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Creating stunning video content for attracting the new potential customer is something that will benefit a business. Unfortunately, there always many challenges to produce and share suitable video content. So that it ends up with less audience. To help with this issue, suitable video hosting will need. Since it can be a good approach to help with increasing traffic and manage a successful video. Introducing VidTags, an AI-powered interactive video and audio hosting platform that makes navigating, tagging, searching, transcribing, and translating marketing video content super easy. This product uses the power of AI to supercharge video engagement and increase more sales. For more information, continue to read the following paragraphs.


VidTags Features

As an AI video platform, VidTags contain several stunning features, including the following:

  • A lightning-fast video editor that can allow the user to easily cut out the right snippets of the video by just editing the text.
  • Provided with an automatic translation for the video content or the audio into several languages.
  • Include the technology of iAToC or Interactive Actionable Table of Contents that will work for every segment and talking point of the entire video library in a minute.
  • Includes real-time analytics that will give suitable data of who is watching your video, where they’re from, and how long they are watching.
  • Stunning video quality with no delay or buffering so that the end-user experience can be excellent.

VidTags Benefits

There are many advantages when you trust VidTags for your video and audio content. It gives the following lists of benefits:

  • VidTags provide an easy way to perform and promise an excellent result. Therefore, the user will able to use this platform in a simple way and with minimum effort.
  • The product is also able to perform many features as listed above. So that it can promise the best traffic for your video content that can lead to more sales and revenue.
  • Using VidTags can help to customize any video marketing without any coding skill needed. Therefore, anyone can use the product and reach a stunning result.

VidTags Pros and Cons


The best thing to get whenever you decide to use VidTags is the AI technology that works in the smart system and effective approaches. It also includes iAToC technology that may not appear in another similar platform. Therefore, it will work to bring more optimized results smartly and efficiently.


You need to upgrade to remove VidTags branding

VidTags OTO

For more benefits and unlock more features, you can purchase the upsells too. Below are the details

VidTags OTO 1 – Pro Version

vidtags oto 1 features

VidTags OTO 2 – Deluxe Version

vidtags oto 2 features

VidTags OTO 3 – Platinum

vidtags oto 3 features

  • Unlimited video and audio
  • Unlimited domain and bandwidth
  • Unlimited team members
  • Unlimited player languages
  • Click here to learn more

VidTags OTO 4 – Whitelabel

vidtags oto 4 features

  • Rebrandable dashboards
  • Add up to 200 clients
  • Add team members
  • Whitelabel domain
  • Custom favicon
  • Full re-brandable with your own company details
  • Click here to learn more

My Opinion and Conclusion

By reading the above information, it is clear that VidTags is a worth considering platform that will suit any kind of business. Furthermore, it can help to optimize the number of audiences and perform less effort through AI technology. Therefore, selecting this product can lead to a successful sale.

Furthermore, VidTags have sufficient powerful features that will increase your profit within a very fast time. Not to mention it gives an affordable cost that value for money. Therefore, you shouldn’t feel doubt whenever decide to use this platform. Make video content marketing easy, use VidTags!

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