Step 3: Change Nameserver

Step 3: Change Nameserver – In this article, we are going to explore step-by-step instructions to change the nameserver quickly and easily. So let’s get started. So back to Godaddy dot com, here we are again going to sign in with this sign-in button. Enter your username and password and click on this sign-in button.

#STEP 1: Sign in

nameserver settings

So here we are on our ‘my products’ page. Here we can see our purchased domains and on right there’s a manage button, click on it. On this top menu bar, click on this DNS option and choose this manage zones from this drop-down list.

#STEP 2: Manage Zones

nameserver settings

It will take us to DNS management page, here on this insert your domain name it’s already showing, select it from here. Now scroll down a little bit, here you’ll see your Nameservers. Here we have two default nameservers. Now we are going to click on this change button and select custom.

nameserver settings 3

Below you can manually enter your nameservers here. Fill up both the boxes like we are doing here and click on this Add Nameserver button. You can delete the extra boxes if you don’t need them like this. So after adding click on this save button here and your nameserver will be changed successfully.

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