Visual Voice Pro 3.0 Review – by Arthur Joseph and Han Fan

Visual Voice Pro 3.0 Review – These days, slides and screencasts and special effects aren’t enough. You’ve got to grab your viewers right from the very first word. That’s why we’ve seen an EXPLOSION in software that makes your videos and brand look more professional. But there is one thing virtually NOBODY has yet:

  • Professional audio.
  • Dialogue that POPS!
  • A Voice that INSTANTLY brands you as a professional.
  • A presentation that draws in the viewers and DOESN’T LET THEM GO.

You’re probably not using professional broadcasting techniques at the moment, and that’s understandable. Getting professional level training can cost thousands of dollars and it’s usually reserved for elite-level television and news shows.

visual voice pro 3.0 review

Who is the author? Arthur Joseph

He is the founder of Vocal Awareness Institue and the World’s Premier Authority on the Power of the Human Voice, the true Vocal Coach to the Stars, is going to personally train you on how to implement these techniques once reserved only for the top celebrities in the world.

visual voice pro 3.0 review


Visual Voice Pro 3.0 – What Will You Learn

The secret of Visceral Language

  • How to read it
  • How to write it
  • How to apply it to any script
  • How to apply it to any video
  • How to apply it to any speech
  • How to apply it to any book
  • How to apply it to any song
  • How to apply it to any, from written word
  • How to warm up your voice for your videos
  • How to speak like a pro
  • How to learn to speak with your one true voice
  • Step-by-step techniques to make your video offers irresistible
  • No need any special skills
  • No need any acting and speaking experience
  • You will have an accent, a speech impediment or even a terrible fear of public speaking it will still work for you

Visual Voice Pro 3.0 OTO

Visual Voice Pro 3.0 FE

This is the main module and the exclusive video marketing training to improve your sales and conversions in 7 minutes, taught by the world’s foremost authority on the human voice, Arthur Joseph. The biggest celebrity-endorsed product in internet marketing.

OTO 1: Visual Voice Pro 3.0 – VIP Club Membership

Vocal Awareness VIP Training Customers get the VIP treatment with the full range of marketing, broadcasting, voice-over, and speech training with Arthur Joseph and his students from Hollywood and Pro Athletics. Monthly: $15 per month Quarterly: $27 Per Quarter

OTO2: VIP Webinar Live Training

LIVE Webinar Training Course Train live with Arthur and his famous guests in a series of webinars where you get to ask questions and get direct and instant feedback on your presentations and techniques from Arthur himself. Plus get unlimited access to the archives.

OTO3: XRanker360 Pro Edition [Monthly & Quarterly]

X-Ranker 360 is the most powerful software that will allow you to get GUARANTEED Page 1 Rankings with their videos every single time! This is a very unique software so that you can get results as quickly as possible without having to waste time on campaigns that won’t rank. We’ve done this by developing our own in-house ranking machine that will ensure they rank on page 1 of Google BEFORE having to put any additional work into their campaigns.

X-Ranker 360 also simplifies the ranking process into 4 simple steps:

  1. One of the Most Powerful Keyword Research modules you’ve ever seen
  2. The “PreWork” Ranking Module where they’ll rank before even having to make a video
  3. Once their campaign is ranking on page 1, they’ll be notified and then be able to continue working on the campaign.
  4. Competition Crushing syndication module.

OTO4: VVP 3.0 Reseller License

Visual Voice Pro Reseller License Get the entire celebrity-endorsed funnel to sell Visual Voice Pro 3.0 and keep 100% of the profits without any hassle.


Visual Voice Pro 3.0 is perfect for anyone, especially for people with SPEECH IMPEDIMENTS like stuttering or people with a fear of public speaking, to command a room, own a presentation, and increase sales and conversions with just their voice. Once you’ve gone through the training videos with Arthur, your VISCERAL LANGUAGE annotations will tell you VISUALLY everything you need to know to do with your voice while you are reading your script to TRIGGER THE RIGHT EMOTIONAL RESPONSE from your audience. Not only will your viewers be UNABLE TO TURN AWAY from your video, but by the end of the video, they will be so EXCITED TO BUY YOUR PRODUCT that they may even invite some of their friends to buy it with them. Hope this review helpful, please click button below to learn more


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