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TXTVideo 2.0 Review – TxtVideo 2.0 is a state-of-the-art video sheet that gives you access to this opportunity for viral marketing. This is still considered to be the fun and innovative way to create TEXT / SMS conversation style videos that are entertaining, viral in nature, and take the marketing room by storm, and we are 1st To Market for you to benefit and deliver an awesome video software to you. The main idea of this software is how to bring pictures, audio, video, and gifs to life in your text. And what would a text message be without emojis? You can use them with TxtVideo 2.0 too! Your video creations look just like watching a phone send a real text.

You need to take your hands on TxtVideo 2.0 whether you are a company owner or salesman who wishes to turn heads without loss of time and resources by using original images.

txtvideo 2.0 review

How does it work?

1. Sign in

This is 100% cloud-based software, there’s nothing to install or download. To start making videos right away,  simply login to your account

2. Build your story with text 

Let your creativity run wild. Build interactions between you and a client that look like a chat. Or speaking about your product or service amongst fictional characters. The trick to achieving impressive results with TxtVideo is to sound exactly as you would normally sound in a text message. Don’t lack any personality to add!

3, Downloading and sharing 

Preview your conversation and make any changes if you need to.  Render your video and save it with a single click once you’re done.  It’s so easy! Now, on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, or wherever your customers spend their time online, you are happy to share.

TXTVideo 2.0 Review – The Features

  • Software-based on cloud
  • Nothing to install or download. From anywhere, access your account. Work from home, from bed, from the beach-everywhere!
  • Scripts for quickly making videos
  • No matter what your company is, with our pre-made conversation models, you can start to build right away. To make them your own, change out the info, and you have a video that’s ready to go in minutes.
  • Add pictures
  • To make the video more realistic, it shows just like your phone
  • Display previews of ties
  • Abstract connection-Add some connection to TxtVideos and the app shows information about the website in your video.
  • Add emoticons
  • Emojis-without them, what does a TxtVideo look like?
  • Images that are ultra-realistic
  • Customize the messages so that they look just like looking at a real phone screen conversation
  • Upload GIFs
  • Directly upload GIFs to your videos
  • Video preview
  • Before you download and start your video, get all right. Save time when you’ve done your job, and stop the headaches of having to redo everything.
  • Super rapid rendering
  • No more waiting forever for your videos to finish rendering. Mega-fast speeds mean your videos are ready in a moment, so you don’t have to worry about your video masterpiece timing out.
  • Download format for MP4
  • Build MP4 videos so that they can be quickly posted, shared, and played on any site and computer.
  • Multiple language support
  • Build TxtVideos in your language, for your audience. Much like you would do on a phone of your own.
  • Background videos
  • Get exclusive access to the private TxtVideo Facebook group

TXTVideo 2.0 Review – The Benefits

This is a cutting-edge software that creates videos that appear in real-time exactly like a text message. It’s as simple as 1-2-3, so you can easily build and launch your videos and know that they’re going to get results. Best of all this can be used by absolutely anybody. And if there’s no tech know-how for you. And even if you’ve never before made a film!

With TxtVideo 2.0.0, anyone selling any product or service in any industry will produce super-fast performance. The viral capacity is immense-not immense, PLUS-you can get a FREE commercial license with this limited-time launch special. No required updates. To raise your company or start living the laptop lifestyle you’ve always dreamed of, build a lucrative new income source.

Did you know that consumers are willing to pay $299 EACH for exclusive creations from TxtVideo? I’m not joking! There’s just a no better way to take video marketing and online interaction to the next level.

Who is TXTVideo 2.0 For?

Agency Business Owner

Agencies that have searched for a particular point of differentiation that separates them from the competition.

Business Owner

Owners of companies that are sick of spending time and resources seeking to stand out. They know that video marketing can help, but all the video resources they have been looking at are too costly and too complex to understand.

Online Marketers

Marketers who’ve struggled with their video marketing strategies to get traction. But no matter how many costly video technologies they try, they end up looking the same as anyone else in their campaigns.

Video Creator

Bored with their obsolete resources, video makers are searching for new ways to bring their ideas to life online.

TXTVideo 2.0 Demo

Please watch the demo video below for more details



TXTVideo 2.0 OTO

OTO 1 – ($37 per month or $197 per year). CLICK TO LEARN MORE

  • Unlock more and more specific scripts pre-made that can be used immediately
  • Unlock more instant bubble backgrounds
  • Monthly access to brand new niche scripts delivered
  • Monthly access to brand new bubble backgrounds
  • Capability to build video-180 seconds
  • Able to add limitless photos
  • Unlimited gifs can be added
  • Can integrate limitless emojis
  • Capability to add video to the interview
  • Capabilities for inserting Voice Messages
  • Upload of MP4 and GIF videos
  • TXTVideo Production Contest Monthly
  • With the ability to add new skins every quarter,
  • Capacity for group conversation

OTO 2 – Video Background ($97).  CLICK TO LEARN MORE

  • Custom Personalized Video Backgrounds

OTO 3 – Business Toolkit ($67). CLICK TO LEARN MORE

  • Three day session on how to use TxtVideo to Monetize
  • FREE downloadable PDF for TxtVideo Assications
  • TXTVideo Accredited Expert Contract Signed
  • A further seven script niches (Pizza, Chiropractor, Roofer, Dentist, Clothing, Lawyer, Real Estate)
  • Five extra bubble backgrounds
  • Scripts by email
  • Advertisements on Facebook
  • Advertisements on Instagram
  • Letters Proposal
  • Invoices
  • Sheets of Pricing
  • Scripts by Phone
  • Post From Social Media
  • Day by day-Step by Step Overview of Progress
  • Webinar on technical DFY (training and PDF download)


This is the perfect tool for making promotional videos, with TXT Video 2.0 you can make videos with styles that are potentially viral and really attract the attention of viewers without having to use complicated software. Click the button below for more info, hope this review helps. Thank you!

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