Step 1: How To Buy Domain

Step 1: How To Buy Domain – Step 1 Domain – Inside this article, we talk about, how you can buy your domain name, step-by-step.

Okay, so we are buying our domain name from Godaddy. This is a welcome page with the URL, just type it in the search bar and here we are. So inside its search bar, we are going to search our preferred domain name, for example, we want to buy WP training kit .com, so type it in there and enter search.

#STEP 1: Type your desired domain name

how to buy domain on godaddy
So it opens with the details, showing me that it’s available. Scroll down a little bit and you’ll see the name with different extensions and their price. You can choose whatever you want. So I am gonna buy WP training and here’s the Add to Cart option and here it is showing me an option to include WP training for just one dollar. If you want it you can click this checkbox but I am going to proceed without it. So let’s click Add to cart button for WP training

#STEP 2: Add to cart

how to buy domain name step 2
Now it’s added to my cart and here on top, I am going to click on this continue to cart button. It redirects me to the checkout page. Here it is showing me an offer of Privacy protection for $9.99 per year. There’s another security option and then no thanks option if you want to skip those. So for privacy protection, it’s $9.99 and here you can see the details, click on it and a pop-up kind of box appears it will show you what it will do like hides your personal info, prevents domain spams, stop domain hijacking, protecting against stalkers and harassers.

Just like that, you can see details of other options also by the same process. So here it is showing. Okay now, so I am going to add this Privacy protection option. I will click on this radio button.

#STEP 3: Domain Addon (optional)

how to buy domain in godaddy step 3

Scrolling down, to create a new email address with my domain name and its for $1.99 per month, you can also add it but we are going to proceed with just our domain name and privacy protection. So click on this continue to cart button and it redirects me to another page.

buy domain in godaddy step 4

Here I can select the duration of my domain name registration. If I select it for one year, it is showing me one year price and a little lower, here is my subtotal. After adding taxes and fees, here is my total payable amount.

buy domain in godaddy

buy domain in godaddy step 6
On the left, it is showing me an offer to buy matching domains dot co and dot info, etc. So now to complete my purchase, I have to sign in. If you are a new user, you can create your account or if you already have an account, you can simply click on sign in.

I will click on the create account button and the sign-up page opens. Here you need to fill the credentials. I am going to put my email address, username and a strong password of my choice and it should be of at least nine characters password. Ok so here is my password, you can view it from here. Your password at least 9 characters. Make sure you create a strong password, then click on the create account button.

#STEP 4: Register

buy domain in godaddy
So the account is created and here it requires additional details for billing like country. Select your country here, your name, phone number, address, city, organization, tax ID and click on save button.

Or you can check out quicker with PayPal, if you click on this button, it will take you directly to step 3 and then there will be step 4 that will complete your process. So here we are on step 3 payment option where I have to enter my card details and lower here is the option to proceed with PayPal. I am going to use it. Click on the Paypal radio button and it is showing me what PayPal policies it is using. Here I have to enter my account’s nickname which is completely optional.

#STEP 5: Payment

how to buy domain in godaddy

This checkbox here will use PayPal as my backup payment method for this account. Take a look at additional options, so yes now we are going to click on this Authorize on Paypal button. And it is redirecting us to PayPal log-in page. Here we need to insert out PayPal ID and password to continue. I am putting my credentials here and then click on log in.

#STEP 6: Login to PayPal

So now we are going to log into our Paypal account with Paypal email ID and password and then click on the Log-in button. It’s loading my PayPal account and here on top, it’s showing me my exact billing amount. By default, the PayPal account is already selected, so we are going to click on the continue button. It is once again asking for our confirmation here.

buy domain in godaddy payment

buy domain in godaddy payment

Now we are back on Godaddy’s check out page and here in right bottom, it is showing complete purchase button, click on it, it will take a moment.

buy domain in godaddy payment

So here a pop-up appeared, confirming our purchase. They have emailed us the receipt on our mail ID which we have inserted during check out. Here it is. Now we have to log into our given email account. It’s my Gmail Id here so I’ll go to my Gmail log-in page. Here I will enter my Gmail ID and password and press enter. As can see, we have got an mail from Godaddy regarding our purchase.

So open the email and you can see, they have provided us the details of our purchase with an option to view full receipt and an Access to Purchase button. Click on it, it will take us to our account on Godaddy. Here it is showing us our purchased domain name and some additional details regarding it. Confirming our purchase completion.

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