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TXT Video Review – Videos are a common tool on social media platform to convey our message to community. Videos alone may help us in reaching maximum of people but some time people do not really watch complete videos or get the exact thing out of the videos. Here what we need is how to make videos interesting and to make people understand the matter.

After research, it was highlighted that texts language is the most loved way of interacting between people. People spend most of their time on cell phones, in exchanging text messages on social media. So the idea of having videos to include simple text and overlapping of some figures came to make the videos more interactive and interesting.

Whatever attracts our audience and inspires them to spend their valuable time in watching the product videos is best marketing strategy. Text videos on social media platform are a powerful way to market your product and most speedy way to reach out to mass in shortest possible time.

txtvideo review

What is TXT Video Software?

TXT Video software enables you to create customized Text-Video Story to market your product over the social media apps like facebook, Intagram, Sanpchat and many others. TXT Video is a SAAS cloud based video software.

TXT Video is user friendly software in which one will have fun making Text-Video story over smartphone within minutes and start aggressive marketing online. As it uses Software-as-a-Service (SAAS) cloud technology it also eliminates the requirement of installation and updating regularly which many of us avoid.

Many people will go online to compare the TXT video software with other but to your surprise there is no other such software. People are adding text or signs to videos but here we are talking about only and only TEXT. Here, we create text story and then convert it into a small video and carefully slip in our product or service without being formal seller. This will make people more comfortable and friendly with seller and make our marketing strong

Who is the author?

Jamie Ohler! Again same familiar name, man behind some of the top seller software in the industry like DROPMOCK KINETC, FUSION, IMAGEZZ, VIDEOZZ.

Jamie Ohler is a fun loving entrepreneur, his only and only agenda is having FUN! Be it family time, outing to friend’s house to business model. Jomie Ohler believes one should add fun to the business. Dealing with people should be such that both sides should have FUN.

There are numerous products in market but people prefer the product or service which they enjoy. You may see most viral videos are those where Fun element is, as it is easy to market such things and reach out to people.

TXT Video Review – The main feature of TXT Video

  • Highly engaging and fully Customizable videos in minutes,
  • Three step process to create and render videos
    • Select a template
    • Create a video from your story
    • Download the video and share
  • Creating text stories which are displayed in cell phone and making there videos
  • No installation and updates required with TXT video as it runs on SAAS cloud technology.
  • With a single click one will have huge marketing opportunities with connecting to millions.
  • No limitation for any product or service, TXT video is power marketing tool for every sector.
  • Promotional offer: Commercial License included without upgrade
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TXT Video Review – The benefit TXT Video

TXT video is a unique platform offering short and crisp videos creation without any software installation requirement. TXT video will make your product marketing more unique and personal.

With TXT video you are marketing around the clock 24×7 and that too anywhere to everywhere in World. No hosting requirements from the service provider, even when you are vacationing and away from your business just in few minutes you may create a market video and pitch into market.

There is no limit to create videos. You may have as much number you want to cater different sections of society. Today market audience is 24×7 online and especially the youth who wants to try every new service/product. Connecting via Text videos to potential customers and mass in common is more convenient and faster way to make your product viral.

TXT Video Review – Pros and Cons:

Pros: TXT video platform is out of the box idea of marketing you product as no such service exists presently online. It is highly user friendly making convenient to anyone which having software knowledge or not but will be able to develop a video for his/her business. Within no time, just 3 steps give you perfect videos for marketing.

Fully customizable options available online makes it easy and simple for user to make the video as per his thoughts for his product marketing. SAAS cloud based technology, giving user some more space in his/her smartphone, as no requirement of software installation is required. One can have complete software support online anytime.

This will give your business wings to fly in every direction within no time.

Cons: In my opinion the only cons which is foreseen is that user have to develop multiple text stories to market as repeating same texts again and again can be boring for the viewer. The creator has to be discrete and slip in the marketing of your product in between the texts. You have to be creative enough but that is a good thing in today’s emerging market.

TXT Video OTO Upsells

For more benefit and unlock more feature of TXT Video you can grab the TXT Video OTO below

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TXT Video Review – Conclusion:

Many of you would be sceptical and must be thinking whether you should buy this tool or not, but the most important thing that is that this tool comes with a 30days trial period. Yep you heard it right, if after buying you are not satisfied with the result or are not garnering any profit due to this, just mail the support desk and you can get your money back. Though they guarantee that you would be able to make massive gains and influence your audience in a unique way.


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