Step 4: cPanel Introduction – cPanel Overview

Step 4: cPanel Introduction – cPanel Overview – In this tutorial, we are going to learn everything about cPanel. What it is and its options. So let’s get started. Here we in this cPanel home page, you can see different options and sub-options here. Like Files, Databases next is Domains, Metrics, then Software, Security, Email, Web applications, Preferences, change style, and Advanced.

#STEP 1: cPanel Overview

cpanel introduction

Now here on right, it’s showing useful metrics and data. There are statistics, inside this, you can see My SQL databases, your physical memory usage, number of processes, addon domains, and pretty much everything. On top of it, there’s general information. Inside there’s Theme, you can select your theme from here. They have sub-options in every category. Here on top right, we can set our account. From this drop-down menu, you can set account preference, language style.

#STEP 2: Style

cpanel introduction

Click on this account preference and here is the setting page with various options. Select this top left and the notification is showing in the top left corner. Similarly with the top center and top right. You can also choose bottom options here like this bottom right. You can change more settings from here or you can log out. Let’s go back to the home page, below there’s user manager option, click on it.

#STEP 3: User Management

cpanel introduction 3

You’ll see all the users here, with email account, FTP and web disk info. You can add a new user from this button. We are going back to the home page, where you’ll see sub-option, File Manager, open it up. Here we can see all the directories, open up this public HTML. Inside it, we can see all our files and folders, click on this up one level button to take a step back. Again on the home page and that’s pretty much everything about cPanel.


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