VidBullet 2.0 Review FE and OTO Review – by Chris Munch

VidBullet 2.0 Review – As we know that making interesting videos requires a long time and special expertise, the choice is only 2, learn to use video creator software that is not easy, or spend hundreds of dollars to hire video creators. With this software, you can create high-quality videos complete with voice over automatically in just 3 minutes, you don’t need a video editing process, you can make videos quickly for all niche businesses.

You can create any type of video with this software, it doesn’t matter what niche your business. Not only video creation with this software you can also publish lots of videos on YouTube and Vimeo and you can drive traffic from Vimeo and YouTube and you can also get a backlink to your site.

VidBullet (Vidbulletin) also allows you to make videos for local business, you will get agency license, so you can charge them for high end monthly recurring. With VidBullet you can make your viral content by adding high impact news-style videos to your content.

VidBullet 2.0 Review – Features

  • 100% automated video creation
  • Proven video style
  • News-style bulletins video
  • Increase viewer attention
  • Built-in traffic system
  • One-click to publish your video on YouTube
  • One-click to publish your video on Vimeo
  • 100% cloud-based software
  • Unlimited video bulletin videos
  • 3 background music
  • Auto voice-over (English language)
  • You can sell these videos
  • 5 high definition video
  • 50 high-resolution images

VidBullet 2.0 Review – The Benefits

In my opinion, the benefits that can be obtained from this software are:

  • You can create promotional videos that can increase sales or leads for your business
  • You can make news announcements
  • You can build a list of traffic from videos
  • You can increase engagement on social media
  • Video styles that have been proven to increase conversions

How it Works

VidBullet 2.0 Dashboard:

vidbulletin 2.0 review

Click start to create your new video

Select a template and click create video with this template button

vidbullet 2.0 review

vidbullet 2.0 review

Watch the demo video below to learn more:

VidBullet 2.0 OTO

  • OTO 1: $37/mo Subscription
    VidBullet VIP Template Club
  • OTO 2: VidBullet Master Academy Only – $197 or
  • Academy & 20 DFY Videos (1 Niche) – $297 or
  • Academy & 50 DFY Videos and Live Group Coaching to Choose Your Killer Niche – $497


From my experience with this software, you can make a video just by filling in the blanks. No need to do complex video editing. In addition to VidBullet video creators can also be a solution for those of you who want to bring thousands of traffic to your website using the only video. I hope this review helpful, more details please visit the official pages by clicking the button below



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