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Roku TV Boss Review FE and OTO Review – Live streaming is one of the best platforms to watch, like and share the live events happening. It allows any video or live events to get connected or broadcasted online and reaches the audiences through the web and their mobile devices irrespective of place and time. So the media is streamed in a simple way in the recorded form and broadcasted to the viewer in real time. Although there are many channels available like visible on TV, live streaming is possible to watch online via YouTube and the internet. In this article, we are going to discuss about TV Boss that is yet to launch which allows viewers to manage their own TV channel on Roku.

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Roku TV Boss Review – What is TV Boss all about?

It is the first of the kind on demand which has become world’s leading provider of the TV to be launched on 20th November in front of all the audience and viewers around 44.6 million that belongs to the US alone. It is a great path for TV channel owners to get recognized in the industry as leading leaders and get great returns via TV ads by increasing traffic from 3500 to about 10000 viewers with no marketing strategies in the first month itself.

Roku TV Boss Review – What are the best features of TV Boss?

Below is the main feature of TV Boss

  • TV Boss is wonderful and one of the greatest creation of C Point that was established in 1989 for full entertainment and is still giving its best.
  • Built by highly qualified professionals it is top quality product and highly admirable consists of WP Dev Suite which already did 6 figures this year.
  • It is an exceptional product which is not similar to any other and highly affordable.
  • It is the best platform to take your customers business on new height by jumping on the JV list by simply entering your email id and first name.
  • Be the first to bank big and keep you updated with the latest features of TV Boss to attain profit rather than a loss.

Roku TV Boss Review – What are the benefits of TV Boss?

Well, to list out the benefits of TV Boss there is a lot to share as this tool had become very powerful.

  • TV Boss is best for live streaming and helps the audience or viewers to create their own TV channel and allows them to get recognized by themselves or any of their representatives.
  • When TV Boss was tested for the first time in its new version for about 11 days, it’s amazing software got recognition and generated nearly 25,000 dollars through its ad revenue.
  • After that, it had built a list of 100,000 channel subscribers and grown even better by gathering videos all from someone else video’s on YouTube. It states that it allowed the users to sell their services for about $1000 every month alongside building ad income to win the chance of white label or Agency.
  • Since then the sales page of TV Boss users is stacked and well maintained with proof and testimonials.
  • There are several sales channels, one time offers and spot cash prizes more than 2500+ will be awarded by TV
  • Boss to its users on their launch day. For example, the front end TV Boss single-channel will be about $67.00 and the multichannel will be about $97.00. In the same way, the one time offer for any agency is $127.00 and for the white label is $297.00.
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Roku TV Boss Review – Pros and Cons of TV Boss

As we know TV is a great source of entertainment for millions of people who enjoy by sitting at their own home. It is the hub of many movies, music concerts, live events and of course the commercial ads which showcase their brand in between these contents. First, let’s discuss some Pros of TV Boss:

  • They are cheap and provide you with both local and international updates to stay informed about what is going on around the world.
  • It hosts some educational channels like Discovery, PBS etc to increase one’s knowledge about what is there in the world.
  • There are few DIY channels which teach you how to cook food, art, and craft, money investment, home improvement etc to help learn some unknown skill and language.
  • They are proven for social surrogacy which makes people feel less lonely and teach in a broader aspect of different cultures and societies in which we are living.
  • It is helpful to gather family and friends all around the world to stay tuned on one show like the Olympics or any award ceremony show to discuss and express their feelings to the others.

Roku TV Boss Review – Cons of TV Boss:

In my opinion below is the cons:

  • It showcases sometimes like crimes, violence, sex which leave a negative impact on children and young which ruins the relationships.
  • Watching for a prolonged time like more than 3 hours leads to bad health by reducing your sleep time, bring out behavioral problems, health issues and so on.
  • Researchers had proven that it is a waste of time which lessens your productivity and makes you antisocial.
  • The ads advertised on TV brainwashes the children and adult to buy their products like snacks, alcohol and other goods that leads to consumerism.
  • It will make you more addictive that is harder to control and spend lots of time in front watching one or the other programs in continuous series till the end of the day.

Roku TV Boss OTO Upsell

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Roku TV Boss Review – How it works and what does it require?

Well, as said earlier TV Boss is one of the best channels on Roku. Roku is a device that is made by Roku Company, incorporated with operating systems (OS) to live to stream the media such as shows, movies, music all the content live from internet straight into your TV.

It is basically hosted on cloud app that is very simple to get started and allows the viewers to upload and manage their own content within the limit of channels which they had created. As the viewers are always in search of good content it is similar to view as was YouTube in its early days which does not require much setup and can be connected easily to the internet in the same way as PC does. The viewers can download it to view the channels.

Roku TV Boss Review – Conclusion:

Thank you for read my TV Boss review, It is well mentioned in this article that they are a good source of income for few and one of the best platforms to get recognized themselves or by any other source. Even then there arises a question of why one should need this product? TV Boss is built by Roku and stands as one of the best creation of C Point that holds millions of channels and is as good as YouTube for live streaming. It allows users at an affordable price to attain white label and great revenue for their business that is essential to reach the heights of success. For more details, please click button below:



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