REVYOO Review – REVYOO FE and OTO by Tom Yevsikov

What is REVYOO?

REVYOO Review – REVYOO is a brand new software by Tom Yevsikov and Gaurab Borah that will allow users to create a quality and profitable video review in fews clicks. This is cloud based software will help you to create, publish and monetize review videos type. Not only video you will also get ready to use mini sites in minutes. All you need to do is just 3 simple steps, step 1 is enter a keyword, and select a marketplace such as Amazon, eBay and Walmart, step 2 is generate your video in few clicks, you can also add background music, theme, logo and ready to publish your videos, step 3 is rinse and repeat. As we know review videos can reach million of views on YouTube, now your turn to create proven profitable review videos without any skills or experience with video creation.

revyoo review

Who is The Creator?

Tom Yevsikov and his partner Gaurab Borah is the creator of Revyoo, they’re marketer and product creator on JVZoo and W+ who always produce helpful software. One of Tom product is Local Vid Pro. Today they launch this brand new software to help people creating high profitable review videos. With this software user can creating comparasion and review videos for physical products on giant marketplace.

How Does REVYOO Works?

As I said above, just 3 simple step you can create video reviews and also drive free traffic to your videos. First step you can click the “create new” button and give a name of your campaign

revyoo review


Next step is input a keyword, to find a eCom product.

revyoo review


You will get competition information, you will get Google and YouTube competition

step 3 competition analysis

You will also get information of the eCom product, such as product name, product rank, review count, product image, price and more.

product details

Next step is you just need to select your desired video transition, add text, upload new images, insert audio, and more. Below is the demo videos:

REVYOO Review – Features, Pros and Cons

Below is the features of REVYOO:

  • Easy to use, and grab product.
  • Competition analyze
  • Fetch product from Amazon, eBay and Walmart
  • Auto generate video
  • Auto generate minisite
  • Create review video
  • Create comparison video
  • High rank video tags and description
  • Publish your video instantly
  • Schedule videos
  • Click here to learn more REVYOO

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