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TubeAim Review – As we know right now one of the best digital marketing opportunities that hasn’t been overrun by competition is YouTube Advertising. YouTube ads are one of digital marketing strategies that has many benefits and can help all business owner to increase their exposure and conversions. And anyone can set up a YouTube ad campaign in minutes and have it running instantly. However the hard part of YouTube advertising is placing your ad on the right videos, and finding the right video is the hardest part of the entire YouTube ad process, that’s because no software or tool that could let you search the right video and organize them in masse.

And the answer is TubeAim. This software will help you to find the right niche or keyword for your YouTube ad campaign, this software perfect for all YouTube ad campaigns because this software supports all languages, so whatever language your video or your change, you can use TubeAim. You can also search for an unlimited number of monetized videos by entering a keyword or channel URL. Lot of great features on this software that can help you to run a YouTube ad campaign.

tubeaim review sandy nayak


Product Name:TubeAim
Vendor Name:Sandy Nayak
Product Type:Software
Launch Date and Time :2019-Oct-30 at 10:00 EDT
Front-End Price:$39
Total OTO Upsells3 OTOs
Skill Required:No Skill Required
Refund Status30 Day Money Back Guarantee

TubeAim Review – The Main Features

  • 100% Cloud-Based Tool
    No need to download or install software, TubeAim is 100% web-based software with 99.99% speed and accuracy rate
  • Unlimited Campaigns
    You can search for unlimited monetized videos by entering keywords, video URL or Channel URLs.
  • Support All Languages
    You can enter any languages and research fro all languages
  • .CSV Reports
    You can download the report as CSV files, right after the search gets processed.
  • 100% Automated
    You don’t need any manual work or hire expensive freelancers. This is 100% automated and lightning-fast, no captcha needed, no proxies and no manual work
  • No Need Account Creation Process
    Search any monetized videos without creating an account on YouTube manually
  • Multi-Tasking Feature
    You can search up to 100’s of videos in multiple tabs to save time and improve efficiency.
  • Full Support
    You can reach the team if you need any support
  • Recovery Feature
    If there’s ever a problem TubeAim will go to recovery mode.

Search For Monetized YouTube Videos Using Keyword. All you need to do is type in a keyword and generate a list of monetized videos. For more details please check demo video below:

Search Related Videos. You can enter YouTube Video URL, and find the list of related videos that allow ads. More details, please check demo video below:

Search with YouTube Channel URL. Not only using video URL and keyword, you can also search with YouTube Channel URL. Watch demo video below for more details:

Advanced Search parameters. Such as languages, duration, video license, video quality, publish date, search priority, and execute hyper-targeting. Below is the demo video:

Keyword Research feature. To find more monetized videos to advertise on. Below is the demo video:

Channel Research feature. To find for channels that monetized video in them. For more details, watch demo video below

List Collection feature. Help you to organize the list of monetized videos. Below is the demo:


TubeAim Review – How it Works?

Easy to use, only 4 easy steps to use this software.

tubeaim review

TubeAim Review – The Benefits, Pros, and Cons

Benefits and The Pros

By using this software you can get more targeted traffic to your website, and get the cheapest of Ad costs. You can also increase sales in any niche it can be anything like eCom product, SaaS, info products, course products, and offline business. And you can also sell targeted YouTube ads service to your client.


This software perfect for YouTube ads campaign only, not for anyone who wants to run keyword research for YouTube SEO.

TubeAim OTO

For more benefits, please also check TubeAim OTO upgrade. Below are the details:

tubeaim review



This software is perfect for anyone who wants to run YouTube ads campaign, anyone who want to drive traffic using YouTube Ads, with this software user can target the right channel or keyword for their video ads. In my mind, this is the world’s first tool to find and search the right video or keyword for a YouTube ad campaign. For more details, please visit the official site of TubeAim by clicking the button below. Hope this review helpful. Thanks!


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