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Photolemur 3.0 Review – Photolemur 3.0 is brand new version of Photolemur brands, this product is the world’s first fully automated photo enhancer that makes all your images great automatically with the help of Artificial Intelligence. With Photolemur 3.0 you can get epic photo faster, this software can naturally knows what to do for make more high quality images, from faces, objects, and even the sky, Photolemur 3.0 will analyzes and adjusts different aspects of your photo to achieve photo perfection. Don’t worry if you newbie or not really know about photo editing, because with Photolemur 3.0 all process will completely automated system.

As I said before this is 3.0 version of Photolemur, this software founded on 2014 and launched on 2017. And until now more than 190,000 customer use Photolemur and is growing daily.aunched in 2017. Because Photolemur has grown to a massive 190,000+ user base with tens of thousands of happy customers from across the world, I’m very sure you’ll really love this software too. Below is the complete feature of Photolemur 3.0.

photolemur 3.0 review

About The Creator Photolemur 3.0 – Jasper Cyan

Maybe you want to know who is the owner of founder of Photolemur 3.0 that using by more than 190,000 customer arround the world. He is Jasper Cyan, Jasper Cyan is one of top vendor on JVZoo, his niches is more related to Stockphoto and Stockvideos. Now Jasper Cyan and his team launch this brand new version of Photolemur, that is Photolemur 3.0 come with great feature. Below is the complete review of Photolemur 3.0

Photolemur 3.0 Review – The Main Feature

Like I said before, this software is perfect for create high quality perfect photos. Below is the complete feature of Photolemur 3.0

  • Powered by A.I Technology
    This software use “AI brain” that will automatically transforms your images from good to great, this software will auto analyzing millions of details and instantly performing complex adjustments. No need photo editing skills.
  • Batch Processing
    With Photolemur 3.0 you can save lot of time, because you can use this feature batch processing to perfectly and easily enhance numerous photos at once. I know this is a great idea to make money online, offering bulk photo editor like on Fiverr, for example 100 photo editing for $5. And you can do that on Photolemur with simply drag and drop them all inside Photolemur 3.0
  • RAW Files Support
    Outstanding results can be achieved with RAW files from over 900 camera models. Anyone using multiple cameras or devices can be confident of hassle free photo editing.
  • Multi-Format Support
    With Photolemur 3.0 you can process all popular image formats including JPEG, TIFF, BMP, GIF, PNG, PSD and others.
  • One-Button Interface
    Super simple and easy to use interface, the only action you take to get the result is a click of an Export button. Easy as that.
  • High-Speed Export
    Photolemur’s processing is 85% faster than any other tool on the market.
  • Social Sharing
    You can also share your edited photos on Facebook, Twitter and Flickr already aboard. Instagram, 500Pix and SmugMug coming soon.
  • Face Detection
    Photolemur 3.0 can automatically make smooths skin, removes imperfections, enhances eyes, and whitens teeth.
  • Multiplatform Solution
    Photolemur 3.0 is available on macOS and Windows. Mobile and web versions soon to follow.
  • Instant Preview
    Compare the original image and your final result by simply sliding the Before/After control.
  • Object Recognition
    Photolemur 3.0 is available on macOS and Windows. Mobile and web versions soon to follow.
  • Color Recovery
    With this feature you can bright, vivid colors of real life with automatic color Recovery you can instantly adjusting colors to pop beautifully on screen (and, for that matter, on paper).
  • Sky Enhancement
    Automatically enhance sky on photo, make it more natural and vivid.
  • Exposure Compensation
    Photolemur 3.0 provides automatic exposure compensation, making dark images brighter and vice versa. Due to variances in lighting and programming, digital cameras might not able to adjust exposure times correctly.
  • Smart Dehaze
    Protects your images from the unwanted and unrealistic haziness or fog.
  • Natural Light Correction
    Photolemur 3.0 can keeps the appropriate warm or cool tones to best represent the time of day.
  • Foliage Enhancment
    Compensates the lost colors on nature shots.
  • Noise Reduction
    Photolemur 3.0 can be the perfect solution if you don’t know how to enhance pictures with lots of noise
  • Tint Perfection
    Relive the feeling of your photos with the appropriate tint.
  • Face Retouching
    You can also detects faces and fixes imperfections.
  • JPG Fix
    JPEG images are straightened from garbled mess back into a clean, clear and crisp state.
  • RAW Processing
    Fix your RAWs without extra software.
  • Horizon Straightening
    Fixes curvy and crooked horizon, makes the “lines” look perfect.
  • Lot of perfect feature of Photolemur 3.0, you can click here for more details

Photolemur 3.0 Review – Demo Videos

Watch demo videos below to see it in action


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Photolemur 3.0 OTO Upsell

Photolemur 3.0 OTO 1: The Stock Photos Mega Bundle – Lite ($37)
The Stock Photos Mega Bundle – Deluxe ($47)

The Stock Photos Mega Bundle is a nine in one stock photos mega bundle featuring an online searchable library of over 120,000+ high-definition royalty free stock image photos. All photos have been neatly organized into over 850+ diverse niches and categories. Click here for more details about OTO 1

Photolemur 3.0 OTO 2: The Stock Footage Club ($77 )
The Stock Footage Club – Deluxe ($137)

The Stock Footage Club a searchable online portal of over 40,000+ enchanting high-definition premium stock footage videos organized into over 250+ diverse categories. All videos have been sourced from premium sources, and licensed from videographers who usually sell these clips for $79 each on pro sites like Shutterstock. Click here for more details about OTO 2

Photolemur 3.0 OTO 3 : The Stock Assets Vault Lite ($57)
The Stock Assets Vault – Deluxe ($67)

The Stock Assets Vault includes six premium stock assets products in one. Each product we have launched and sold at $27 each, while in this special savings one-time-offer you can get unlimited access to all six bundles plus all of their bonuses (over 200 modules) for the small one-time price above. Click here for more details about OTO 3

Photolemur 3.0 OTO 4: The Ultimate Graphics Mega Bundle ($47)

The Graphics Mega Bundle is an absolutely huge collection of PowerPoint templates and graphics. In this bundle, you’ll get 40 products for less than the price of just one. Each product has on average 40 modules and 2000 graphics, so the estimated total is 1000+ modules and 70,000+ unique graphics. Click here for more details about OTO 4

Photolemur 3.0 OTO 5: The Graphics Creator Ace Club ($29.99)

The Graphics Creator Ace Club is an online membership of 17 graphics creating apps. You’ll now be able to create all the graphics that you have desired, and most importantly, need for your business to succeed. Commercial developer agency use is included so you can start your own graphic design agency and start charging hundreds of dollars for each graphic you’ll make in just three clicks. Click here for more details about OTO 5

Photolemur 3.0 Review Conclusion

Thank you for read my Photolemur 3.0 review. Photolemur 3.0 is ridiculously simple to use, you can easily enhance your photos, in fact, all of your photos in literally 30 seconds or less with just three quick mouse clicks. Photolemur 3.0 is packed with 12 smart technologies that help it to automatically analyze and adjust your photos. From faces and objects to colors, horizons, and the sky, it understands it all. And it works its tech magic from there.

And, the best part is you can lock in Photolemur 3.0 today for a one-time early bird price and own the software for life. So make sure to grab Photolemur 3.0 now, before the sale ends. Hope this review helpful, for more details click button below:


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