Targeting Academy 2.0 Review

Targeting Academy 2.0 Review – What is Targeting Academy 2.0?

Targeting Academy 2.0 Review – This is step-by-step video training that will show you how to run and target audience on Facebook Ads with the correct way, and make you can put your product or service in front of millions high targeted people. You can use promote any product, such as eCom product, local business, affiliate product, CPA offers, high ticket product, and etc.

With this targeting ads training, you can save thousands of dollars, and no guesswork, everything you need to know about how to target the right audience for your ads is here. With this training, all you need to do is copy the ad targeting strategies, test your Facebook ads, and reach the laser-targeted leads traffic.

Why you need perfect targeting for your ads?

The answer is simple, you can’t make a sales if the wrong people see your ad. And you can waste money and time if you didn’t target the right people to see your ad. If you target wrong people, your great image, or high converting ad copy will useless. And as we know Facebook Ads failure because of the wrong audience target. So that’s why we need to target the perfect audience

targeting academy 2.0

Targeting Academy 2.0 Review

Below is what will you learn:

  • Module 1: The Targeting Secrets
    You will learn one missing element that so easy to do and can make you wealthy beyond your dreams
  • Module 2: Targeting techniques
    In this module, you will the trick to “drill down” every audience so you can get profitable Facebook ads. You can also use the strategies to beat your competition.
  • Module 3: Targeting domination
    This module will show you the most powerful Facebook targeting, that will connect your ad to thousands up to millions of hungry buyers
  • Module 4: Advanced FB targeting strategies
    This module will show you another method how to run Facebook ads targeting
  • Module 5: Fans Targeting
    This module will show you how to target super passionate fans in any niche
  • Module 6: Targeting framework manipulation
    This module will show you how to manipulate “and” & “or” framework to seek the most passionate buyer.
  • Module 7: eCom targeting
    This module will show you how to run ads for eCom product and make more than $300k
  • Module 8: $100k /year T-shirt / POD business
    This module will show you how to run Facebook ads and earn more than $100k in just 3 months
  • Module 9: Profiting with CPA offers
    This module will show you how to run Facebook ads for CPA offers and make up to $10k per day

For more details, below is the member area sneak peek, I have access to targeting academy 2.0. So this is my honest review, you can believe my review.

Below is the main dashboard

targeting acamdey 2.0 dashboard

You have 71 modules on this product.

  1. Intro
  2. How To Target the RIGHT Interests
  3. Targeting Best Selling Books and Authors
  4. Google Domination with FB Ads
  5. The FB “Big Brand” Strategy
  6. The “Magic Words” Technique
  7. Super Advanced FB Laser Targeting Secrets – Intro
  8. The AND & OR Framework
  9. Overview Advanced FB Targeting Options
  10.  The $100k/year POD T-shirt Business
  11. How To Target Males Fitness/Gym Freaks Pod/T-Shirts
  12. How To Target Women Fitness/Gym Freaks Pod/T-Shirts
  13. How To Target “Controversial Topic” Pod/T-Shirts
  14. How To Target Pets & Animal Breed Pod/T-Shirts
  15. How To Target Tv Shows Part 1
  16. How To Target Tv Shows Part 2
  17. Targeting “Sensitive Topics” Pod/T-shirts
  18. Targeting Occupations & Business Pod/T-shirts
  19. Intro – How To Target Physical Products
  20. How To Target a Dog Product (Mug)
  21. How To Target a Local Kennel
  22. How To Target a Grandma Bracelet
  23. How To Target a Mom Pendant Necklace
  24. How To Target a Police Wife Bracelet
  25. Intro – How To Target Gardening Products
  26. How To Target Gardening Products – Strategy 1
  27. How To Target an Organic Product – Strategy 1
  28. How To Target an Organic Product – Strategy 2
  29. Intro – How To Target CPA Offers
  30. Intro – How To Target Organic Food CPA Offers
  31. How To Target Organic Food CPA Offers – Strategy 1
  32. Intro – How To Target Supplements Health CPA Offers
  33. How To Target Supplements Health CPA Offers – Strategy 1
  34. How To Target CPA Diet Offers Health Products
  35. Advanced FB Targeting Strategies To Sell eCom Products
  36. How To Target Baseball Moms
  37. How To Target Soccer Moms
  38. How To Target Cats
  39. How To Target Pitbulls
  40. How To Target German Shepherds
  41. How To Target Maternity
  42. How To Target Photographers
  43. How To Target Whiskey Drinkers
  44. How To Target the Yoga Niche
  45. How To Target Zodiac Signs (Aries)
  46. Intro – Life Events Targeting
  47. How To Target By Birthdays and Anniversaries
  48. How To Target Upcoming/Recent Birthdays
  49. How To Target Recently Engaged or Married
  50. How To Target Parents
  51. How To Target a New Relationship
  52. How To Target People with a New Job
  53. Reverse Targeting
  54. Intro – Youtube Ads Targeting
  55. 4 Killer Targeting Strategies for Youtube Ads
  56. How To Setup Placements Targeting for Youtube Ads
  57. How To Create Ultra Targeted Youtube Ad Placements
  58. How To Use the Google Adwords Search and Display Network
  59. Adwords Display Campaigns and Targeting
  60. How To Setup Shopping Ads in Google Adwords
  61. How To Create Your First Ad in Photoshop
  62. How To Create a Fan Page
  63. Posting Your Ad To Your FB Fan Page
  64. How To Create Your First FB Ad
  65. How To Find Targeted Buyer Interests on Facebook
  66. How To Research Golden Interests with Google
  67. How To Find Perfect Targeting Keywords for Your Ads
  68. How To Promote Tripwire Offers with FB Ads
  69. How To Optimize the Picture for Your FB Ad
  70. How To Optimize the Text for Your Ads
  71. Analyzing Your Ad Results


Not only that, you will also get Facebook ads tool called Insightr 2.0
This software allows you to search for an unlimited number of perfect audiences to target, you can unlock millions of new buyers and find the most profitable hidden interest and unlock them for cheaper clicks.

targeting academy 2.0

Who is Targeting Academy 2.0 For?

This training perfect for anyone who wants to make money online and using Facebook ads as the main traffic, this is the most complete training for Facebook ads. All the modules are listed above, I really high recommended this Facebook ads training.

Targeting Academy 2.0 Pros and Cons


  • Complete Facebook ads training
  • Complete case studies
  • Easy to understand
  • 100% proven method
  • Facebook ad tools


  • No cons for this product

Targeting Academy 2.0 OTO

  • Front end: Targeting Academy 2.0 + Insightr 2.0 Lite:
    $37 first 2 days (Coupon code “ta2fiveoff” first 7 hours, check details below)
  • Targeting Academy 2.0 OTO 1 – Insight 2.0 PRO $47
  • Targeting Academy 2.0 OTO 2 – eCom Analyzer $37
  • Targeting Academy 2.0 OTO 3 – 14 DFY Case Studies/Campaigns $97
  • Targeting Academy 2.0 OTO 4 – Local Targeting Formula $37
  • Targeting Academy 2.0 OTO 5 – Ad Targeting Club $29/month


Thank you for reading my review, this product is really high value, this is the most complete Facebook ads training you can get. I hope this review helpful. Thanks



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