Video Profiteer Review FE and OTO Review – By Dan Green

Video Profiteer Reviews – Video Profiteer is brand new software let you easily monetize any video content, just like other video service like YouTube that you can upload your video to video profiteer and get embed the code and stream in any web location, but the big different and the important things here is people must paid to watch, and no file can be download, and no way to watch your video without pay you.

With Video Profiteer, you can upload unlimited videos and unlimited stream for your videos. What you need to do is simple, just upload your videos like premium training videos, and complete the video training description etc. And the next thing you need to do is connect or authorized your PayPal account with Video Profiteer, so if anyone watch your videos you will get paid right into your PayPal Account. For more details, you can watch the demo videos below see Video Profiteer in action.

video profiteer review

About Video Profiteer Creator – Dan Green

Dan Green is one of top vendor on JVZoo, who launch great and helpful software his niches is video software. Now Dan Green and his team launch this software that allows you to make money online / monetize your premium videos. Video Profiteer is fully integrate with your PayPal Account to protect and monetize your premium videos. Below is the complete feature of Video Profiteer

Video Profiteer Review – The Feature

Like I said before, with Video Profiteer you can monetize your premium videos, you can secure your videos so only verified Paypal customers can stream them unlimited videos, unlimited campaign and unlimited streaming. Below is the complete feature of Video Profiteer:

  • Upload any video and then embed and stream on any website
  • Simple copy and paste embedding just like YouTube
  • Options for video size, auto-play, player controls just like YouTube
  • Require all viewers to pay and verify via Paypal before they can start watching
  • OR use “free intro” feature and require viewers to pay and verify to continue watching
  • Major Autoresponder integration so you can get email address to your autoresponder as soon as anyone purchases access.
  • TRANSACTION data (see where your video sales are coming from, time, date, location + more)
  • VERIFICATION page design options (get your video “verification screen” looking exactly how you want it)
  • Unlimited campaigns
  • Unlimited videos
  • Unlimited streaming
  • All for one off payment no monthly fees.
  • >> Click here to learn more about Video Profiteer feature

Video Profiteer Review – The Benefit

I think this is brand new concept and idea how to monetize your premium video content, like training or video course. And below is the benefit of Video Profiteer:

  • With Video Profiteer you can open up a brand-new income stream for your website by selling premium videos to your visitors
  • With Profiteer you can stop your valuable video content being stolen or shared without your permission
  • You can grow your mailing list each time you sell a video
  • Add your premium video just a few minutes
  • You can monitoring and protection for your valuable video content.
  • You will get protection you need against blackhats and hackers

Video Profiteer Review – The Demo Videos

For more details, you can watch video below to se Video Profiteer in action:

Video Profiteer OTO Upsell

For more benefit and unlock more feature of Video Profiteer you can check the Video Profiteer OTO below:

Video Profiteer Review – Conclusion

Thank you for read my Video Profiteer review. I think Video Profiteer is a revolutionary way to secure and monetizeany premium content. It will generate a steady stream of sales as people pay to access your content and the system takes care of all the selling. It will ensure that only verified PayPal buyers can access your premium content, no matter where you post it and also It will completely eliminate the need for expensive membership site scripts and it will stop all the pirates and black hatters dead in their tracks. More details please click button below, hope this review helpful. Thanks!


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