Vidyz Review – Brand New Video Marketing Platform

Vidyz Review – Vidyz is brand new video marketing platform without any limitation like other video marketing platform or video hosting. With Vidyz you can embed your own videos with autoplay features in any browser, embed your videos without any outbound link, so you can stop losing traffic from your video marketing campaign, not only that with Vidyz you can add clickable links, call to action, and coupons to any videos to get more viewer attention and drive more sales. You can also embed any websites with SEO optimized. Vidyz also wordking perfect with any device, so your videos can be play on all mobile devices, secure webhosting and advanced analytics and tracking features.

And the best part is, you don’t need spend lot of money or monthly payment, with Vidyz you can upload your videos without monthly payment, you can also upgrade to get unlimited access. Scroll below for the details.

The Main Idea Behind Vidyz

The main idea of Vidyz is video hosting without any annoying ads and unprofessional branding. As we know the best video hosting nowdays is YouTube, but every embeded videos include YouTube branding and clickable links to YouTube, so sometimes your potential customer will watch other videos on YouTube, and buy a product from other sites. And if we’re looking for no branding video hosting, we can use Wistia but the pro version of Wistia (without branding) is so expensive, you must pay $99 per month for only 10 videos. So that’s why Vidyz will become your video hosting solution. You can maximize your video views, increase sales, autoplay features and so many more.

About The Creator of Vidyz

Brett and Mike is internet marketer since 2014, they’re using YouTube to host their marketing videos, but they facing problems when YouTube didn’t allow autoplay videos, lot of YouTube branding, etc. Now they create their own video hosting platform, and launch it on public. So this is a great chance to use their own Video Marketing platform, without spend lot of money each month. Below is the complete features of Vidyz.

Vidyz Review – The Complete Features

As I said before this is the most complete video sharing, or video hosting service that you can use without any annoying ads or company branding. Below is the complete features of Vidyz

  • Autoplay videos in any browser

As we know YouTube not allow you to set autoplay your embeded videos, so that’s required your viewers to click the play button. It’s annoying

  • Autoredirect to any link you want without ask viewers to click a link

You can set autoredirect to any links, like your salespage, or your affiliate links without ask them to click a link

  • Embed to any website type

You can embed your videos to any type of site, for eCommerce, WordPress Sites, Shopify, etc

Vidyz Review – My Own Experience and Opinion About It

Just like before, I always test a product before start reviewing. And below is my opinion and my personal experience about Vidyz.

I used the beta tester for this product, so below is the honest review of Vidyz based on my experence


Below is the main dashboard of Vidyz:

vidyz review

After you logged in to the Vidyz dashboard, you will get instant access to your bonuses. And you can also start to upload your videos, just click my videos above and you can get the list of uploaded videos.

Below is the “My Videos” menu.

vidyz review my videos menu

With this menu you can manage all your uploaded videos, like edit the details, delete the videos or analyze the video views. You can start upload your videos by clicking the Upload Video button.

vidyz review uploading process

After upload process finish, you can start optimize your videos, add video description, add CTA, add redirect button and redirect URL.

vidyz review video details


After you have finished with the video details, add lower third, add CTA button, add CTA text and more. You can start generate your own video embed code, you can set the video width, control bar, video autoplay setting, and more.

vidyz review

You can also create video slide and GIF animation with Vidyz.

vidyz review

This is the most powerful video marketing tools, and video sharing platform. Easy to use and 100% newbie friendly. If you still don’t understand how it works, you can check the demo videos below:

Vidyz Review – My Opinion, Pros and Cons

My opinion:

Vidyz is complete video marketing platform, you can upload your own videos, and embed in any site type. If you are internet marketer this software can maximize the power of video marketing.


  • Easy to use
  • Slide Builder features
  • Autoplay setting
  • Add Lower Third
  • Add CTA
  • Add Button
  • Automatically Redirect


This software does’nt have any problem, all you need is internet connection to upload and embed your videos.

Vidyz Review – OTO and Pricing

For more benefit and unlock more features of Vidyz you can check the Vidyz OTO below:

Below is the details about what will you get:

vidyz oto upsells

Vidyz Review Conclusion and My Opinion

Thank you for reading my Vidyz review, my opinion is if you are internet marketer and run video marketing as your one of traffic source, than you need to use Vidyz to maximize the benefit of video marketing. With Vidyz you can run video autoplay, automatically redirect to any URL and you can also add CTA button, and lower third. Click button below for more details, if you have any question feel free to leave comment below. Hope this review helpful. Thanks!


get now


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