Step 6: Install WordPress in cPanel

Step 6: Install WordPress in cPanel – In this tutorial, we are going to learn step-by-step about how to install WordPress in cPanel. So let’s get started.

So here, we are going to our Godaddy account, let’s sign into our account by this sign button. Enter your username and password and click sign in. So here are the details of your products, in domains we are going to click on this manage button.

install wordpress using cpanel

On this page, we have the first option to manage hosting click on it. So here the option is, hosting with cPanel, click on it.

We will be redirected to our dashboard. Now on this page, we have a cPanel admin button, by clicking we will be redirected to the cPanel home page. Scroll down to web applications option inside you can see WordPress, choose it and on the next page, you can see this install this application button.

install wordpress cpanel 2

On this page, you can see your domain name is entered by default. Click on it and you’ll see a drop-down menu. So everything is filled up by default and here you need to choose this I accept license terms. Scroll a little bit more and enter your administrator username, set up a strong password. Now next is your administrator email, then your website title and tagline.


Now, these options are already selected if not select them manually and go with what is recommended. Check the recommended options and then finally click on this install button. We are pretty much done here.


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