VidRepurposer Review FE and OTO Review – by Ben Murray

VidRepurposer – Everyone is aware of the importance of the uniqueness of an online content. An online content has to be very unique to get traffic and click baits. If it is a duplicated or copied content, people identify it very easily and your page is not ranked high and you do not get more visits or clicks. Content creation for a Video is a time consuming task and requires a lot of pre-planning, production and post-production work. To help you perform this task easily, VidRepurposer comes handy to you. It is the first video repurposing tool that can take any existing media say text, image or a video and turn it into a completely new unique video in its own style.

vidrepurposer review

What is VidRepurposer?

VidRepurposer is a cool cloud based app. It creates unique video content from text, links and existing videos. You can turn an already existing video into a PPT template audio file or a unique video for yourself or for your business clients. One can convert any existing YouTube video into an ad and even resell. It has a very good customization features that includes editing styles, slides, fonts, text, adding background images, background videos and so on.

Using this app, you can simply extract the audio from any existing YouTube Video, quickly add images and turn it into a realistic and professional video. New videos can be repurposed into a more unique looking styled video which is 100% customized and you can sell them to your clients. YouTube videos, Blog articles, Audio, Lead magnet or Audio for a podcast from website or any server can be taken and efficiently changed into a fully unique video within minutes using VidRepurposer.

VidRepurposer Product Owners

Ben Murray, Rohan Choudhari and Harshal Jadhav are the creators and owners of VidRepurposer. It will be available on November 8, 2018 at You can get in touch with any of the product creators through their Skype ID to discuss on any issues or topics on VidRepurposer.

VidRepurposer Review – Best Features of VidRepurposer

VidRepurposer has some of the best features among the existing video editing and creating tools. Check them below.

  • The VidRepurposer app can extract any spoken text from a YT video and convert it into a completely customized video.
  • It comes with seven DFY uniquely designed templates to create seven of the newest local niches
  • You may change your newest video to a blog article, podcast or lead magnet and create more traffic to your video link.
  • It offers the best and rich customization features like adding text, changing font size, color, make changes to background video and make the most interesting videos ever.
  • You can simply copy paste the text or URL from a blog and convert it into an incredible video.
  • You can look up for free stock videos and stock images and use for your new videos.
  • VidRepurposer has commercial rights included. So you can charge per lead, sell content and charge the local clients with monthly service.
  • It is full cloud based. So you need not install anything in your local.
  • Very easy-to-use.
  • You may turn quotes into text videos and get more shares.
  • It is tested with proven results.
  • Previewing video before rendering is allowed.
  • >> Click here for more details about Vidrepurposer 

VidRepurposer Review – Benefits of VidRepurposer

VidRepurposer has some most distinguishing features that makes it incomparable to the other existing video apps. The most unique benefits of VidRepurposer are listed below.

  • The VidRepurposer app is equipped with seven DFY unique templates that is used to create seven of the best local niches.
  • You can record an audio and VidRepurposer easily converts the spoken text into a video quickly within minutes.
  • VidRepurposer is one application that can convert the spoken text from any existing video into text for you.
  • VidRepurposer has a vast library of DFY quotes from which you may pick your favorite and convert into a video.
  • VidRepurposer is a cloud based editing app which is customized 100% including scripts, images, texts, font, color, background image, background text, background video and many more.
  • VidRepurposer has custom slide animations like pan, zoom, etc and you can automatically add them to your video.
  • You can export the video in a HD quality with end and commercial rights included in it.
  • You can download the transcript and its video file of the repurposed new text/image/audio. You may repurpose them or sell them separate into different mediums across the web.
  • VidRepurposer provides attention to detailing and tracks record.
  • VidRepurposer ensures high EPC’s, split testing, backup pages and server checks.

How Does VidRepurposer Works?

  • Step 1: Select the Video method or the story source. It could be Blog URL, Remake video, Input Voice or Quotes selection
  • Step 2: Import the story from the selected online source or from the locally saved drive.
  • Step 3: Edit the content using the Video Editor tool in the app. You can add transitions, add images, audio or background video to your new repurposed content.
  • Step 4: Render And Publish The video. You can download as video, download as text, download as audio or as a presentation of your choice.

