Vidmonial Review FE and OTO Software by Ben Murray – Create Set-and-Forget Testimonial Video


Vidmonial Review Product by Ben Murray – Create Set-and-Forget Testimonial Video – Vidmonial is a brand new cloud-based software integrated with new video technology that fully automates the processes of create and displaying authentic video testimonials. As we know video testimonials are the most powerful selling tool today wth Vidmonial you can free from painstaking process of getting them for you or your clients with this groundbreaking cloud tool. Vidmonial is a brand new video tool that helps increase trust, conversions, sales, and also drive traffic for you site or client. It’s a cloud based software and integrated with new video technology that fully automates the processes of capturing and create high conversion video testimonials. With Vidmonial You Can, 10x Conversions and Trust not only that you can also increase sales conversions by leveraging the most important asset toward building trust and authenticity today, you can also drive traffic and syndicate the testimonials to YouTube & facebook for easy get massive traffic. You can also make money online by sell commercially and 100% profit for you, we know today every business needs video testimonials so this is best opportunity start make money online by selling video testimonial.

Vidmonial Software Review
Vidmonial Software Review

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Vidmonial Review Features

Create “Set-and-Forget” Testimonial Videos

You will be able create video testimonial that will be fully hosted with Vidmonnial that capture video testimonials and deliver incentives for doing so on 100% autopilot.

Brand New Live Video Capture Techhnology

You can also let visitors easily record themselves giving the testimonial, they can contribute and give their testimonial through campaigns fully hosted by Vidmonial.

“Built-in” Video Traffic Features 

Vidmonial build with traffic generator, you can get traffic from social media with easy to use, in just 1-click, you can share your testimonial to social media like Facebook or YouTube to drive traffic. You can also download the video testimonial to use in ads, or your wordpress posts, and much more. You can use as showcase your video testimonials in stylish boxes on any page you want – works with Shopify, HTML, WordPress, Clickfunnels, etc.

Display Anywhere

Bonus Incentive Feature – Create ethical incentives for users to leave the testimonial in the first place as a reward for their time and automatically deliver to them once a real testimonial is verified by Vidmonial

Star Ratings and Written Feedback – Along with a video testimonials, capture star ratings, profile pictures, and written feedback to showcase for higher conversions.

Vidmonial Review
Vidmonial Review
Vidmonial Review
Vidmonial Review
Vidmonial Review
Vidmonial Review
Vidmonial Review
Vidmonial Review
Vidmonial Review
Vidmonial Review
Vidmonial Review
Vidmonial Review

Vidmonial How it Works?

Who Should Use It Vidmonial?

Offline consultants/sellers

You can sell video testimonial to for local clients, like plumbers, dentists, real estate agents, lawyers, gardeners — every single local business owner needs as video review.


You can make extra sales with video reviews, featuring your customers using your product telling the world how awesome your procuts! What you need to do is just send review page to your customers, and Vidmonial will start collecting these video reviews for you.

Social marketers

You can syndicate your video reviews to Facebook and also rank in YouTube to get free viral traffic. Share your videos to get more traffic, more trust, and also more sales!  You can download the testimonial and use the video for your Facebook ads campign. 

Product launchers/Info Marketers 

You can use Vidmonial to boost your conversions and attract more affiliate by using the proven power of video testimonials.

Affiliate Marketers:  With vidmonial you can reach out to people who’ve already bought the product you’re promoting on Facebook group or other social media, then use their testimonial in your promos for higher EPC and drive the traffic with

Vidmonial OTO Upsell Upgrade Review

Front End: Vidmonial Personal 

With FE vidmonial personal includes all the features listed above and Commercial Rights that mean you can sell the testimonial videos.

Vidmonial Commercial Upgrade

Includes all features listed above + Commercial Rights to sell as a service to other businesses)

Vidmonial Diamond Upgrade OTO 1

Includes features for power-users like more video storage, ability create unlimited campaigns, ability create unlimited incentives, Outsourcers Rights, special hand-held training for video agencies, and video bonuses.

 Vidmonial Agency Upgrade OTO 2

Unlimited Agency License to help business use Vidmonial for themselves. Includes DFY reseller option and Agency portal option. Includes webinar training on how to resell Vidmonial and your video services.

Vidmonial Video Creator Special OTO 3

Get not one, but two cloudbased video creators to bring your Vidmonial testominials to life with graphics, icons, intros, and more. Plus, use for other aspects of your business

OTO4 – Vidmonial VideoRank Training

Vidmonial users will learn how the fundamentals to optimizing their YouTube account and ranking their testimonial videos for traffic and sales.

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