Step 7: Make and Edit Post With New WordPress Editor

Step 7: Make and Edit Post With New WordPress Editor – In this tutorial, we are going to learn everything about how to create and edit a post with a new WordPress editor. So let’s get started. So we are logged in our WordPress dashboard, from these left-hand side options, navigate on post. Now the sub-options opened. So we are going to choose the second one, this “add new option”, click on it. So here it is showing you a welcome message. Close this up.

edit wordpress post

So here we are, you can add your post title here, write it up here. And below here your blog content will come. Type up or paste it, if you’ve already written. So here we have, our post content. You can do formatting also, suppose you want to bold, then select the text and click on this bold button.

edit wordpress post

You can change block type or style from here. Then you can move a block up or down from here, like this. Also if you want to insert a backlink, you can add it with this button. It will open up and ask for the URL you want to insert it. Click on this apply button and it’s inserted successfully as you can see.

So now you can also change the font size, you can select a normal, large or huge font. And you turn on drop cap option also for showing large initial letters. You can change the color setting from here, background color and text color.

Then we can also make changes in documents, from this document tab. It has options like tags, excerpt, discussion, etc. After completion, click on this publish button, set your visibility, time, and tags and publish it. So here it is showing it’s live and you can view your post from.

edit wordpress post size

And here it is with all the formatting we have done. You can check the backlink from here, it’s working just fine. And a little below, you can see your post is uncategorized. So we are done now with our post.


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