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ScriptReel Review – Vlogs have become quite popular nowadays. You may find various videos regarding any situation or problem you have. Sometimes you also find videos which raise your curiosity to learn new things. Now how would you feel if all these videos were in native language without captions? Are you also creating videos in just your native language or just with English captions? Then you are seriously missing out on lots of valuable followers and viewers you can get. All of us know how important it is to have a considerable amount of traffic on your videos and believe me about 80% of our viewership is from those people who understand different language.

Adding captions can be a tedious task. So if it could be done automatically using software wouldn’t it be a blessing to us. Here comes the Script Reel.

scriptreel review

ScriptReel Review – What is Script Reel?

Script reel is a multilingual video translation app, if put in simple language it automatically converts your videos into text then creates and adds on auto captions, after this your audio is translated in to multiple languages. This makes is easier, comfortable and tech savvy for the users. The app helps them in saving the hard work, time and money of the user. It is the smart way to work. It is quiet easy and handy to use. It uses the artificial intelligence and machine learning so that it can easily convert the video into text and then by matching the timeline place it at the right point.

About the Author – Abhi Dwivedi

Abhi Dwivedi is the developer of this App. He is a software engineer and online marketer for 12 years inline. If we talk about his achievements he has around 23 software products which are best sellers and around 10,000 users using them actively. These users have garnered benefits from his plugins and apps (both desktop and web). He has been involved in many product launches which have reached to six figure number in sale.

He is a good product and funnel designer. The products he launches are really trust worthy and practical in use has good knowledge of internet marketing as well.

ScriptReel Review – Feature of Script Reel

Script Reel is being launched on 13th November 2018 at 11 am. What makes it so special is that it’s one of its kind apps which is hands free and does work automatically using AI. Let’s see some of its features:

  • Auto Caption Creation and placement Technology – This app creates captions in different multi languages it and places them at the right time in the video by matching the Timeline. It uses Smart AI and machine learning technologies which does this automatically and hence is hassle free.
  • Translations of auto caption – The auto captions that have been generated by the app are then converted into voice overs. There are around 96 languages that it supports. Some of them are French, German, Arabic, Chinese, Czech, Italian, Japanese, Russian, Turkish, Portuguese and Spanish.
  • Ease of Use – The video which you want to translate, you directly upload it or you can share the link of the Youtube video and the app will download this video for you and translate it according to your specifications. Another feature is you can also upload your own videos directly to Youtube, Facebook and other 15 social media networks.
  • Integration with others – Script Reel has integration with LIVEreel and SysVId also. You can directly upload your videos on these platforms and increase your traffic and manage it on 8 different video sites and 15 social media networks at once.
  • Safe and Secure – 100 % safe and secure video adverts creation app and doesn’t infringes any TOS, thus keeping your accounts safe and secure for sure.
  • Available on Cloud – One doesn’t need to download the app, it is available on the cloud and can be accessed directly from there.
  • Change Video quality – You can change your video quality according to the place you are uploading it. It can be web based or to be played on big screen, the quality of export of the final product can be changed according to the requirement.
  • Commercial licensed – It has commercial use license as well, thus making it easier for service providers hence it can be used for your clients and you can earn money using it.

scriptreel review

scriptreel review

ScriptReel Review – How it Works

For more details, you can watch the demo videos below:


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ScriptReel Review – Benefit of Script Reel

Various benefits that you have by using Script Reel are:

  • So many features and benefits at low cost available.
  • It has commercial and Agency license available.
  • Developers License is also there.
  • You can create as many videos as you want in a day.
  • Can distribute it to client or any other sub user.
  • You get video training for how to generate video traffic.
  • Just a click to share on Youtube, Facebook.

ScriptReel Review – Pros and Cons

Based on my experience this software is great and I think the world first software have feature like this software, and so thats why I didn’t find any cons, I hope the server is good enough because it is cloud based software. The support team I s 24x 7 available to help you out. They declares that it is one of its kind app which has many benefits like low cost, ease of use, commercial license and many more to its name. It is great app for videos, local marketing, ads, ecommerce, traffic generation, SEO and MMO marketing lists as well. More is to be time tested but as one can make out from their services that this app is going to hit the mark.

ScriptReel OTO Upsells

For more benefit and unlock more feature of Script Reel software, you can also grab the ScriptReel OTO below:

ScriptReel OTO Upsells 1 – ScriptReel PRO ($67)

With this OTO 1 you will get, commercial license and also agency license, you can create unlimited videos as you want per day, you can create sub-users for clients or team access feature, this feature also unlock auto share on Instagram and SnapChat via Dropbox, not only that with this OTO 1 you will can connect unlimited video site accounts, and the best part is you will also unlock ready-made agency website feature with Paypal checkout and more, and also complete with video traffic generation system (video training). Click here for more details about ScriptReel OTO 1

ScriptReel OTO Upsells 2 – VidOptimizeNeos – Agency License $67

With this OTO 2 you will get video optimization and ranking software will allows you to replicate the success of existing videos and use the same optimization on your videos to start ranking #1 on YouTube and also on Google SERP, and this software work for all languages and countries. Click here for more details about ScriptReel OTO 2

ScriptReel OTO Upsells 3 – VidCuratorFX2 – Agency License $47 / Year

This OTO 3 is VidCuratorFX 2, this software is web based video creation, you can create more than 100 videos by using just a keyword. You can create videos without doing anything. And you can combine with ScriptReel to convert those videos into multi-lingual videos, so you can dominate all global market and all top spots on Google.  Click here for more details about ScriptReel OTO  3

ScriptReel OTO Upsell 4 – SyVID – Agency License – $37 / Year

With this OTO 4 you will get SyVID Video Syndication, thi software will allows you to share your videos on 7 different video sharing platforms and also 13 different social media sites. SyVID also integrated with lots of video creation apps including VidCuratorFX and ClipsReel so you can grab more traffic and also drive more viewers. Click here for more details about ScriptReel OTO 4

ScriptReel Review – Conclusions

Why you must buy it? If you are a video creator or provide services to the video creators to translate the language into multiple different languages in captions and voice over, then you must think about buying this app. For more details you can click button below, hope this review helpful. Don’t forget to use ScriptReel coupon discount: “VIPOFF”.


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ScriptReel Bonuses

You will get the following bonuses below if you purchase ScriptReel through my link above. How to claim bonus? Simple, grab ScriptReel by clicking the button above, and send me your transaction ID to: Thanks!

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scriptreel review bonuses

scriptreel review bonuses

scriptreel review bonuses

scriptreel review bonuses

scriptreel review bonuses



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