Viddx Review : 1 Click Video Page Builder Software

Viddx Review – With this software you can hijack other people videos (multiple videos), you can turn them into one video and you can put your affiliate links or any link to drive traffic. You can add text, link or description below other video. This is 1 click video page builder software, with this software you can drive traffic from video marketing without ever creating videos. With Viddx you can leverage the power of YouTube and take all free videos from YouTube turn them into your traffic machine.

You can start legally hijacks any videos with 3 simple step, first login to Viddx and create your video marketing campaign, step 2 copy and paste any video URL from YouTube and you can also add your affiliate links or any links, and step 3 publish your campaign and done.

viddx review

Viddx Review – The Main Idea Behind Viddx

The main idea of Viddx is how you can monetize video without create your own videos, how you can add your affiliate links or any type of link on other people videos. How to leverage the power of YouTube and turn any YouTube videos into your traffic machine even cash machine, how to take free videos created by other people and you can use that video to earn affiliate commission, that’s is the main idea of Viddx software. Scroll down below for more details about the features of Viddx

About The Creator of Viddx

viddx review

This software created by Mosh Bari. he is one of top vendor and affiliate on JVZoo and W+, he always produce high quality and helpful software. Already help hundreds internet marketer, his top product such as: Viral Content Creator, SocioNuke, and many more. Now he and his team launch this brand new software that will allow you to put maximize video marketing campaign, below is the complete feature of Viddx

Viddx Review – The Complete Features

Below is the complete features of ViddX:

  • You can promote multiple offers in a single campaign
  • You can use free videos on YouTube
  • No hosting and domain needed
  • You can embed your video campaign in any sites
  • You can customize your video player
  • You can create unlimited campaign
  • You can define your desired start and end time for each video
  • You an search any video with built-in video search features
  • Work perfect with Vimeo, YouTube and MP4 file video
  • You can add powerful description and call to action
  • You can put your affiliate links on description
  • You can add banner, call to action, multiple banner etc
  • You can also add any HTML ads inside your videos
  • Plus lot of high quality bonuses
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Viddx Review –  Benefits

You can create high converting and amazing video pages to promote any offers, or promote your own site. With out needed domain and hosting, no need complicated and expensive video software, even no need create your own videos.

Viddx OTO Upsells and Pricing

For more benefit and unlock more Viddx features you can check the Viddx OTO below.

  • Viddx Pro Version ($47)
    With this Viddx Pro OTO 1 you can create unlimited campaigns using Viddx and you will get developer license that’s mean you can charge local business owners up to $1000 per campaign.
  • Viddx Traffic jacker ($67)
    With this Viddx OTO 2 you can generate more free traffic.
  • Viddx Done-For-You Money Machine ($197)
    With this OTO 3 you will get instant access to Viddx money machine.
  • Viddx Autopilot ($57)
    With this OTO 4 you will learn about how to setup Viddx to run automated.
  • Viddx Reseller License ($147)
    With this OTO 5 you will get reseller license, that’s mean you can sell Viddx under your name and collect 100% profit.

Viddx Review – Conclusion and My Opinion

Thank you for reading my Viddx review this software is perfect for anyone who run Video Marketing campaign, and who are using video as one of traffic source. With this software user can maximize the power of YouTube and video marketing, create quality video and high converting video pages without creating a single videos. For more details, please click button below. Hope this review helpful, and help you to make right desicion. Thanks!


Viddx Bonuses

Below is the exclusive bonus you will get

viddx review


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