POSTLEY Review – If you’re trying to create leads or sell more goods and services, you need traffic. And contrary to common views, without investing a dime on advertising, it is still very possible to siphon truckloads of free targeted traffic from Facebook & Instagram. Postley is the most complete Facebook and Instagram traffic program worldwide that lets you improve the efficiency of your GUARANTEED social posts and advertisement campaigns! It comes jam-packed with 20 instruments of high quality;

  • Effective Ads Spy: For any keyword, find the best performing ads on Fb and Instagram.
  • Find Hyper-Targeted Secret FB Audience Strength that is not available in Ads Manager
  • Media Post Scheduler like Hootsuite
  • Smart Ads Scheduler
  • Maker for Smart Ads
  • Maker Of Social Post
  • Strong Editor of Graphics
  • Ads and Success Tracker for Article
  • 500 + D.F.Y. Templates
  • Audience Finder
  • Millions of Videos & Pictures in HD Stock
  • Viral Hashtag Generator, and 10 other features that are identical…

postley review

POSTLEY Review – The Features

  1. Spy Smart Ads
    For any keyword, ad comment, advertiser name, ad URL, landing page URL, or even landing page text, find the best performing ads on Facebook and Instagram. Of over 91 million advertisements and 15 million advertisers from 203 nations. A powerful Ad Analytics also comes with it to show you more information about the ad, such as the target location, gender, and age. Repeat good profits to benefit
  2. Strong Editor of Graphics
    With our Powerful Inbuilt Drag-n-Drop Image Editor, you can create an attractive professional image to use in Page Post or Advertising Graphics in just a few clicks.
  3. Templates 500 + D.F.Y.
    Simply click. Edit. Publish and use it in any niche to pick one or more of our established and professional graphics from more than 50 niches.
  4. Scheduler For Social Message
    For days, weeks, or months with over 100 time zones, publish or schedule multiple page posts with 1 click.
  5. Maker Of Social Post
    Develop Attention-Grabbing a link, picture, text, and video with a few clicks to the usual Facebook Post.
  6. Call To Action Post Creator
    Easily build highly engaging “CALL TO ACTION” ad-like posts that drive traffic to your product, bid or landing page with a connection and button.
  7. The maker of Slide Article
    If you sell several items or provide multiple services, you can easily create several slides and carousel posts with photos or videos to increase your conversion or sales.
  8. Output Tracker for Post
    To track and optimize the reach and interaction of your best-performing page post, create Automated Rules easily, and transform them into ads on 100% Autopilot. This would make it possible to spend less on advertising and pay less for clicks.
  9. Campaign Creator
    Create multiple campaigns for Facebook ads for any desired target, such as conversion, traffic, brand recognition, post engagement, video views, and reach. (It’s 10x simpler and easier than Fb Advertising Manager) And for Conversion, the Boost Post Button within Facebook is not configured.
  10. Adset Creator
    Easily create or select any Adset in simple steps within any Ads Campaign (10x Easier and Simpler than Fb Ads Manager)
  11. Facebook Curiosity Finder Secret
    Check for any keyword and find hyper-relevant secret Facebook interests in any niche (This is not noticeable in Advertising Manager) to aim and get 10x targeted results. And if you’re only using the targeting method of Facebook, you’re simply wasting money because the same audiences are all vying for thousands of companies around the world, which makes it super expensive. And if you don’t get the interest targeting right, Facebook charges you even more for your advertising.
  12. Suggestions Linked Interest
    Based on any interesting search you make, find Unlimited Relevant Interest Recommendations instantly and get 10x More Targeted Audience. This will help you uncover even more hidden interests and dig deeper into the keywords proposed for accurate targeting.
  13. Scheduler of Advertising
    Use best-performing posts and secret Facebook preferences easily to Instantly Easily S.E.T., Plan, or Manage Ads. This is the most tried and established way to run effective advertising because people don’t want advertisements, they want the engagement to be understood, involved, listened to. Facebook has specifically told us that only the pages and posts that produce interaction will be compensated.
  14. Audience Finder
    Based on any interesting search you make, find Unlimited Relevant Interest Recommendations instantly and get 10x More Targeted Audience. This will help you discover even more secret agendas and dig deeper into the keywords proposed for accurate targeting.
  15. Quality Tracker for Advertisements
    Analyze the output of your Advertising on Automation automatically, so you are still aware of how your ad is doing.
  16. Caption Creator
    Build and save the captions of a winning post or ad campaign easily. To build efficient posts or advertisements in seconds, re-use them again. This saves you countless hours of finding proven captions to be used for your campaign to convert.
  17. The generator of Viral Hashtag
    Our Artificial Intelligence Hashtag Generator is easily used to create multiple hashtags from various subjects to make your post or ad campaign go viral and increase its exposure by adding similar viral hashtags 5 times.
  18. Audience Finder for Top Account
    Compare all the viewers immediately to each other in the Advertising account and automatically identify the best-performing audience. This will help you discover which target audience is better for your company.
  19. Multi-lingual dashboard
    Select different languages and translate the dashboard of Postley into different languages. [Most appropriate for non-English users]
  20. Management of Workspace & Team
    Create and maintain the accounts of multiple customers in a structured manner and add a new team member to manage your account. As a Facebook Marketing Firm, you will charge consumers hundreds and even thousands of dollars.

postley review

How Does it Work?

I can’t give screenshots to all processes for all features of this software, because Postley has 20 main features and a lot of processes can be done inside. For that, I suggest watching the demo video below for more details


Postley OTO 

POSTLEY FE – All Features listed above. Click here to learn more


  • PrimeStocks-Millions of Videos & Pictures in HD Stock
  • Millions Of HD Sounds-PrimeStocks
  • Free Video Editor Like Camtasia
  • Spy for Smart Ads-Unrestricted
  • 1000+ DFY Ads
  • Scheduler Social Post- Unrestricted
  • Social Post Creator – UNLIMITED
  • Post-Performance Control- UNLIMITED
  • Ad campaigns – UNLIMITED
  • AdSet creator- UNLIMITED
  • UNLIMITED Success Ads Tracker
  • 25 Workspace Field
  • 25 Members of the Squad

POSTLEY OTO 2 ($47-$97 dollars) POSTLEY DFY

500 DFY Targeted markets, including local companies and digital organizations, from 50 categories. For the next 6 months, plus access to 50 DFY audiences per month. It is proven that these highly important targeted interest groups are turned into any niche of any business.


  • In this time of Covid-19, they are giving users everything they need to succeed as a Facebook Marketing Agency.
  • Build and maintain WorkSpaces (100 or 500)
  • Creating and handling team members (100 or 500)
  • Websites of the DFY Agency (3 Technical Designs for WordPress): https:/
  • One-Click Setup and Simple to Change.
  • DFY Customized logo pack
  • Drawn Solicitor Personalizable Legal Contracts
  • Print-ready Models for Industrial Graphics
  • Amazing Innovative Facebook Ads
  • Stunning Banners from Google
  • Proposals Produced Professionally (PowerPoint & Word)
  • The sequence of Email Highly Optimized
  • Telemarketing Scripts Pimped-To-Sell
  • Sales Video Professionally Produced


This is a must-have app for an entrepreneur/business owner / digital agency to handle Fb and Instagram to get 10x traffic. You or your workers are likely to spend hours per week on assignments that in minutes would do this for you. I hope this review helpful for you. Thanks!



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