QuizMatic Review FE and OTO Review

Qiuizmatic is a one-click app AUTO makes quiz funnels that generate leads and sell products through user interaction and social connection. Boost your sales right away by expanding your email list, sorting your leads, and giving each customer tailored product suggestions.

quizmatic review

QuizMatic Features

Detailed information about the features of Quizmatic is provided below.

quizmatic features 1

quizmatic features 2


  • Make A Quiz That Relies On Your Users’ Connections In A Matter Of Minutes…
  • Recruit the type of clients and customers you want.
  • No more wasting time and money on poor-quality lead magnets or on people who sign up for but never attend your webinar.
  • Create a quiz that is “freakishly accurate” and that will help you understand your audience so that you can send them the perfect offers they simply can’t deny.
  • With QuizMatic, you can make the ideal quiz in a matter of minutes.

QuizMatic OTO

QuizMatic Bundle Funnels

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Prices start at $27 for the personal version of Quizmatic FE.

  • Ten Workspaces, One Hundred Campaigns, One Workspace Quiz, Hosted Pages
  • Date and Time of Test
  • Include your company’s name and logo for a personalized touch.
  • Logic dictates Putting a point value on each answer in a quiz. Results will be displayed based on their points range.
  • The logic of Outcomes Quiz – The result will be displayed based on the respondent’s most selected answers.
  • Test of Diagnosis
  • Buzzfeed Style Quiz
  • Examination of Characteristics
  • Test of Intelligence, Trivia, or General Knowledge
  • Evaluation Test Comprised of True/False Questions
  • Identical Survey and Quiz Forms
  • Webinar Integrations with Autoresponders
  • Iteratively redirected code
  • Methods of Social Sharing Configuration
  • Five premade SMTP integration templates
  • Rewards based on analytical results
  • Talking Quiz
  • Sign Up for Email Updates and Get Updates Via Email
  • Click here to learn more

Quizmatic FE—$37

  • Quiz Maker that Adapts to Your Device 100 Hosting pages for Workspace 1000 campaigns and the Workspace Quiz
  • Date and Time of Test
  • Include your company’s name and logo for a personalized touch.
  • Logic dictates Putting a point value on each answer in a quiz. The range of points from which the results are derived will be displayed.
  • The logic of Outcomes The quiz result will be based on the most popular answers chosen by the respondent.
  • Test of Diagnosis
  • The BuzzFeed Quiz
  • Examination of Characteristics
  • Test of Intelligence, Trivia, or General Knowledge
  • Evaluation Test Comprised of True/False Questions
  • Identical Survey and Quiz Forms
  • Webinar Integrations with Autoresponders
  • Iteratively redirected code
  • Methods of Social Sharing Configuration
  • Twenty premade SMTP-compatible templates
  • Rewards based on analytical results
  • Talking Quiz
  • Put Your Email Address Here to Get Updates
  • Email Notification of Outcome
  • IP Blocking Subtest Video Quiz
  • Mass-produced tests
  • Quiz Logic
  • Internet-wide, contagious sharing environments
  • Place Test on Website
  • Get HTML Version of the Test
  • Quiz with QR code
  • Indicators of Exports
  • Scoreboard for Mapping Domain Names
  • RTL Mode
  • Click here to learn more

QuizMatic OTO 1

  • Unlimited Workspace
  • Unlimited Workspace – Ability to create an unlimited workspace
  • Unlimited Quiz Campaigns – Ability to create unlimited quiz campaigns
  • Additional 10 templates – A total of 30
  • Advanced List segmentation – Response-Based Autoresponder
  • Quiz Quota – respondents will be limited to the number you provide
  • Email-Based Quiz – only the mail ids which are validated will be able to attend Quiz.
  • Pop-up Quiz – Onload, on click and exit popup
  • Widget – Run Quiz from a widget on your website
  • Timer-based Quiz – You can set a timer for the overall Quiz
  • Team Member Access – Ability to manage up to 100 team member accounts
  • Quiz based on geolocation – This Quiz is not available in your country
  • Webhook Settings – When there is an opt-in action happening in the quiz campaign. We will send an HTTP POST request to the webhook URL that they have set. Parameters such as your name, email, and phone number will be transmitted.
  • Send an automated email to the workspace’s administrator whenever a new lead is received.
  • Email Notifications in Bulk – Broadcast Messages Via Email Effective for mass promotions and discounts.
  • Click here to learn more

QuizMatic OTO 2 Quizmatic Agency Price: $77

  • You Can Have An Unrestricted Amount Of Customers Managing Client Accounts entails being able to monitor and control the financial details of a clientele.
  • Client-side “done-for-you” custom branding via the addition of a company logo. Site of the organization
  • Sales videos were prepared for immediate use to promote the Quiz service.
  • The service will be advertised on Facebook 5 times.
  • We swiping 5 emails
  • 5 Done-For-You Quiz Gigs for Fiverr
  • Ready-to-use Scripts for the Phone
  • Click here to learn more

QuizMatic OTO 3 $77 for Quizmatic’s DFY

QuizMatic OTO 4 $97 (50 License)

  • Promotional Materials for Selling Fifty WL Licenses
  • Create your own domain name and rebrand Quizmatic
  • Click here to learn more

QuizMatic OTO 4 $147 (100 License)

