SociCake Local Edition Review – FE and OTO by Mario Brown

What is SociCake Local? – Introduction

SociCake Local Review – SociCake Local is new version of SociCake software, this version focusses on how to get local business clients. With this software you will get 12 apps that will help you to get local business clients. You will get messenger bot tool, messenger broadcast tool, comment bot, Facebook Ads assets and content designer, you can use them as your Facebook post, Facebook timeline, Facebook Ads, or viral quotes, more than 1,423 premium design templates, Rich Post Tool, Post Manager Tool, Clickable Image Tool, Facebok Fanpage Tool, Optin Link Tool, Facebook Live Cast Tool, Multi Sync Post Tool (New Feature), Content Tool (New Feature).

Maybe you already know there is other tool out there just like Socicake, below is the complete comparasion of Socicake and out tools, such as: BuzzSumo, and Content Studio.

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socicake local review tools feature 2

socicake local review tools feature 3

socicake local review tools feature 4

socicake local review tools feature 5

socicake local review tools feature 6

socicake local review tools feature 7

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About Creator of SociCake Local – Mario Brown

Mario Brown is one of top vendor on JVZoo his born in Durham, NC and grew up in Nuremberg, German. He start his internet marketing journey on Warrior Forum, he post his first report on the forum and make $2,000 in 7 days. And the last 4 years he teaching others how to be successful in Internet Marketing, how to make more money and create online business. You can learn more about Mario Brown here.

Socicake local review

SociCake Local Review – Features

Below is the features of SociCake

  • Done-For-You Facebook marketing assets, to attract clients. You will get all you need to run Facebook Marketing agency such as: Stunning agency webite, professional Proposal (MS Word and PowerPoint), email series, telemarketing script, graphics templates, DFY Facebook ads, DFY banner and Google ads, and legal contract.
  • You will get facebook post manager app, that will help you to schedule any type of post on Facebook, such as Link post, image post, video post, and slideshow, you can run it accross multiple Faceook pages and Facebook Accounts.
  • Clickable image creator app, will help you to turn any picture to viral traffic
  • Messenger Bot app, this one will allow you to boost engagement on any site, you can respond and assist visitors, prospect your client, make your client coming back, and many more
  • Messenger Broadcaster app, this tool will allow you to blast promotional or followup series, you can send unlimited broadcast to your subscriber
  • Comment bot, this tool enables you to setup your automated comment or response both for public and private reply to anyone who comments on your Facebook post
    Soci Inverter, this tool will allow you to convert any likes into your Fanpage members, this tool will invite everybody who liked your post to like your Fanpage
  • Content Editor
    With this tool you will get high quality and stunning graphics in minutes, no need any technical or design skills, you can create design for Facebook post, Timeline covers, Facebook ads, Viral Quotes, and many more. You will get access to 1,400+ premium design, 7,5 million stock images, illutration, font and icons, and 450,000 viral quotes
  • Optin Link
    This tool will allow you to create links that will capture name and email of those click on it without opt-in form or landing page.
  • Live engine
    With this tool, you can upload your pre-recorder video and you can broadcast it live across multiple Facebook account and multiple Facebook pages
  • New features: Multi sync post
    With this feature you can sync your post to other social media platform such as, Linkedin, Intagram, Twitter and etc
  • New features: Content tool
    You just need to enter a keyword and this tool will search articles from more than 100 million articles, and updated every 30 minutes
  • Click here to learn more about SociCake Local


SociCake Local Review – Benefits

Below is the benefits of SociCake Local

12 in 1 marketing tools, you can drive lot of traffic. You can drive traffic from viral post, viral images, messenger, Fanpage, Facebook ads, Memes and many more. Complete Done-For-You assets and also million of images ready to use.


SociCake Local Pros and Cons:

The Pros:

  • All in one Facebook marketing tools
  • Done-For-You agency assets
  • Done-For-You marketing assets
  • Easy to use
  • Case studies

The Cons:

There is no bad thing with SociCake Local, however for more benefits you should get SociCake Pro OTO 1


SociCake Local OTO Upsells and Pricing

SociCake Local OTO 1 – Socicake Pro

The pro version unlocks additional features:

  • Messenger Followup Sequence
  • Website Chat Widget
  • Unlimited Messenger Lead Growth Tools to Grow Your Messenger leads
  • Unlock Messenger Followup Sequence

Messenger follow up sequence are a series of messages that are sent out on a schedule. They’re also called automated or drip campaigns. You create a “package of messages” that are sent at strategic times to accomplish a specific goal, e.g:

  • Onboarding
  • Lead nurturing – from first contact to raving fan
  • Follow-up survey
  • etc

Sequences allow you to create multiple touchpoints to engage with subscribers, build trust and deliver value by telling a story, send out relevant information, and share examples of how you can help. For instance, you might create a drip campaign that nurtures new messenger leads. The first message, which is scheduled to arrive immediately after subscribing to your page, is a welcome message. The second message is scheduled for a day later, and showcases the benefits of your signature service. The third message may come day 5 offers a promotional deal on your service, etc.

