlimited content and slides
    You can add unlimited slides and content in your stories
  • News stories
    You can create news stories with this plugin, such as Flipboard or in short on your mobile devices
  • Custom story builder
    You can customize images, backgrounds, fonts, headers, and more
  • Web view
    This feature will provide a web view easily in your browser
  • Story content like Facebook, Instagram or Tik Tok
    You can create story content such as Facebook Story, Instagram Story and also Tik Tok

How does it work?

Just 3 simple steps, you can turn any post into social stories style. First install plugin, select post, and customize the stories

wp story machine review

wp story machine review

wp story machine review

WP Story Machine Review

Who Should Use It?

Every online business owner wants a lot of visitors to their website, and promotion on social media is the right thing. One type of content on social media that can be used in addition to video and text, is that story why in my opinion all online businesses should use this plugin to help make story content easier.

Pros, Cons and My Opinion

The pros:

  • Easy to use
  • WordPress plugin
  • Custom story builder
  • Being able to insert CTA

The cons:

This product has a complete feature to turn any blog post into story content, I don’t find any problem with this plugin. However, you must buy the OTO version to get more features.

WP Story Machine OTO

FE WP Story Machine ($27)
OTO 1 – Story Machine Pro ($47)
OTO 2 – Profit Stories ($27)
OTO 3 – Developer License ($67)
OTO 4 – Reseller License ($97)


Thank you for reading my review, this plugin perfect to drive traffic using social stories content. No need video creation skills, turn your blog post into story content.



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