Pixivid 2.0 Review FE and OTO Review by Shelley Penney

With Pixivid 2.0’s Never Before Seen Designs, you can create videos and designs of professional quality in less than 5 minutes. The Pixivid Pro 2.0 video templates are the industry’s quickest and easiest to use, making them the most popular choice. It Provides You with Over two Hundred Stylish, High Converting, and Simple to Personalize Templates! It is an Excellent Choice for Novices.

PowerPoint is the base program for Pixivid, so everyone is familiar with and comfortable using it. That’s right, videos created with Pixivid Pro 2.0 may be completely edited in PowerPoint! Superb Outcomes Can Be Obtained Without Spending Hours or Thousands of Dollars on Training. You’ll be able to publish stunning videos in record time with the help of Pixivid Pro 2.0.

pixivid review fe oto

How does it work?

Simply Follow These Three Steps to Create Modern Videos! The Process of Creating Videos Can Now Be Completed in Just Three Easy Steps Thanks to Pixivid Pro 2.0

The Most Time-Efficient Approach to Making Spectacular Videos Currently Available. Makes Videos in Just 3 Steps!

Step 1: Select Your Preferred Template

Choose from Our Huge Library Containing Over 200 Unique Templates, Each Designed in a Distinct Manner.


Simply Move and Drop Your Images Here. Click the text you want to edit, then scroll to choose the appropriate font size and color. Making Videos is Made as Easy

Step 3: HIT & EXPORT!

You may check out how your finished product looks by exporting your video from PowerPoint into a video format.

Pixivid 2.0 OTO

Pixivid 2.0 Demo



Pixivid 2.0 Benefits

Pixivid Pro 2.0 is Not Wasting Any More Time on Revising, or Struggling to Learn Complicated Technical, Pixivid Pro 2.0 Is:

  • It is not necessary for you to become proficient in high-tech programs such as Adobe After Effects, Illustrator, or Premiere. Simply
  • Concentrate on Your Vision Without the Need for Additional Instruction!
  • ON TREND Video Templates that are Ideal for Users Who Prefer a Minimalist, Antique, Edgy, or Professional Approach to Their Work
  • Every Requirement Can Be Satisfied by One of Pixivid’s Templates.
  • Very, Very Simple to Use All you have to do to get started is click on the images, text, and edit buttons, and then export your work. Plus, detailed, step-by-step tutorials for each and every template, as well as answers to any and all questions!

Spend less time and money.

Save You HUNDREDS of Hours of Time While Cutting Your Budget by Over 90%!, NO Extra Costs, NO Extra Time, and YES to Unbelievable Videos!

Pixivid 2.0 Review Features

As Simple as 1-2-3, the Easiest Way to Create Professional-Grade Videos Without the Need for Complicated Computer Programming

With the most intuitive and user-friendly video templates on the market, you can avoid the hassle and expense of working with a studio while still maintaining full creative control over your videos.

  • More than two hundred uniquely styled, high-converting, and simple-to-adapt templates
  • Templates that are optimized for social media platforms such as Instagram, Tiktok, Facebook, and Twitter
  • Crafting Elegant Products for Today’s Most Popular Industries
  • There is NO Need for Any Additional Plugs! Only PowerPoint Tutorials Save You Time and Hassle by Cutting to the Chase and
  • Providing You with Concise Instructions

Module 1: 16 Animation Video Templates

Keep your audience interested with interactive animations, and make an impression that will last.

Module 2: 14 Presentation Video Templates

Build cutting-edge, future-focused presentations that will catapult your credibility to new heights.

Module 3: 12 StorieVideo Templates

Easy access to one of the most popular and effective marketing strategies: Instagram Stories

Module 4: 21 Instagram Banner

Create Extraordinary Instagram Posts That Drive Thousands of Likes, Comments, and Sales

Module 5: 16 Flyer Banner

Flyer Designs That Are Professional, Contemporary, And Eye-Catching For All Of Your Promotional Materials

Banner for Module 6 of Facebook’s Cover Page

Beautiful cover photo for Facebook, which can be used to advertise anything quickly and easily.

Module 7: 4 Vertical Banner

Roll-up banners that are professional, beautiful, and stylish for your company, event, or advertising needs; are something that will differentiate itself from similar options.

Pixivid 2.0 Bonus:

BONUSES are only available to those who purchase the early bird ticket.

  • Extra Bonus #1 Movie Poster Templates
  • Extra Bonus #2 Post Card Templates
  • Business Card Templates, as an Additional Bonus No. 3


Comprehensive Instruments PowerPoint Assisted in the Elimination of Headaches Some other templates will conceal further hidden costs. You will be asked to buy additional music, sound effects, and animations if you want to continue. Other Video Templates Will Provide You With the Following:

  • Exorbitant Fees for Even a Single Template
  • Simple and Uncomplicated Template Designs
  • Tools for Editing That Are Complicated and Buggy

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