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TXT Video Direct Review – TXT Video Direct is new version of TXT Video, this version come with lot of advanced features that will help you to produce high converting videos. TXT Video Direct will allow you to add images and GIFs, you can add personalization like your name or client name, you can add custom backgrounds, add moving motion backgrounds, you can also add call to action and show forms, or you can add call to action button.

What is the main idea behind this software? The main idea is how to make high converting TXT videos without using complicated video creator software, TXT video is new concept and new type of video in 2019. We can see big company start using this type of video for their video marketing campaign. With TXT Video you can increase social impression, and video engagement. TXT Video Direct is the solution if you want to make TXT video without any skills.

txt video direct review

TXT Video Direct Review – Idea Behind This Software

As I said above the main idea of TXT Video Direct is, brand new unique video type, and the other idea behind this software is the facts of millennials prefer to receive text messages from business vs call on their mobile phone. So if we can create high converting videos with TXT animation, we can create high quality and high converting videos to engage potential customer especially millennials people.

Who Is The Creator of TXT Video Direct?

This software created by famous internet marketer, Jamie Ohler and Dan Cumberland. Jamie Ohler one of top internet marketer and product creator, he also the owner of DropMock, maybe you are one of DropMock members, and Dan Cumberland is founder of VideoRemix. So TXT Video Direct created by two amazing and powerful software companies, work together to create this powerful software.

TXT Video Direct Review – Features & Benefits

Below is the complete features of TXT Video Direct:

  • Add Images or GIFs
    You can create high engaging TXT videos by adding images and GIFs
  • Add Peronalization
    This features is game changer and will increase your conversion rate, you can add your client name on your videos, You can add firstname, lastname, email, country, geocity, gender and even custom personalization.
  • Add Background
    You can add custom background to make your videos look real and look professional
  • Add Motion Backgroun
    You can even add motion background to increase viewer attention
  • Call To Action
    You can add someting like “book an appointment” on your videos, this is unique call to action, you can allow your customers to click links. You can add any URL, your site, blog, salespage, discount pages, etc. You can also choose CTA templates, and easy to customize.
  • CTA Button
    You can also add call to action button, like, apply today, click here, book a tour, etc.
  • Click here to learn more about TXT Video Direct

txt video direct review

txt video direct review

TXT Video Direct Benefits

With TXT Video Direct you can create high quality and brand new video type complete with clickable links, images and GIFs, motion background, call to action form and call to action button without using any complicated video creator software, less than 60 seconds.

TXT Video Direct Review – How it Works

Create high converting TXT video using TXT video direct is so easy, you just need 5 steps. First you need to login to TXT Video Direct member area, and the next step is create a chat using text-lingo, between fiction characters, like customer support team and your customer, or between 2 friends, etc. Step 3 is create the TXT Video, step 4 choose your desired backgound, add personalization, and add call to action, step 5 done, download your videos and share it.

TXT Video Direct OTO Upsells and Pricing

To unlock more features and benefits, you can also grab the TXT Video Direct OTO, below is the information.


TXT Video Direct Review Conclusion and My Opinion

Thank you for reading my TXT Video Direct review, this software is perfect for anyone who run video marketing campaign, TXT video is brand new video type that will increase viewer attention especially for Millennial. To get potential customer you must use this brand new video concept. For more details, click button below.


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