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Smart Book Builder Review – Covid-19 has made people around the world more intends to search for anything online. Including getting the best low-content e-books that printable such as coloring books or activities book for children. Publishing this printable book sometimes will face a failure due to the quality of the image, or problems with the format. Therefore, many people that start a self-publishing business are searching for the best software that can help to accommodate this problem. One of the ways is by selecting Smart Book Builder, smart software that lets publishers compile print-ready books as well as printable with few clicks only. This software consists of the following features and benefits.

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Smart Book Builder Features

With Smart Book Builder, the user can get the following features:

  • Wide variety, this software also completes with many ready-to-use pages for different types of books. Start from various journals, planners, calendars, and more.
  • Over more than 9 million searchable media assets including images, graphics, gifts, stickers, icons, vectors, and illustrations.
  • Include a massive library of 260K high definition stock images, more than 8K animated graphics, more than 15K vector graphics, more than 350+ e-covers, more than 475 avatars, and more than 950 quote images.
  • It also features maximize 100% free traffic from image search and social media.

Smart Book Builder Benefits

This software also can give various benefits such as the following items.

  • Save time, this software can help to compile a KDP print-ready book or digital pages in a very fast way. So that it can support an efficient way in performing the publishing.
  • No skills are needed, no need for any technical skill to use the software. Everyone will able to use it.
  • No heavy lifting since the hard work is already done by this software. So that the user can easily pick and click the software to generate any book content.
  • Build business faster so that it will help you to publish more content and increase income in a very fast way.
  • A cloud-based system that can allow the user to access the software anywhere, anytime, on any device.

Smart Book Builder Pros and Cons


Smart Book Builder can ease all the heavy job that needs to perform in publishing any book and content. Therefore, it will give a suitable passive income for self-publisher in a faster way and with less hassle. Instead of creating content with long hours, you will able to compile books and pages quickly so that you can publish the book faster.


More features and benefits can be found in the upsell.

My Opinion and Conclusion

If you need software that can help to generate easy content for publishing, then there is no doubt that Smart Book Builder is a suitable software to select. Not just give an efficient time to perform all the work, but it also offers a one-time payment that can consider more economical.

Furthermore, all the features above very impressive and stunning. So that Smart Book Builder will be a worthy investment for either expert or new publisher. With all the benefits given, it will guarantee a good profit to your business.


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