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WP Money Machine is a WordPress plugin created by Ankur Shukla and his team. With this plugin, you can monetize your website in 20 ways. So, if you have a website with high traffic, don’t waste it doing monetization, and the simplest way to do it is by using this plugin.

What is the idea of making this plugin?

This plugin was created to help anyone who wants to make money online through their website, without making a complicated configuration. With WP Money Machine you can monetize websites in 20 different ways. Starting from simple things like installing banners, Adsense, Ads from eCom sites with your affiliate links, popup ads, text link ads, and much more.

With WP Money Machine you can save time in monetizing your website. All you can do is very easy with this plugin.

wp money machine review

What are the main features of the WP Money Machine?

Below are the main features of WP Money Machine plugin

  • Add 20 different ways to monetize your website
  • 100% automated plugin
  • Set and forget plugin
  • Add AdSense to show anywhere on your site
  • Monetize your website with Amazon Ads
  • Monetize your website with eBay
  • Monetize your website with AliExpress
  • Monetize your website with thousands of Walmart
  • Show eCom ads like from BestBuy and GeatBeast
  • Show ClickBank product on your site
  • Show popup, on entry or exit
  • Show slider
  • Hello bar on the top of your site
  • Create image ads
  • Add info link ads
  • Monetize with thousands of Envato products

What are the benefits of the WP Money Machine? – My Opinion

In my opinion, the benefits of this plugin are, this plugin can help anyone who wants to monetize their website in 20 different ways. You do not have to use these 20 methods in 1 website, but you have 20 monetization website options that you can activate and with a very easy configuration.


  • Easy to use
  • 20 different ways to monetize
  • Full support
  • Easy to setup


I found no problems in this plugin, everything is as promised. And you can directly use this plugin

How does it work?

I have access to this plugin, so you can trust this review 100%, this is my experience using WP Money Machine.

The dashboard of WP Money Machine

wp money machine review


Below are the complete features of WP Money Machine

wp money machine review


As you can see with WP Money Machine you can monetize your website with:

  • Google Adsense Ads
  • Banner Ads
  • Text Ads
  • Image Ads
  • Floating Banner
  • Product Cards
  • Amazon Affiliate
  • eBay Affiliate
  • Aliexpress Affiliate
  • Walmart Affiliate
  • Bestbuy Affiliate
  • GearBeast Affiliate
  • Clickbank Affiliate
  • Envato Affiliate
  • Inline links ads
  • in-text ads
  • Floating CTA
  • Top bar
  • Slider
  • Popup
  • Newsticker

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Thank you for reading my review, this is the best and the most complete features to monetize your site. You can monetize your site in 20 different ways. I hope this review helpful. Thanks!


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