Quizitri Review FE and OTO Upsell Review – The Ultimate Quiz App By Andrew Fletcher

Quizitri Review FE and OTO Upsell Review – Quizitri is brand new software that lets you create quizzes to drive traffic, convert prospects and segment leads for incredibly targeted lists.

As we know that Quizzes are one powerful marketing tools, with quizzes feature on sites we can get more shares and social viral that will generate more free traffic to our sites. With Quizitri you can create Quizzes in several niches, like food quiz, consulting, fitness and much more. Quizitri is a quiz platform designed for marketers engage your leads. Quizitri will helps you to segment by adding people who give different responses to different lists (or different tags, if you prefer). With Quizitri you can increase conversion rate by generate the micro-commitments.

quizitri review

About the Author – Andy Fletcher

The author or creator of this software is Andy Fletcher he is known as product creator an launches several product on JVZoo, such as Digi Traffic Generator, Convertri, VideoTrafficX and many more. His digital product launch is very success because provide solution for any marketing problem, like traffic, video creator, web page design and much more. He very experienced with product creator and software development like this one Quizitri. He target and also the reason why he create Quizitri is make the way we grab leads and traffic.

Quizitri Review – Feature

Quizitri is a brand new quiz platform designed for marketers and funnels. Quizitri won’t just help you ENGAGE your leads. It helps you SEGMENT them by adding people who give different responses to different lists (or different tags, if you prefer). It helps you CONVERT them by generating micro-commitments and directing them down different branches of your funnel. And it’ll make sure you stay PROFITABLE by tracking the average value of every impression. And yes, if you want a viral ‘Which Of These Adorable Kittens Is Most Like Your Chakra’ quiz, we’ve got you covered there too. This is the complete feature review:

Quizitri Review FE and OTO Upsell Review

  • Quiz Logic
    Send your leads to different funnels or opt-in pages based on what answers they gave, giving you ultra-targeted lists and sales
  • Lead Segmentation
    With a wide range of beautiful templates to choose from, your quizzes won’t just be able to earn you a million dollars, they’ll look it too
  • Gorgeous Templates
    Save a lot of time, use quizitri without template design process, you will get stunning templates complete with set of quizzes you can pick up and use right away.
  • ​Pre-Written Quizes
    Save your time by using the pre-written quizes, you can stay profitable because Quizitri will track the value of your impressions so you always know if you’re getting more from them than you’re paying.
  • Lead Value
    You will also get the commercial licence so you have full rights to create and sell quizzes to clients

quizitri feature demo

Quizitri Demo Video

Quizitri is so simple and easy to use, and you will also get complete step-by-step video tutorial will help you to setup Quizitri fast. Below is the demo videos of quizitri


Who Should Use Quizitri?

Quizitri is quiz app fit for all internet marketers, who want to drive traffic with the power of quiz and also increase conversion rate or lead with quizes. Qizitri will be a perfect choice if you are:

  • Online marketer
  • Business owner
  • Local Business Owner
  • Blogger
  • Startup
  • Affiliate marketer
  • Ecom store owner
  • Website owner

quizitri demo

Quizitri OTO Upsell and Pricing Review

Quzitri front-end. >> Click here for more information <<

Logic Jumps

Automatically send your quiz taker down different paths depending on the answer they give, so you can fine-tune their results and give them the perfect product at the end

Easy List Segmentation

Quizitri can send your leads to different lists based on their quiz outcome, letting you divide your leads into ultra-targeted groups and mail them just the products they’re likely to want to buy.

Social Sharing

84% of quizzes shared are shared on social media which means the viral potential of any given quiz is truly remarkable… almost as remarkable as how easy Quizitri make sharing them


Once your quiz is over and their individual results are tallied, you can redirect them to a purpose-built page to deliver their results or sell a product, ensuring fluency of branding, happy leads, and quick sales

Image Answers

Quizitri’s range of questions helps you gain a deeper insight into what your leads most desire, while using ‘image answers’ to keep them fully engaged in your quiz to the bitter end

Embedded Inline HTML Quizitris

The more options you give people, the more ways you get attention, and the more chances you’ll have of getting a lead. Inline HTML lets you embed your quiz almost anywhere. – check one out on this page!

UNLIMITED Quizzes And Leads

Have one quiz. Have ten. Have a thousand. With Quizitri, there are no limits. You can build (and sell) as many quizzes as your business needs, with no need to upgrade.

Mobile responsiveness

On the bus, on the train, waiting in the supermarket queue, people love to quiz! We’ve spent a lot of time mastering mobile and with so many people now using it, Quizitri could become your one stop lead shop.

Hosted Quizzes

Don’t want to embed your quiz on your own site? No problem, we’ll host it for you so you can be sure your quizzes will always be live, secure, and lightning fast… always ready to collect, segment, and redirect your leads!

One-click Auto-Responder integration

Seamless API segmentation and lead acquisition with major e-mail service providers. It’s so good you’ll forget it even exists.

>> Click here for more information <<

Quizitri OTO 1 – Quizitri Template Pack

  • 35 of most prized pre-written quizzes – each carefully researched and designed by their inhouse team of marketers, copywriters, and quirky quizperts to ensure the most shareworthy results!
  • 50 of very best templates – custom built for Quizitri by our own inhouse design team (also slightly weird, kooky, and good at quizzes) to ensure beautiful branding, and wonderous websites!

Quizitri OTO 2 – Quizitri QTech Software

Quizitri’s Q-Tech is the world’s first and only quiz software that lets quiz takers CHOOSE the results they want to share. Designed using the long-established psychology of choice and co-opting proven pricing strategy, Q-Tech helps maximise your Facebook quiz shares by building quizzes capable of going (and staying) viral.

  • Give your quiz takers a unique experience by letting them choose which results they most want to share, and see your quiz explode across Facebook’s timelines as a result!
  • ​Enjoy more organic traffic to your websites and blogs as you engage Facebook’s 1.45 billion DAILY active users.
  • Discover how quickly a single viral quiz could transform your business from a small and struggling outfit into a strong robust enterprise with more leads and orders than you can supply without help!
  • Keep your lead campaigns from fizzling out by extending the lifespan of your quizzes with the simple addition of choice!

Quizitri Conclusion Review

Thank you for read our review here, this is great software for drive traffic with quizes system. You can create quiz faster than before by using templates and pre-made quizes. All you need to do is only embed the code to your sites. With quizitri your site will be able to go viral faster and drive viral free traffic from social media. Hope this review will useful and help you to decide grab Quizitri software.


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