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SOCILEAD MESSENGER REVIEW – Facebook Messenger is a new chat features that frequently used today. It helps people connect in a second through a chat. Amazingly, this feature is now appear and connect to your web or blog. This can ease you to chat with your Facebook contact directly. However, some lack still happens and the features are limited. Hence, a better solving problem called SociLead Messenger is needed.

What Is Soci Lead Messenger

Socilead Messenger is a new brand technology, developed to optimized the Facebook chat features in the website. It helps to outrun any other chat plugin running in the market that available in most of the website or blogs. With this software, Facebook chat is easier and accessible for everyone.

socilead messenger review

SociLead Messenger Review – Benefit

There is several benefit of SociLead Messenger. Check out below points for details:

  • Ease your conversation, no need to go back to the website to continue chat with the visitors of your page. Either your visitor can easily continue the conversation.
  • Ease the conversation to continue through web, mobile, tablet and any other devices. So no need to stuck in one gadget only.
  • Surely, it will make more money by acquire new clients.

socilead messenger review

SociLead Messenger Review Features

The software also has several great features to consider. Let’s take a look on below features that recently developed:

  • Auto Comment Reply, which can help to ease your conversation since it will automatically generate comment from your visitor.
  • Private reply, which can help you to approach in private one by one with your visitor. Therefore, it wouldn’t be seen by others.
  • Commenter Tagging, that can help you to tag commenter’s name in the comment section.
  • Image/Video Comment Reply, which allows your visitor to directly comment on any image or video your post.
  • Call To Action Poster, which is a kind of link poster to collect messenger lead.
  • “Message Us” Button Generator that ease your customer send message through a simple button which can directly provide in your webpage or blog.
  • Bulk Message Sending, which allow you to send bulk message to your message lead.
  • Plus many other features that is great to try, such as lead grouping, custom bulk message campaign, multi-group bulk message campaign, and so much more that really worth.

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SociLead Messnger Upsell Review


FE $27

  • Facebook account 1 pages unlimited
  • FB messenger live chat plugin (50 sites)
  • Auto comment and reply with private reply enabled post (200)
  • Auto comment reply and private reply (unlimited)
  • Auto comment reply with tagging the commenter
  • Image/gif/video comment reply

OTO 1 $47

  • Facebook account unlimited
  • 2 way facebook messenger live chat plugin
  • Auto comment reply and private reply enabled post (unlimited)
  • Hide/delete page comment (unlimited)
  • Call to action poster (unlimited)
  • “Message us” button generate (unlimited)

OTO 2 $67

  • Sync. Page messenger leads (auto sync available)
  • Lead grouping
  • Send bulk message to leads
  • Multi page bulk message campign
  • Multi group bulk message campign
  • Full report of campign (delivery/unseccessful)

OTO 3 $197

  • Agency 1 FE ($97)
  • Agency 2 (FE + OTO) $147
  • Agency 4 (FE + OTO 1 + OTO 2) $197

OTO 4 $97
Socinotifier Agency

OTO 5 $47
Socilivestream Pro

Downsale 1 $27

  • Facebook account 10

  • 2 way facebook messenger live chat plugin 100 sites

  • Auto comment reply and private reply enabled post 500

  • Hide/delete page comment

  • Call to action poster 100/month

  • “Message Us” Button generator

Why Buy SociLead Messenger

Chat is one of the important features in running out your business. Communication is the key of successful trade in the business. Therefore, do not thinking twice of expanding the web capability on receiving any order or request from your customer directly. By using this software, the communication between seller and buyer will be well developed. Hence, this software can bring benefit for the business.

With the offered features of this software, it is highly recommended to get this product. Especially to make sure that the communication through chat on web and facebook will run smoothly. It can guarantee that the product is worth of money. Therefore, decide to have a try on it!

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