Socicake Pro allows you schedule sequences up to 30 days interval.

  • Welcome Sequence and and up to 30 days followup sequences
  • Manually assign a subscriber into a followup sequence
  • Set trigger based on action e.g signup, etc
  • Detailed delivery and read reports

Consider these stats:

  • Open rates for drip campaigns are about 80 percent higher than single send campaigns, and average click-through rates are three times higher.
  • Lead nurturing campaigns get 4-10 times the response rates compared to mass email blasts.
  • Companies that excel at drip campaigns generate 80 percent more sales at 33 percent lower costs.
  • Companies have seen a 20 percent increase in sales after using drip campaigns to nurture leads.
  • Businesses that use marketing automation to nurture prospects experience a 451 percent increase in qualified leads.
  • Nurtured leads make 47 percent larger purchases than non-nurtured leads.
  • Relevant emails sent through drip campaigns drive 18 times more revenue than generic emails.
  • Source:

Its like Email autoresponder sequences, but for messenger – 7 Times More Powerful Reach Than Email – 100% inbox delivery and 98% open rate. No monthly fee. 1 time fee.

Website Chat Widget

  • Add facebook messenger chat widget on your website. Chat on a website can increase conversion rates up to 65%. People prefer chat to email and phone contacts to get quick answers to their questions.
  • On-site chat powered by Socicake Facebook Messenger automation is better than the regular live chat:
  • 24/7 instant response: You can connect it with one of your page bot or bot template to answer questions instantly with no wait time for customers.
  • Cheaper than live staff: If you don’t have a support team working around the clock to reply to customer questions, build a Messenger bot to power your Messenger chat widget and answer basic FAQs.
  • Always mobile-friendly for users: Unlike live chat interfaces, Facebook Messenger chat is always mobile-friendly.
  • Continue Conversation: With Messenger chat, though, you can start a conversation on desktop and then continue it on your mobile device with Messenger at a later date or time. With other live chat platforms, once the customer leaves you cannot continue the chat seamlessly.
  • Eligible for future nurturing: Interactions in Facebook Messenger chat become leads to nurture over a lifetime.
  • You can add them to drip campaigns or send instant promo blast straight to their messenger inbox.
  • User Profiling – You can go to their facebook profile and find out more about the lead and engage well with the lead. This hack has been very useful for me esp with selling my high ticket products.
  • You can assign a chat to a team member (unlimited team members), mark a chat/ conversation as closed, and add tags to a conversation.
  • Unlimited Messenger Lead Growth
    Tools to Grow Your Messenger leads
  • Send To Messenger Optin
  • Your visitors click a ‘Send to Messenger’ button and send you a message to optin to your messenger lead. You can also carry out a conversation on Messenger.
  • See how it works:
  • You can link each button to a page and an existing bot template you created to engage with subscribers, build trust and deliver value by telling a story, send out relevant information, and share examples of how you can help.
  • Checkbox Plugin
    Same with the above but uses a check bot and can be used in combination with a normal form. Take the lead forms on your website and add an easy checkbox to them that lets your contacts opt-in to Facebook Messenger communications.
  • You can link each checkbox to a page and an existing bot template you created to engage with subscribers, build trust and deliver value by telling a story, send out relevant information, and share examples of how you can help.
  • Messenger Code Generator
    Use this tool to generate a Messenger Code for your page bots that people can scan to see your chatbot. You can use the generated code on your profile pic, website, brochure, business cards, etc.
  • You can link each checkbox to a page and an existing bot automation template you created to engage with subscribers, build trust and deliver value by telling a story, send out relevant information, and share examples of how you can help.
  • Click here to learn more about OTO 1

SociCake Local OTO 2 – Done For You Agency Kit For 6 More Niches

Your customers can make EVEN MORE Money Offering SEVEN MORE Hot Services To Their Prospects & Clients – 100% Completely Done-For-You & Proven To Convert Agency Start Up Marketing & Customer Acquisition Kit.

