VidCuratorFX 2.0 OTO Upsell Review

VidCuratorFX 2.0 OTO Upsell Review – The version 2.0 of VidCuratorFX  has come in the market with a lot of awesome feature, that lets you stand out from the crowd. All you have to do is to enter a keyword, and VidCuratorFX 2.0 can automatically create 100s of  slideshow videos with animations, transitions, voiceovers, text and music within  minutes by using images and
video-clips from high quality images and videos sharing websites such as Google Images, Flickr, Pixabay & more, all on autopilot.

vidcuratorFX oto review

There are plenty of new features added to VidCuratorFX 2.0:

  • Inbuilt massive library of 40,000Images.
  • 5000+ background video clips  and 1000+ professionally added  fonts to make your videos pop out.
  • You can curate rich media and videos from multiple image and videos to edit your videos online.
  • You can post your SEO optimized video on different social media sites, like YouTube, Google, Snapchat and Instagram via dropbox.
  • Easily add intro & outdo slide.
  • You can work on either  “manual” or “automatic” mode.
  • You can add your own watermark.
  • 15 Effects that you can add on each video/image slide inside the video you create.
  • You can add 10 transition effects that you can use.
  • 650+ music library to add background music or import your own music to your videos.
  • Use our text­to­speech with over 50 voices to choose from.
  • Choose Video Quality to render your video into.
  • You can create Square videos with header & footer text for Facebook.
  • Also create a outdo­slide with credits to source of images/video clips used in curation.
  • and much more.


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VidCuratorFX 2.0 OTO Upsell Review

OTO UPSELL 1: VidCuratorFX Advance. What will you get with this OTO?

You can create unlimited videos per day no limitation.
You can get developer’s license
You can sell videos for your clients usage license
You get virtual assistant license
You can also manager account, add & Manage Unlimited Social Accounts
New feature with auto create new Titles, Description and Keywords for each upload, safe your time.
Built-in and Ready-Made Agency Website with Paypal checkout and more
You can get exclusive video marketing mastery system training.

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OTO UPSELL 2: SyVID – Video Syndication. What will you get with this OTO?

With this OTO Upsell SyVID Video Syndication, your created videos using VidCuratorFX can will be shared on 8 different video sharing platforms and also lot of social media sites, 14 social media site in total. VidCuratorFX and SyVID  are integrated no need settings or configuration, thats mean all videos created using VidCuratorFX will be automatically available inside SyVID, and you can start sharing and generating more free traffic, leads and of course increase your sales.

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OTO UPSELL 3: VidCuratorFX Gold Pack. What will you get with this OTO?

You will get 10 time more with VidCuratorFX Gold you will be Access to 25,000+ new high quality images not only that you can be able to access 1000+ stock videos, 1000s of icons in multiple niches, will save time and to automatically use with VidCuratorFX if you don’t want to curate images/videos free stock photos and video.

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OTO UPSELL 4: VidLeads Pro. What will you get with this OTO?

This OTO VidLeads Pro is a cloud based software working well both on Mac, Windows also tablet is compatible, you can use VidLeadsPro to finds local businesses with their contact details and even you will know they need a VIDEO promoting their business or not. You can also get their Facebook fanpage URL.

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OTO UPSELL 5: VIDRank Neos. What will you get with this OTO?

With VidRank Neo you can rank videos on Google’s Page #1 easily by leveraging YouTube LIVE. With VIDRank Neos you can:

  • YouTube Keyword research
  • Rank using YouTube & FB Live video streaming
  • Build Backlinks using Social Bookmarking
  • Get index on Google & other search engines using Pings

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OTO ONLY BONUSES. Get This Amazing Bonus For You if You Buy any OTO Upsell


  • OTO Bonus 1:  MOOD KING SOFTWARE – Automate An Often Overlooked Skype Marketing Task, Expand Your Reach, And Increase Sales!
  • OTO Bonus 2:  WP VIRAL RATER PLUGIN – Google And Social Signals Results In Huge Opportunity For The Savvy Internet Marketer!
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  • OTO Bonus #3: CROSS SELL SLIDER PRO – Easily Boost Your Sales With No Extra Work Using The Cross Sell Slider Pro Desktop Software!

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    vidcuratorFX oto Bonuses
  • OTO Bonus #4: AZON HALLOWEEN PACKAGE – Cash In On Amazon & Clickbank With This Affiliate Marketing Package For The Halloween Niche!

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    vidcuratorFX oto Bonuses
  • OTO Bonus #5: SECURE PASSWORD GENERATOR – Easy To Use Brandable Software Creates XXL Strong And Random Passwords!

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    vidcuratorFX oto Bonuses
  • OTO Bonus #6: DIGITAL LOCK DOWN -Stop Losing Sales To Digital Thieves! Make sure your product not being stolen is one of your priority. If you are an online business owner selling digital products, you really need this software.

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