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VideoReel Review – VideoReel is a video creator software by Abhi Dwivedi that will help you to create video ads on social media. You can create video ads very easily using done-for-you 100s templates which are very easy to customize. With VideoReel you no longer need to spend a lot of time and money creating video ads on social media, nor do you need to hire someone to make ad videos for you. All you need to do is choose a template, customize, add text, change images, backgrounds, and more and you’re done. In just a few minutes you’ll have a high-converting ad video.

In my opinion, what’s interesting about VideoReel is that you will get the software with features that are similar to Camtasia, which is editing videos using the timeline, which is not usually found by many template-based video creator software.

What I like the most about VideoReel is, you can add many elements to make your video more attractive, such as adding text, logos, changing colors, adding images, and so on directly in the VideoReel software. Oh yes, this software is also web-based so you can access it anywhere, only requires a stable internet connection, no need to download and install software, because this software is web-based software. Below are the full features of VideoReel:

video reel review

VideoReel Review – Features

As I said earlier Video Reel is a web-based video creator software that can help you create social media videos very easily. Anyone can use this software because it only takes a few minutes to do editing templates and it’s done. You can download and share directly on your social media. But that’s not all, below are the full features of VideoReel

  • Create a stunning short video
  • Drag and drop video editor
  • Instant preview video editor
  • Many animation styles can be used
  • Access to 75 video templates
  • Access to 50 legacy templates
  • Access to 25 video intros and 25 video outros
  • Download videos, edit and save templates
  • Create an automatic voice over
  • Support multiple languages (English, Spanish, French, and Hindi)
  • Can choose an image from millions of images available
  • More than 1000 ready-to-use background music
  • More than 1000 ready-to-use fonts
  • Upload directly to YouTube
  • Download videos and save them on your computer or mobile drive
  • Full support for up to 12 months
  • Features will be updated for 12 months
  • Complete and detailed video training in video and PDF
  • 100% cloud-based software

The benefits

The biggest benefit that you can get by using VideoReel as your video maker software is:

Saving time
You no longer need to use complicated software that will spend your time making 1 promotional video, with Video Reel you only need to choose a template and edit the template

You also don’t need to buy expensive software to make promotional videos, just buy Video Reel at a very affordable price

You don’t need to use complicated software, it requires you to spend time learning how to use it. Just use VideoReel

No voice-over required
You also don’t need to record sound, because VideoReel has a built-in voice-over creator feature, which will really help you to make videos with voice-over.

Access millions of images in one dashboard
You don’t need to open multiple browser tabs to find a suitable image for your video, you can access free images directly from your VideoReel dashboard.

No monthly fees required
You don’t need to pay a monthly fee to get full access

Video Reel Pros and Cons


100% cloud-based software
Built-in voice-over
Timeline based
Drag and drop video editor
High-quality templates
Easy to use
Full training


For more features and benefits you need to purchase the upsells

How does it work?

After you log in, you can make a video by clicking the Create Videos menu above, or on the side

1 create video with video reel


Then you will get hundreds of templates ready for you to use, please choose the template you want to use

step 2 video reel all templates


You can preview the available templates before you edit and use them

preview template


And you can immediately customize the template that you like by clicking the customize button

customize template


Watch the video demo below to learn more


VideoReel OTO 

More features and benefits available on upsells

VideoReel FE – All features and benefits listed above. Click here to learn more

VideoReel OTO 1: VideoReel unlimited ($67 /year). Click here to learn more

  • Unlock 100 new video templates
  • 50 new premium video templates,
  • 25 new intro video templates
  • 25 new outro video templates
  • 10 new monthly video templates
  • Unlock the ReelMerg feature to join multiple videos and create longer videos
  • Instagram sharing feature
  • TikTok sharing feature
  • unlock 65+ video transitions
  • 75+ animation styles
  • Create unlimited videos
  • Priority video render

VideoReel OTO 2 – DFY ($197). Click here to learn more

This is the done-for-you version, that will give you a custom setup of VideoReel software, their team will custom create 5 video promos or ads using templates for you. Their team will also give you 2 years of social media content, in images videos, calendar, and more. VideoReel team also will give your Whitelabel and resell right for video courses, and they will do the nice research, they will create the video course, they will record everything for your, one-on-one email support, and also complete training. This is the real done-for-you business.

VideoReel OTO 3 – International Version ($59). Click here to learn more

Unlock features that you can instantly translate your videos into 100s different languages

VideoReel OTO 4 – Business version ($49). Click here to learn more

You will get a custom done-for-you website with custom checkout, and also you will get stunning video commercials to promote your own video creation agency and unlock the virtual assistant access, client access, done-for-you contract templates, business finder features, and more than 100 Facebook ad templates

Conclusions and My Opinion

This is a very handy video creator, and you can create video ads or promotional videos very easily just by editing templates. There are 100+ templates available on the VideoReel front-end, in my opinion, it is very sufficient for creating promotional ads or social media content, but if you want more templates, I recommend you buy the unlimited version, because it has more benefits and you can also do it. unlimited video rendering per month. I hope this review is helpful. Click the button below to learn more. Thank you!

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