With this upgrade, you get professional and complete agency start up kit for 6 more hot niches. You get;

  • Done-For-You Web Design Agency Kit
  • Done-For-You Social Media Marketing Agency Kit
  • Done-For-You SEO Audit Agency Business Kit
  • Done-For-You Graphics Design Agency Kit
  • Done-For-You Video Marketing Agency Kit
  • Done-For-You Mobile App Agency Kit
  • Click here to learn more about OTO 2

And each agency kit comes with:

Done-For-You Ready Made Agency Website (worth $497 x 7)

You’ll be bagging clients in no time with your professionally designed agency websites. Your website is already filled with all the content you need, specifically designed to turn leads into clients.

Done-For-You Print-ready commercial Graphics templates (worth $497 x 7)

We have created a set of fully editable graphic templates for you to get your name out there as professionally as possible. Gorgeous and high quality designs in which our personal graphic designers have created for you. In a few clicks, you can edit these to your own heart’s desire so you’ll never need to hire an expensive designer again.

Done-For-You Highly optimized cold call Email Sequence (worth $497 x 7)

You will get professionally written ready-to-mail email sequence for each agency. Simply copy and paste this created-to-convert email sequence into your favorite auto-responder service provider to deliver to any ‘on the fence’ leads or cold leads you’ve collected.

Done-For-You Pimped-to-sell Telemarketing scripts (worth $497 x 7)

We are also giving you ‘designed to hypnotize’, complete telemarketing scripts – specifically designed for three different sales scenarios both in person and over the phone. Use these step-by-step scripts in either scenario to ensure your prospects only say YES to your services And pay you MORE for your professional services.

These will effectively warm up your prospects for your services for a final discussion about pricing and method of delivery and convince them to hand over their money.

DFY Facebook ads creative (worth $497 x 7)

You don’t like talking to people, knock on doors or making phone calls, no problem. Let your clients come to you. You can run Facebook ads targeted at other businesses and get clients that will pay you for these services. We will give you ready-to-deploy facebook ads creatives. All you have to do is copy and paste.

DFY legal contract (worth $297 x 7)

Personally, I find it necessary to have something written about the terms and requirements of each project that I accept. With a written document (even if it is an e-mail), the client and you both have something that can be refered back to if there is a question about the work or payment. You will get DFY contract templates you can customize and use.

SociCake Local OTO 3 – Agency Video Package For ALL 8 Niches

Get An EXCLUSIVE Animated & Professional Marketing Video FOR Each of the EIGHT(8) Marketing Kit You Own Today.

  • Each Video Is:
    Carefully Crafted & Professionally Done
  • Professional Script
  • Professional Slides
  • Professional Voice Over
  • You Name It!
  • You get a highly proven-to-suck-in-clients Video Sales Letter(VSL) marketing all eight(8) agency services.
  • You get one VSL each for:
  • Facebook Marketing Agency
  • Web Design Agency
  • Social Media Marketing Agency
  • SEO Audit Agency Business
  • Graphics Design Agency
  • Video Marketing Agency
  • Mobile App Agency
  • Messenger Bot Agency
  • Click here to learn more about OTO 3

SociCake OTO 4 – Socicake Reseller

  • Your Own DFY Software Business
    Sell & Keep 100% Of The Profits
  • Similar Softwares Have Made Their Owners Millions of $$$
  • Socijam did $100k + and this is just 1 of the features for Socicake
  • Crediresponse – 6 figures (Just 1 of the tools in socicake)
  • Youzign – 7 figures (Just 1 of the tools in socicake)
  • FanInviter – 6 figures in less than 1 week (Just 1 of the tools in socicake)
  • BoostLink – 6 figures in less than 1 week (Just 1 of the tools in socicake)
  • Livecaster – 6 figures in less than 1 week (Just 1 of the tools in socicake)
  • Hootsuite – 8 figures in less than 1 week (Just 1 of the tools in socicake)
  • Mannychat – 9 figures (Just 1 of the tools in socicake)
  • The FACT is: Each of these 10 tools are in high demand.
    When you combine all of them together as a bundle
    for your customers, they will bite off you hand.
  • 2 Versions
  • 30 user Accounts Lifetime
  • 100 User Accounts Lifetime
  • Click here to learn more about OTO 4

SociCake Local OTO 5 : Mobimatic Mobile App Builder


Mobimatic is a drag and drop mobile app builder.
A Cloud-based Software that helps thousands of Individuals and Businesses Build High Performance and Gorgeous Android and iOS Mobile Apps within Minutes. Click here to learn more about OTO 5



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