For more detail please watch the demo videos below


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VidRepurposer Pros and Cons

The top pros of VidRepurposer is the latest cloud technology. You need not download anything and cause a clutter. You no need to upload. Simply type the URL and you can edit the video directly. There is no lagging in the video that you create using VidRepurposer. It is easy to edit and publish a video for even a beginner to editing.  It is 100% customizable and 100% user friendly. You can easily spin a YT video into a new one with no copying and unique content.

There could not be much cons with VidRepurposer. Just check out the app on its launch to know more of its pros over cons.

VidRepurposer OTO Upsells

For more benefit and also unlock more feature of VidRepurposer you can check also the VidRepurposer OTO below:

VidRepurposer Frontend: VidRepuporser Commercial ($29)

With this FE you will get fully cloud-based video creation technology for your own project and for clients. VidRepurposer also built-in stock huges image and video stock library so you can create customized videos in minutes. With this front-end product you will also get 7 Done-For-You templates in hot local niches. Click here for more details

VidRepurposer OTO 1: VidRepurposer Diamond ($49)

With this OTO 1 you will unlock more features like upgrade features, usage limits, and more bonuses. Also the OTO 1 have a feature that you can convert any keyword into a unique video, you can also create videos from a built-in library of public domain audio books, and also unlock more slides and render time, and more. Click here for more details about OTO 1

VidRepurposer OTO 2: VidRepurposer Enterprise – ($97)

With this OTO 2 you will unlock unlimited video length and unlimited video slides on the software. You will alsoget outsourcer License and also team login frature so you can put video creation on autopilot. Not only that with this OTO 2 you will also get reseller program so you can resell the app and keep 100% commissions, so you can make your investment back quickly. Click here for more details about OTO 2

VidRepurposer OTO 3: VidViral Pro One-Time Special ($27)

With this OTO 3 you will get instant access to cloud app that you can creates viral video memes on Facebook. You can also add top/bottom call to action to your VidRepurposer videos. Click here for more details about OTO 3

VidRepurposer OTO 4: Reddule One-Time Special ($19)

With this OTO 4 you will get full training and also software suite for Reddit. With this OTO you have all complete tools and video training to help you go viral on the most viral network out there. Click here for more details about VidRepurposer OTO 4

VidRepurposer Review Conclusion

Thank you for read my VidRepurposer review, for me this is one of top software that will help you to create unique and viral videos without any video editing skills and without any keyword research skills. Because with couple of click, you can create high quality and  unique, video content from existing links, text, and even videos.

And also VidRepurposer comes with a lot of full bonus offers on its launch date. With a lot of benefits and unique features that are not available in the other existing video app, it is definitely recommended to check out the product in their official website on the launch date and get the most out of it! Do not miss this wonderful Video Editing App. Hope this review help you to make a right decision. For more details please click button below:


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VidRepurposer Bonuses

If you take action now I’ll give special bonuses for you, below is the details. Before that make sure you’re buy VidRepurposer through my link by clicking the button above. Make sure you see my ID 191267 on payment pages.

VidRepurposer Bonuses 1:  Commercial Rights to WordPress Rapid Page Builder

VidRepurposer Review Bonuses

VidRepurposer Bonus 2: Whitelabel Rights to Lightening Fast Video Traffic 2.0

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VidRepurposer Bonus 3: Commercial Rights to Google Maps Creator

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VidRepurposer Bonus 4: Reseller Rights to Responsive Video Gallery App

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vidrepurposer review bonusesVidRepurposer Bonus 5: Commercial Rights Ultimate Stock Video Collection

vidrepurposer review bonuses

VidRepurposer Bonus 6: Commercial Rights Ultimate Background Image Collection

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vidrepurposer review bonuses

VidRepurposer Bonus 7: 500 Scenic Stock Images Collection

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VidRepurposer Bonus 8. Commercial Rights to Viral List Builder

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Exclusive Bonus If You Buy VidRepurposer OTO:


VidReporpuser OTO Bonus 1: Reseller Rights to Amazon Best Seller

vidrepurposer review bonus

VidRepurposer OTO Bonus 2: Reseller Rights to Title Experiments

vidrepurposer review bonus

VidRepurposer OTO Bonus 3: Reseller Rights to Wp Video Focus

vidrepurposer review bonuses

VidRepurposer OTO Bonus 4: Reseller Rights WP In-Content Popup Pro

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How To Claim Your Bonuses?

Purchase this product by clicking the button above or click here

Send your transaction ID to, and I’ll reply the download links. Thank you!


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