Vlogr Review – Step-by-Step Vlogging For Business

Vlogr Review – A way to make money that is trending and rarely talked about at the moment is Vlogs, many people make thousands of dollars from YouTube. Not only individuals, vlogs are also implemented by large companies, in addition to promoting their business, vlogs can also be a way to make money. Vlogr is a step-by-step training that will show you how to start a vlog for local businesses and build a good brand for your business. Not only training, this product also includes a green screen package, animated graphics pack, and also background pack.

This vlogging training is the best training because you will learn from the basic and many advanced techniques such as, how to make “Holywood style” storytelling, how to create visual storytelling, vlogging for a local business, vlogging for digital products and etc.

Vlogr Review – What will you learn

  • Module 1 – Basic
    What is vlogging
    Planning your business vlog
    Interview with Rensis
  • Module 2 – Planning
    Planning your vlog content
    How to structure your story
    Story elements
    Content delivery
  • Module 3 – Storytelling
    Visual storytelling
    Gears for vlogging
    Shooting your vlog
    Before editing
    Editing a vlog for Facebook
    Editing a vlog for YouTube
    Publishing your vlog
  • You will also get these bonuses: greenscreen video, vlog elements, animated characters, and backgrounds.

vlogr review module 1

vlogr review module 2

vlogr review module 3

vlogr review module 4

Vlogr Member Area


Vlogr Review – Benefits, Pros and Cons

The pros:

  • Easy to use
  • Complete video training
  • Start from basic
  • High quality


  • No cons found

Who is Vlogr For?

This training perfect for anyone who wants to start their own vlog, and make money with YouTube partner program

Vlogr OTO

vlogr oto

You have 2 options of OTO, below is the details

  • Vlogr OTO 1 – UpVid ($27 per month or $49.95 per quarter)
    There are monthly membership assets for your vlogs that will give you video stocks, overlays, animations, elements, templates, etc.
  • Vlogr OTO 2 – Vlogr Consultation ($97)
    This is a premium coaching program on how to make your vlog success


Thank you for reading my review, this is perfect training for vlogging, learn from start to the advanced technique on how to create and grow your YouTube channel. Hope this review helpful.


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