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A “new” app that, for $450 per sale, allows consumers create a website in the style of “NETFLIX/PRIMEVideo” in under 60 seconds with zero coding experience. SiteMoviePro, cutting-edge cloud-based software, enables users to quickly and easily build fully automated, done-for-you Netflix/Primevideo movie affiliate websites stocked with 4,000,000+ movies arranged across 270+ categories. Sitemoviepro lets you pick your preferred film genre and finds matching titles for you.


What’s the feature point of SiteMoviePro?

  • There are more than 270 categories with more than 4 million new and popular movies and more than 1 million live TV channels. Load movies right away from 270+ categories that have already been made, are popular, or are on the rise. Once a site is live, your affiliate links are automatically added to the movies.
  • There are more than 1,000,000 Live TV channels built in from more than 350 niches. Add more than 1,000,000 built-in Live TV channels to your movie site to make more money.
    Blogs Already Made for Your Movie The affiliate site updates blog posts about movies that are already on the site.
  • You can get paid to suggest more than 4 million movies. Under 270+ Categories. Get paid automatically for the 4 million movies on Users. This site works with Windows, Mac, and mobile phones to watch Netflix and Prime Video movies.
  • This “brand new” app works on any internet-connected device you want, as long as it is connected to the Cloud. The app only works on the web. Therefore, you have to bring a good connection to use the app.
  • Add a pretty popup which awesome and interesting that collects leads to your Netflix or PrimeVideo affiliate site. By adding a nice popup to your movie affiliate site, you can get people to sign up for your autoresponder.
  • Add live chat to Netflix or Primevideo if you want to sell more movies. Livechat is a great way to get more people interested in what you have to offer on your movie website. So that you can easily sell to your required person for more income.
  • Add Google Pixel and FB Pixel. You can make more money by retargeting GooglePixel and Facebook Pixel users who have been to your movie site.


SiteMoviePro OTO Upsells

SiteMoviePro OTO FE, Click Here for Detail

Online movie streaming services that have been launched by freelancers are generating ludicrous sums of revenue.

This service offers both commercial and residential users’ access to content from Netflix and Amazon Prime Video. Sitemoviepro is obviously necessary for you at this time. Using Sitemoviepro, you can easily set up a website that streams movies and TV shows from Netflix and PrimeVideo, as well as an affiliate website that promotes other television networks. Very easy; just count to three and you’re done!

  • Launch SiteMoviePro, a cloud service, and log in.
  • Targeting your ideal customer is the next stage.
  • Finally, kick back and relax as custom Movie Affiliate Websites in the vein of Netflix and PrimeVideo are built in under a minute.

Your current plan to develop a website like Netflix or Prime Video for companies and their customers may bring in a lot of money.

At Last! Fully Automated Movie Sites That Actually Generate Income Through Movie Affiliate Marketing

  • Simply creating your own Netflix or PrimeVideo-style website is now as easy as clicking a button.
  • Quickly activate your site in more than two hundred and seventy genres of film.
  • There are almost a million active TV stations, covering three hundred and seventy or more specific genres.
  • Get in on the hottest industry of 2022%: movie affiliate marketing.
  • Make a Website Like Netflix or Amazon Prime for Your Customers.
  • Suitable for novices, extremely simple; a tween (or older) can manage it.
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