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Make money online on YouTube is one way that is currently trending, many people make YouTube videos and get money from Adsense, there are two types of YouTube videos, the first is an original video that is by recording a video of its own particular event or tutorial, for example, a cooking tutorial. In addition to the original video, there are also people who can earn money just by compiling some of the videos available on YouTube.

For example, we often see the “top 10” video category, which collects 10 videos and makes 1 YouTube video. You can use video editing software to do it, but you also need to see how viral the video you are going to compile. A swarm is a software that you can use to make compilation videos, not only by combining videos but when you look for videos, you can find out how viral the videos you will be using.

You can find out the amount of social sharing, and the level of difficulty in the SERP. You also only need to enter keywords and the results will appear complete with its social sharing analysis.

Furthermore, you don’t need to use other software to edit compilation videos, you can use the video editor from Swarm easily. Are you interested in making a compilation video on YouTube as a source of the traffic to your offer? Apart from Adsense, you can also use compilation videos as a source of traffic, because we know that compilation videos are very easy to viral, which means you can get a lot of visitors to your website just by using YouTube.

The idea of ​​making this software is, how can anyone easily make a video compilation, using viral videos that are on YouTube. With Swarm, anyone can do compilation videos very easily.

swarm review

Swarm Review – Features

Feature #1: Keyword research

The first feature is keyword research, you can find viral videos just by entering a keyword. For example, I enter cats as my keyword and within sec you will get all the results, complete with the keyword analytics

swarm review

swarm review


As you can see above, the result complete with traffic source, difficulty rank, search results, and also analysis. If you get the right keyword for your niches, you can click the search videos button to search the viral videos.

Feature #2: Create a video compilation

swarm review select video


Once you get the results, you can select a video that you want to create the compilation videos. And click the Create Video button, or you can also export the video data

swarm review select video features


Features #3: Video Editor

The next features are video editor, this is a simple but powerful video editor to create compilation video, you can trim the video.

swarm review video editor

swarm review video editing


You will also get full training on how to use Swarm to drive traffic from YouTube


  • Easy to use
  • Viral video finder
  • Simple video editor
  • A powerful tool to create a video compilation


  • You need a stable and fast internet connection, sometimes the video thumbnail does not appear if your connection is interrupted

Swarm Review – Benefits

After trying Swarm, I know that the benefits you will get are, you can make a compilation video quickly and easily, not only that you can make a compilation video that is already viral so that your compilation video has a chance to become viral. With Swarm, you can get a lot of traffic to your website without having to use complicated software.

Swarm Review – How Does It Work

I have explained above with a screenshot of the software, but if it isn’t clear, you can watch the demo video below for more details.

Swarm OTO Upsells

For more benefits and unlock more features, you can also upgrade your purchase.

  • Swarm – (Front End)
    You will get Swarm  software and the training
  • Swarm OTO 1 – Unlimited
    Unlimited everything, like unlimited videos, longer videos, and connect to multiple accounts
  • Swarm OTO 2 – Auto
    Unlock scheduling feature
  • Swarm OTO 3 – Instant Traffic
    You can add a pixel to Swarm sales pages and build a targeted audience
  • Swarm OTO 4 – Agency
    This is agency license of Swarm
  • Swarm OTO 5 – 1k Week
    You get access to video tutorial with Done-for-you products, all you need to do is fill in the blanks, and generate high-quality giveaway


In my opinion, if you want to bring visitors to use YouTube, Swarm is the right tool for you. With this tool, you can maximize your video marketing. Hopefully, this review is useful, click the button below for more information



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