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What is WP Rank Express? Introduction

WP Rank Express Review – This is brand new wordpress plugin by Kurt Chrisler, that will allow you to optimize SEO in one dashboard. As we know SEO is one of the best way to drive high targeting traffic to your sites, however SEO need lot of work, start from find the best keyword to rank, optimize your on-page, build high quality backlink, post unique content, and more. And WP Rank Express is a wordpress plugin that can do all the optimization, you could do all of SEO task with a single plugin. With this wordpress plugin, you can build link, analyze your SEO score, rewrite article, find the best longtail keyword, submit your site to search engine, check your keyword density, test your loading speed, and much more. No need SEO skills or SEO knowledge, anyone can run this wordpress plugin. 13 SEO tools in one dashboard and you can use this plugin on unlimited sites you own, no monthly payment just one time payment. Scroll down for more details about the features.

wp rank express review

WP Rank Express Review – Features and What Will You Get

  • You can create 20 Backlinks with just a single click.
    With this feature you can build 20 backlink to your site with just a single click, enter your domain name and click generate button, and the plugin will create the links.
  • Easy to Find 100’s of Longtail Keywords To Target
    With this feature you can find longtail keywords because with lower competition. All you need to do is just enter your keyword and plugin will generate longtail keyword related with your main keyword
  • Article Rewriter Tool Help You To Create Unique Articles
    As we know to rank better in SERP, we need to post high qulity and unique content, this plugin can help you to write any articles and make it unique articles
  • Easy to Check Your Page for Search Engine
    This feature will help you to see where you are optimized well and where you are not. So yo can quickly fix your onpage SEO issues.
  • Page Speed Checker
    This feature allow you to check your site speed, as we know site speed is important and one of ranking factors.
  • Click here to learn more about WP Rank Express


Who is WP Rank Express For?

This wordpress plugin perfect for any online business owner, this plugin will help you to get rank higher on SERPs. If you are:

  • Blogger
  • eCom store owner
  • Local business owner
  • and etc

WP Rank Express Benefits

  • One time payment
  • Easy to use
  • 13 SEO tools in one
  • WordPress plugin
  • Unlimited license for your own site


Only max 20 backlink you can create.


WP Rank Express OTO Upsells

WP Rank Express FE. All features and benefit listed above. Click here to learn more

OTO 1 : Developers License Price: $27. Click here to learn more

This OTO 1 allow you to use WP Rank Express to create a service for your clients

OTO 2: DFY Option $47. Click here to learn more

This OTO 2 is done for you install and setup WP Rank Express for you

OTO 3: iMarketers Club $149 per year. Click here to learn more

This OTO 3 will give you access to all Kurt Chrisler products



This WordPress plugin is perfect for anyone who run WordPress sites, 13 SEO tool in one dashboard with one time payment. Anyone can optimize their wordpress site instantly, you can learn more about this plugin by clicking button below. Hope this review helpful. Thanks!

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