  • Promoting Quizmatic as your own brand on a budget of 100 WL License
  • The Value of QuizMatic
  • Use Highly Interactive Quizzes to Boost Your Online Presence and Make Your Content Go Viral.
  • Raise the Bar on Your Marketing with One-on-One Interactions and Game-Changing Results
  • Quickly produce high-quality leads focused on conversion with do-it-yourself quizzes
  • With Just One Click, You Can Easily Embed Your Quiz On Any Website And Start Generating Email Addresses From Your Visitors
  • Product Recommendations Tailored to Your Answers
  • Create a unique quiz with a white-label, mobile-friendly experience.
  • Boost your subscriber base and divide it into distinct subgroups simultaneously.
  • Simple Social Media Sharing for Your Quiz
  • No Programming or Design Knowledge is Necessary. Wholly Deployed in the Cloud
  • Add a competitive element to your quiz by creating a leaderboard that takes into account both score and time.
  • Use a Drop-and-Drop Logic Tree to Collect Precise Data
  • FREE Commercial License Included. Provide Tests to Customers and Keep All the Money You Make
  • Click here to learn more

How does it work?

This is how it operates, in a nutshell. Make Stunning, Engaging Quizzes for Your Company and Customers in Just 3 Steps!

quizmatic works



Pick either survey campaigns or quiz campaigns that use a point system.


Add your interactive quiz on your website/page and/or share it across all your social media for instant traffic. In 1 click, increase your exposure, generate leads, and exponentially grow your profits.

Make use of a quiz to generate highly qualified leads, then send them offers tailored to their answers while keeping an eye on sales and revenue. skyrocket

Feedback on the QuizMatic

With the help of QuizMatic, business owners can learn more about their customers’ wants and needs.

Abhi Dwivedi. QuizMatic is a huge success thanks to Martin and Karthik.

Leads are the lifeline for any Business and it is getting tougher to capture leads using old-fashioned methods like opt-in forms. Buyers are aware these days and do not want to give away their email for an ebook that they would never use. Quick and easy to create, quizzes can be a lot of fun. With all the different types of Quizzes, one can create using QuizMatic, it’s become easy for ANYONE to generate targeted leads. They’ve hit it out of the park with QuizMatic; Martin and Karthik. Don’t miss this one!

Saurabh Bhatnagar. In 2022, having QuizMatic will be essential.

As someone who has spent a fortune on paid ads to generate Targeted Leads to sell my Courses, I can tell you that QuizMatic is the 2022 way of generating leads & selling. Quizzes are fun for the audience to take and can provide useful information for tailoring product pitches. As far as I’m aware, Quizzes are unique in being such a hyper-targeted method of generating potential customers. If you’re serious about generating leads, QuizMatic is an indispensable tool. Kudos to Karthik and Martin for releasing this.

Reshu Singhal. I’m giving it a perfect score of 5 stars.

The QuizMatic demo I got to take part in completely blew my mind. There is a Quiz Style for every possible Scenario. QuizMatic has every kind of quiz imaginable, including those addicting BuzzFeed Type Quizzes and Quizzes about your personality. You can expect your QuizMatic creation to go viral thanks to the integrated gamification features. Quiz Campaigns can be set up in a matter of minutes, and they are completely beginner-friendly. This definitely gets 5 Stars from me!

Firas Alameh. “Optin & Conversion Boosting Features”

There is not a single Niche or Business that doesn’t need leads. Businesses are struggling to generate leads because they are still having those annoying pop-up opt-in forms on their websites & landing pages. They hardly get any leads and even those that give out their contact do not buy. QuizMatic solves this with interactive quizzes and gamification features that translate to higher options and increased conversions. Take this and run with it, whatever your specialty.

John Chris Jenkins. Laser-focused prospects who are ready to buy!

While Karthik and Martin have made it possible to make any kind of quiz in a matter of minutes, there is a much larger opportunity that they haven’t even begun to scratch the surface of. QuizMatic gets Laser Targeted Leads that will actually buy from you. That’s Fantastic! But imagine you could do this for other companies as well. YES! They come with a fantastic business license that will allow you to make, sell, and manage quiz campaigns for other companies. You can have these campaigns ready to go in just a few easy steps. With QuizMatic, you’ll be able to manage a quiz agency that brings in at least $60.000 per year in revenue. Get your hands on this immediately!

The Late Neil Napier. Over a standard opt-in, “conversions increase by 3 or 4x.”

After using QuizMatic, I realized that, yes….this really does give me 3 or 4x conversions over regular opt-ins, which is something I hadn’t anticipated. People are drawn to the next question, and when they get to the end I can give them a result, CTA, or link based on their choices. It’s amazing and that would be impossible to do in a regular opt-in process.

It’s like asking someone what you want to buy from me, letting them tell you….then giving them what they just told you they want!

Tim Verdouw says, “Quizmatic is the tool for you.”

Quizmatic is the tool you need to easily expand your contact list and learn more about your clientele. Its intuitive design makes making quizzes a breeze, and the information gleaned from them can be used to hone your advertising approach. I think any company that wants to stay ahead of the curve should use Quizmatic.

Dr. Prady N. Naidu. “I would suggest Quizmatic to anyone.”

Quizzes are more effective than standard opt-in forms, and they’re a lot of fun to take. In addition, the quizzes will provide you with a wealth of data and insights about your potential customers. Martin and Karthik have made it easy to pitch the right product to the right audience with QuizMatic. If you’re trying to build your business and need reliable leads, this is a great place to start.


It’s a fantastic software that helps you build your email list, divide your leads into more manageable groups, and make more tailored product recommendations to them, all of which contribute to a noticeable uptick in sales.


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