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Rank Ally Review – One of the most groundbreaking “2-in-1” technologies on the market is RankAlly which helps you find, land, and sell video ranking services to local business clients.

rank ally review

Rank Ally OTO (Funnels)

  • Rank Ally FE (Commercial License) $17. Click here to learn more
  • Rank Ally OTO 1 (Pro Version) $39
  • Rank Ally OTO 2 (Enterprise Version) $59
  • Rank Ally OTO 3 (Rank Ally vRank Special) $39
  • Rank Ally OTO 4 (Rank Ally DFY Resources) $49
  • Rank Ally OTO 5 (Rank Ally Reseller) $69

Rank Ally Review (Features)

App for Generating Local Leads
A cloud-based app that allows you to find and contact hundreds of business owners who need video ranking services and convert them into long-term clients.

App for Video Search Engine Optimization
Whitehat SEO methods are used by the SEO cloud app to quickly get you or your clients’ videos to the top of Google and YouTube.
It’s broken down into five modules: keyword research, in-depth competition research, 1-click description & SEO video optimization, whitehat back-linking, and local influencer SEO.

Advanced Lead Finding Technology
Achieve long-term success by quickly locating and contacting hundreds of business owners who require SEO or other marketing assistance.
Google, Facebook, and other search engines will show you thousands of small business owners based on the type of business and location you enter. Take a close look at their marketing efforts to determine how you can assist in making them more effective.

Managing Opportunities and Projects in the CRM Dashboard

The CRM tab can be used to track any new leads and turn them into long-term customers. Use a single location to keep track of all of the projects you’re working on with each client, as well as any deadlines or meetings you’ve set.

Push-button email marketing to get in touch and close the deal.

With the help of RankAlly, you can find the email addresses of local client leads and use your own custom-made email templates to contact them.

SEO ‘Horizontal’ Keywords To rank videos ‘for,’ use the Keyword/Niche Suggestor.

If you’re looking for untapped keywords and niches, this is the tool for the job. An easy-to-use tool for finding related keywords, as well as search volume, competition, and confidence ratings for each one.

Competition Research

In order to beat out the competition on YouTube, you need to know what the top 10 videos for a given keyword are doing well and what you can do to improve your own performance. Analyze the top 10 links for any keyword on Google to see what it takes to rank on page #10 and beat out the competition, just like you would on YouTube.

SEO and Meta Descriptions

  • Use this tool to find the best tags your competitors are using to rank #1 on YouTube.
  • In just one click, you can get fully-optimized local YouTube descriptions and SEO.
  • Your company name and location will be used in Ally’s auto-generated YouTube title, description, and tags.

Social Bookmarking and Whitehat Backlinking Auto-post a link to multiple accounts on social bookmarking platforms like Bitly (Tumblr), Plurk (Plurk), Medium, and more.

To help your videos rise in the ranks of search engines like Google and YouTube, use this free tool to build whitehat authority local links.

Outreach to Local Influencers.

In order to get real social signals and organic video views, you need to work with the best local influencers on social media.

With RankAlly, you can earn $1000s a month or even more by selling video ranking services, charging per lead sent, selling data ranking reports, and much more.


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