RebrandMagz Review FE and OTO Review – by Dr. Ope Banwo

RebrandMagz Review – This is a product from Dr. Ope Banwo that will give you Whitelabel rights to business magazines, with this product you can resell the magazine in digital form or in print magazines under your name. You can rebrand the magazine, and take 100% of the sales profit.

In addition, you can make money from selling the magazine, you can also make money from affiliate marketing, you can edit the magazine and enter your affiliate link, you can also do list building by giving away the free premium magazine and start building the list.

You will get a full-color business magazine that you are ready to sell again, edit and rebrand with your business brand without doing hard work and spending a lot of money to create magazine content.

rebrandmagz review

RebrandMagz Review – What will you get

Magazine #1 – Fearless Netpreneurs Magazine

  • Get more than 40 pages per month
  • Market analysis
  • Stats and reports of top converting products in marketplaces
  • Social media marketing
  • What’s working and not working in internet marketing
  • Monthly magazines for netpreneurs
  • Perfect for bloggers, freelancers, vendors, affiliate marketers and etc
  • High-quality article per month
  • You can customize and rename it
  • Repack or resell and keep the profit 100%
  • PLR license to the articles

Magazine #2 – Fearless Dating Magazine

  • More than 20 well-researched dating and relationship articles
  • More than 50 pages of content each month
  • You can edit and rebrand it
  • You can rename and sell it under your name
  • Keep the profit of 100%

Magazine #3 – Fearless Health Magazine

  • More than 20 well-researched content
  • More than 50 pages of content per month
  • Edit and rebrand it
  • Get PLR license to the articles in the magazine
  • You can offer it to your own membership

Magazine #4 – Fearless Lifestyle Magazine

  • This is 15 unrestricted PLR article with PLR license

rebrandmagz review

RebrandMagz Review – The Benefits

Below are the benefits if you purchase RebrandMagz by Dr. Ope Banwo

  • 4 magazines on the hottest niches
  • You can rename and rebrand
  • Sell under your name or brand
  • Change all designs and elements
  • Create your own look magazines
  • Insert your affiliate links
  • Get content for the daily newsletter
  • Monetize 4 magazines
  • Whitelabel License

How you can make money with Whitelabel Magazine?

You can monetize the magazine with affiliate offers, or just re-sell the magazine to digital or print magazine and keep the profit 100%.

RebrandMagz OTO

For more benefits and feature you can also upgrade your purchase

OTO 1 – Rebrand Software ($67 one time)
OTO 2 – RebrandMagz Concierge – ($99 Monthly: 4-pack Combo)
OTO 3 – Magazine Publisher Marketing Masterclass ($147)


This is a perfect product for anyone who wants to make money online with the digital product without spending a lot of money and time, all you need to do is just rebrand the magazine, re-sell or insert affiliate link in the magazine. You can also use this product to building a list by offering freemium magazines to your subscriber. If you don’t really understand about rebrand you can read about rebranding on Wikipedia here. I hope this review helpful, thanks again.


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