Smart Video Revolution Review [FE and OTO Review]

Smart Video Revolution Review – What is Smart Video Revolution? This is a new video editor tool that will make your ordinary videos very stunning. You can add animation, fade-in, and fade-out, make 3D videos, and 360 videos, also you can make Cinemagraph using Smart Video Revolution.

Not only that with Smart Video Revolution you can make videos for the promotion of social media, such as vertical videos and square v videos that are very suitable for social media like Instagram. You can choose the canvas ratio of 4: 5, 16: 9, 9:16, and 1: 1. Besides you can make a dazzling video by adding animation and also CTA, you can also get a lot of audience attention by adding personalization, such as Geo City, Email Personalization, First and Last name personalization, animated personalization opt-ins, image personalization and many more.

When you are looking for a video creator or video editor software that is very easy to use, Smart Video Revolution can be a very appropriate choice. Not only the features above, but there are also very many video assets you can access in this software, but you will also get more than 100 music tracks, animation flags, stickers, images, and integration with Pixabay and video pixels and image footages, so look for video assets or an image for your video will be very easy.

Smart Video Revolution has many features to help create high-quality videos and videos that can grab the attention of visitors. And most importantly, in my opinion, you don’t need to use expensive software, which is very complicated, with Smart Video Revolution you can make high-quality promotional videos very easily.

smart video revolution review

Smart Video Revolution Review – Features

Below is the lists of Smart Video Revolution features

  • Create 360 videos
  • Create Cinemagraph videos
  • Resize canvas
  • Import video or images
  • Video opacity
  • Blending modes
  • Animated transitions
  • Animated text
  • Animated Call-to-action
  • Animated lower thrids
  • Audio fade-in and fade-out
  • Create 360 videos on mobile
  • Create 3D video
  • Cinemagraphc videos on mobile
  • Create vertical videos
  • Create square videos
  • Video wrapper graphics
  • 20 video play button icon
  • 25 “Click here to play” graphics
  • Create personalization video
  • First and last name personalization
  • Images personalization
  • Geo city and geo state personalization
  • Animated personalization opt-in
  • Integrated with Pexels, Unsplash, and Pixabay
  • 100 animated emojis and static emojis
  • Animated flags
  • Animated sticker
  • Animation for images
  • Animation for text
  • More than 500 high-quality base level videos
  • More than 100 music tracks
  • Social media integration
  • Email integration
  • and more than 90 ESP integration
  • Create a screen recorder video
  • Webcam recorder
  • Audio recorder
  • Template generated
  • Thumbnail generator
  • 5 niche of chatbots templates
  • Personalized video agency demo
  • Personalized video landing page builder and templates

Smart Video Revolution Review – The Benefits and My Opinion

Video marketing is the best marketing strategy today, your prospective clients can enjoy an explanation of your product without getting bored, unlike if you explain your product or business with just text, your prospective customers will easily get bored reading text explanations about your business.

But what is key to the success of video marketing is the quality of the video, a stunning video that makes visitors fascinated and instantly understands what you have to offer is the key to its success. But making high-quality promotional videos takes a long time and uses complicated, inexpensive software. Or you can also hire people to do it, but it’s certainly not cheap.

The benefits that you can get from using Smart Video Revolution are that you can create stunning promotional videos without having to use complicated software, and without having to hire people for a very expensive price, you can make your own without the need for video creator expertise.

You can save time and money when using Smart Video Revolution as one of your video creators. In addition, the following list is the advantage of Smart Video Revolution


  • Complete features
  • Easy to use
  • Create high-quality videos
  • A lot of animation assets
  • Integrated with stock platforms
  • Integrated with social media


  • I have no complaint about this software, however for more benefits and unlock more powerful features you must upgrade your purchase.

Smart Video Revolution Review – From Successful User


Smart Video Revolution OTO

Smart Video Revolution OTO 1 – Pro ($ 97)
With this OTO 1, you will get 650,000 personalized video templates. Wait, 650,000 templates? Yeah right, I’m also surprised by this offer. You know 650,000 templates are a lot, and you can get that. You will also get a Template Generator with 250 base videos, 50 niche scripts, and more than 50 free audios. You can create unlimited video combinations with 650,000 templates and template generators.

Smart Video Revolution OTO 2 – Agency ($ 67)
One user from SmartVideo can make more than $ 2.5 dollars in creating promotional videos for local businesses. With OTO 2 you will get a great opportunity to sell videos to local businesses complete with agency packs, everything you need for your video agency business needs is available. Very helpful for those of you who want to run a video agency business

Smart Video Revolution OTO 3 – SmartMail ($ 197)
With OTO 3 you will get AMP HTML email templates, this is perfect for those of you who want to run a video creation business and combine it with email marketing.


After seeing all the features in this software, I can say this software is one of the best software for making videos. Anyone can create stunning promotional videos without having to have video creator skills. Highly recommended for everyone who wants to maximize their video marketing. I hope this review is useful if there is something you want to ask please write it in the comments column. For more information about Smart Video Revolution, you can click the button below, thank you.



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