Revoicely Review – A Powerful Video Translator Software

Revoicely Review – What is Revoicely?

Revoicely Review – This is a brand new software for video translator and voice-over creator in any languages or niches, with Revoicely you can transcribe videos and translate to multiple languages with more than 270 different voices. With this software you can target international audiences using the same video you have, you will also get access to deep mind Google Wavenet voices that provide you the most human natural-sounding speech. This software uses AI technology to make high accuracy and real-time translation. With this software, you can dominate competitive niches by reaching millions of foreign speaking and hearing impaired audiences.

Revoicely compatible with Windows and Mac, and support multiple voices up to 20, you can also create captions and subtitles automatically with unlimited video transcriptions. This software also 100% newbie-friendly with detailed step-by-step video training.

revoicely review

Revoicely Review – Full features

Below are the main features of Revoicely

  • Auto Caption Creation and Placement
    With this feature, you can extract the audio of your videos, transcribes them captions and automatically places the correct caption at the correct time in the video
  • Automatic Audio Translation
    With this feature, you can translate the text in your video into audio in different languages
  • Auto Synced Subtitles
    You can also select between the original and translated text played in time with the video
  • Auto Voice-Over
    You can also select accent, dialect, and style from more than 270 UN Style voices
  • Auto Voice Level
    You can control the volume, voice effects and voice animation of the original video
  • Transcribe videos in more than 30 languages
  • 270 different voices
  • Standard and WaveNet voices
  • Fast render without cloud rendering
  • Compatible with Windows and Mac
  • Upload video from your computer or enter any YouTube URL

Revoicely Review – How it Works

7 simple steps to use this software. Below are the details:

Step 1: Select video from your computer

revoicely review step 1

Step 2: Create your project, name it, transcription source and video language

revoicely review step 2


Step 3: Generate the subtitles

revoicely review step 3


Step 4: Translate video transcript

revoicely review step 4


Step 5: Speech (voice-over) options for specific translation

revoicely review step 5

Step 6: Customize voice-over options per each subtitle

revoicely review step 6

Step 6: Control video sounds, like volume when speaking

revoicely review step 7


For more details, please watch the demo video below:



Revoicely OTO

OTO 1: Pro verion $67

You will get a commercial license plus more than 20 minutes of video duration, and you can translate as long as you want with unlimited videos

OTO 2: DFY + Agency License $47

Done-For-You agency template website to sell video translation service plus you can add sub-users to your member area

OTO 3: Reseller license $67

You can resell Revoicely as your own product and you can keep 100% of the profits

Who is Revoicely For?

This software is perfect for anyone who uses video as their traffic sources, with this software anyone can target international audiences without spending a lot of money to hire voice over in different languages. This software also perfect for:

  • eCom owner
  • Local business
  • Internet marketers
  • Video agency


This is the easiest way to reach untapped foreign audiences with less competition, and with this software, you can target an international audience and multiply your video exposure. You can also dominate competitive niches by reaching millions of foreign speaking a hearing-impaired audience.

Revoicely Bonuses

revoicely bonuses 1

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