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When you promote your business on social media, in addition to the ad copy that you must pay attention to, another thing that is no less important is the ad design. Attractive ads will certainly be very interesting for people to see these ads. So ad copy and also ad design is the key to the success of an ad.

But creating an ad design is not easy, you have to hire a graphic designer to make it and it’s not cheap, or you have to spend several hours making a high converting ad design.

For that, you need a tool that can help in creating ad designs that really attract attention. Socioads are a product that will help you create extraordinary ads in a very easy way. You will get eCom ad templates and animated ads that are suitable for your eCommerce product.

socioads review


You will get hundreds of variation of social media ads design templates, with these templates you can easily create attention-grabbing content to increase click on your ads. This is the best way to increase CTR, leads, and also sales. The best part is the templates perfect for all eCommerce platforms, and products. Below is what will you get

Module 1 – Facebook ads (Carousal Templates) (Photoshop and PowerPoint Static)

You will get 10 simple but conversion-focused carousal ad designs, perfect for Facebook ads. You can use the templates for retargeting ads, for eCom store with carousel ads.

Module 2 – Product Promotion Video Templates (PowerPoint Templates)

On module 2 you will get attractive video ads for your social media campaign. This module perfect for target new audience or retargeting ads

Module 3 – Instagram ads design (Photoshop, Powerpoint static, and Animated Powerpoint template)

This is the best module for anyone who wants to run ads on Instagram, you will get 30 sets of square Instagram ads, perfect to get more clicks and for retarget ads.

Module 4 – Facebook and Instagram Story Ads (Photoshop, Powerpoint Static, and Animated PowerPoint template)

You will get 10 square size story ads, perfect for Facebook and Instagram story

Module 5 – Twitter ads design (Photoshop, Powerpoint Static, and Animated PowerPoint template)

You will get 10 sets of square size Twitter ads.

Module 6 – Google and Bing ads banner templates (Photoshop and Powerpoint Static)

You will get 75 sets of banner ads with multiple sizes and variations. Perfect for image ads on Google and Bing

Module 7 – Facebook cover design templates (Photoshop, Powerpoint Static, and Animated PowerPoint template)

You will high quality Facebook fan page cover. Perfect for all eCom niches

Module 8 – Pinterest ads (Photoshop and Powerpoint Static)

You will get 10 Pinterest ads templates, perfect to get more conversion on Pinterest ads


  • Modern business promotion videos
  • Premium stock photos
  • Instagram square photos

Socioads Review – The Benefits

In my opinion, this product has a lot of benefits that you can get, such as:

  • A quality and professional template
  • Very easy to edit and adjust to your business
  • Does not require complicated software
  • Without having to make it from scratch
  • All popular social media platforms
  • Save time and money

Socioads OTO

Below are the OTO of Socioads

socioads oto


Thank you for reading my review, I hope this review helpful. For anyone who wants to create high converting ad design, this product is perfect. Click the button below to learn more. Thanks!


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