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VidgrafiX Review – Video marketing is one of top and powerful marketing tools, great quality video can increase conversion rate up to 80%, lot of studies show that video marketing can lead directly to sales. Lot of type videos can be use as video marketing, for example video explainer, video slideshow, whiteboard videos, infographic videos etc. All that type of videos need same thing, that is high quality video assets.

High quality video assets like images, animation character, background etc can increase quality of videos. And also high quality video assets can increase viewer attention. So, if we need to increase and maximize our video marketing campaign we must use high quality video assets.

vidgrafix review

VidgrafiX Review – What is VidgrafiX?

VidgrafiX is brand new product by Nishant Sharma and his team, VidgrafiX contains huge of high quality assets, like more than 50,000 HD Stock Images, 500 Super HD Videos, more than 25,000 Vector Graphics include PNG and SVG, more than 10,000 Animated Graphics, and so much more. My favorite part is VidgrafiX only charge one time fee, no monthly fee, as we know quality video and graphic assets charge monthly. So with VidgrafiX you can improve your video marketing quality with super cheap one time payment. You don’t have to purchase expensive stock video with monthly subscriptions anymore.

VidgrafiX Review – What Will You Get?

Like I said above this is complete stock images and stock videos, even stock audio too. You will get huge library, and you can use for unlimited your video marketing projects

  • More than 7,500 HD stock Videos
  • More than 750 full 4k Ultra HD Videos
  • More than 8000 Animated Icons
  • More than 1500 royalty free higgh quality Audio Tracks
  • More than 700 stunning Motion Backgrounds
  • More than 3000 high quality Clipart
  • Lot of Icons (SVG, PNG)
  • Lot of Whiteboard Characters
  • You can use all assets in Unlimited Video Projects
  • You can use all assets for your client project, because you get unlimited commercial license
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VidgrafiX Review – The Benefit

I’m so happy with this product, because this is huge video library with one time fee, we can save thousand of money with Vidgrafix. And I think below is also the benefits:

  • You can dominate your competition by making better Quality Videos
  • You can get more sales and leads by being unique and quality videos
  • I think with this product you will never buy another araphic asset online
  • All the assets cover all niche and works for every niche
  • You get commercial license so you can use all the assets for clients projects
  • You can acess it online, and download what you need so no need to save 280GB Data files to your Hard Drive
  • Super low One Time fees, (my favorite part)
  • Now we can stop payng monthly for video templates club

Vidgrafix Review – Demo Videos


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Vidgrafix Review – My Experience Using This Product

Vidgrafix Pros:

For me this product is really great, I highly recommended this product for anyone who always produce a video for video marketing campaign. Save thousand of money with this software, huge library you can access and download it instantly.

Vidgrafix Cons:

I think the only one the weakness of this product is, we can’t preview all items, like we can’t preview the videos before download, because after we click the categories, for example click on 4K ultra HD videos. We can’t preview each videos, just only download links on there so we need to download it first, and play it in our local computer.

vidgrafix review

vidgrafix review

Vidgrafix OTO Upsell

For more benefit you can also grab the Vidgrafix OTO below:

Vidgrafix FE ($27)

  • More than 1,500 Super HD Videos
  • More than 750 4k Ultra HD Videos
  • More than 1,000 HD Videos
  • More than 3000 HQ Clipart
  • More than 1000 Motion Backgrounds
  • More than 10,000 Animated Graphics & Icons
  • More than 1500 HQ Audio Tracks
  • More than 15,000 Icons (SVG, PNG)
  • More than 300 Whiteboard Characters
  • Use in Unlimited Video Projects
  • Personal/Commercial License
  • >> Click here for more details

Vidgrafix OTO 1 – Vidgrafix Pro ($37)

Vidgrafix OTO 2 – ClickKosh ($47)

Vidgrafix OTO 3 – vidgraphiX Reseller ($97 – $127)

Vidgrafix Review Conclusion

Thank you for read my Vidgrafix review this product is “Must Have” product for anyone who want to produce high quality videos and save thousand of dollars with video assets. You will get huge video assets with one time low prices. With Vidgrafix you don’t have to purchase those expensive stock video monthly subscriptions anymore, where you just get some templates. Hope this review helpful, and help you to make right decision. For more details click button below to access the official sites. Thanks!


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