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VidJack Reloaded Review – The World’s Most Powerful Interactive Video Creator PLUS You can hijack ANY video on Vimeo or YouTube in a legal manner and turn it into a money-making machine. By Including Interactive Components (Calls to Action, Email Gates, Share Gates, Reviews, Gamification, Ecom Widgets, etc.), Which Explodes Traffic, Leads, And Sales In Minutes. Additionally, this EXCLUSIVE RELOADED EDITION is included. Allows you to upload, create, host, and manage your own interactive videos all within the same dashboard, removing all limitations in the process.

vidjack reloaded review


VidJack Reloaded Demo (How Does it Work)

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VidJack Reloaded Review (Features)

Put your videos online.

There is no longer a restriction on videos hosted just on YouTube and Vimeo.
You may create interactive features for ANY video and add them by uploading them directly from your local device.

Create & Record Videos

With the help of our 1-Click Screencast Video Creator, you may record both your screen and camera, just your screen, or just your camera. After that, you can immediately begin adding interactive elements and transforming your screencast into a money-making machine.

The most exquisite Player Themes

Your films will have more pizzazz and excitement when you use a custom player theme.
You may give your videos a greater sense of flair and excitement by selecting a player theme from our collection of lovely and appealing player skins.

Intelligent Tailor-Made Audience

Develop specific audiences of viewers based on the amount of time they spend watching.
Create advertisements that are directed solely at viewers of a specific video and transform them into a personalized audience.

Video Prospects That Have Been Let Go

Convert each and every site visitor; there should be no traffic loss!
Your viewers will appreciate being able to watch your videos when it’s most convenient for them if you provide them the option to have the video link emailed to them.

Automatic Smart Play

Ensure that your videos automatically play on all browsers and devices.
You may increase the number of views and conversions you get by automatically detecting browsers that do not allow autoplay with sound and then adapting your system to accommodate them.

Start the Game Over

Experience that is powerfully tailored to your needs and will dramatically increase conversions.
Allowing viewers to pick up exactly where they left off watching your video will keep them more engaged than forcing them to watch the film from the beginning.

Videos That Are Protected by a Password

Implement a Password Wall for the Premium Video Content
Protect your premium video material by putting it behind an intelligent password gate. Visitors who know the hidden password are the only ones who can access and see the movie.

A live broadcast that is simulated

Simulate an “interactive video” live stream session with little to no effort.
This is an excellent approach to wow your audience, capture their attention, and get them ready to take action, yet it requires no effort on their part at all!

Hosting videos and a media archive

Within VidJack Reloaded, you’ll be able to both hosts and manage your films.
The VidJack Reloaded Dashboard has been updated to include a user-friendly hosting and management interface for your videos.

Option to Share Videos using QR Code

This results in a greater number of video views leads generated, and sales closed.
Your interactive videos can be shared across a variety of online and offline media by using QR codes, which is a method that is not only clever but also quick and simple.

1-Click Geographical Access Control Technology

Your video marketing strategies should be very specifically targeted.
Using our Geo Restriction function, users are able to block or blacklist certain countries so that viewers from those countries cannot see their movies.

Make ANY Video Into An Interactive Online Shop With This Plugin.

Encourage quick participation from your audience by including extremely engaging calls to action (CTAs) and clickable buttons at any point in the content you share.

Gamification and Rewards That Are Incentivized

Make available vouchers, discounts, and freebies after the customer has opened a specific number of hotspots or has spent a given amount of time watching a video.


Encourage quick participation from your audience by including extremely engaging calls to action (CTAs) and clickable buttons at any point in the content you share.

The Leading Gate

Engine for the Generation of Leads
Users should be required to fill out your opt-in form before they can view a portion of your video.

A Gate to Share

Before continuing to watch the rest of the content, give your visitors the choice to share the video they are watching on social media.

Countdown Timers Create a sense of scarcity and urgency in your campaigns by using countdown timers that are both ethical and effective.

Your audience participation will increase tenfold simply by inserting multiple-choice quizzes and polls into any video hosted on YouTube or Vimeo.

Next-Generation “Video in Video”: Maximize interactions and conversions by embedding videos inside your videos. “Video in Video” is an abbreviation for “Video in Video.”

Player Elements

Modify the player and the controls so that they correspond to your preferences. To ensure that viewers continue to watch the video as well as your marketing messages, enable autoplay and sticky video.

Video Skin

You can interact with a greater number of viewers on a daily basis by embedding your video within an appealing player skin (such as an iPad, Mac, blackboard, or whiteboard, among countless other options).

Video Source

You are able to choose a video from one of the most prominent and entirely free video hosting websites, which are YouTube or Vimeo.

It automatically changes your content to make it suitable for mobiles, laptops, and tablets, thereby improving the viewing experience across all of these devices.


There is no question that people purchase videos. But making a video on its own won’t gain you any results because there are already so many videos online that it will be difficult for your audience to pay attention to the ones you make.

Because of this, many business owners and video marketers have a hard time getting their videos to convert viewers into customers.

But what if there was a way to create videos that would position you ABOVE the noise online and your competition, capture the attention of your audience, and develop your business all at the same time?

Vidjack Reloaded is an all-in-one video solution that enables you to produce interactive films for your company or your customers, resulting in an immediate boost in the number of views, leads, and sales. Since its initial release, which occurred more than a year ago, more than 4000 satisfied users are currently making use of the software to produce higher-quality movies and achieve greater levels of daily success.


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