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PayMember X Review – What is PayMember X? PayMember X is brand new version of Paymember, software by Dan Green. This software will help you to protect your content using Paypal integration. With this software you can create recurring income from your site, you can set fully automated membership area, you can protect any kind of files, article, tutorial videos or anything on your site, and also this software is newbie friendly, you can to setup members area in seconds without need any techincal skills or knowledge.

And the best part is PayMember X work on any kind of site, not only for wordpress. As we know alot of membership software is only compatible with wordpress or you need to spend hundreds of dollar to get standalone membership software. With PayMember X you can save hundreds even thousand of dollars, this is SAAS app will allow you to protect any kind of content and any kind of site. Below is the complete feature of PayMember X.

paymember x review

About The Creator of PayMember X – Dan Green

Before we talk about the complete feature of PayMember X, maybe you want to know a litle bit about the product creator of PayMember X, Dan Green. Dan Green is one of top vendor on JVZoo who always produce great software on JVZoo marketplace, this is the new version of PayMember come with more great feature. Below is the complete feature of PayMember X.

PayMember X Review – The Feature

As I said before, this software will allow you to protect anykind of content on your site, and this software not about wordpress plugin that only work on wordpress platform, but this software works with any kind of website. Below is the complete feature of PayMember X:

  • Protect Any Web Page and any Content in Your Site
    With PayMember X you can protect access to any webpage, or files so your visitors should enter their email address, or you can integrated with Paypal
  • Automatically Protect Download Links
    You can protect any download links automatically, so they are only members can be access the download links.
  • Not only Paypal, but also works with any 3rd party Payment Processor
    You can use Paypal or other payment processor such as jvzoo, or warriorplus, or etc
  • Protect any kind of files.
    You can protect any kind of files like PDF’s, video training, articles, etc. You can also add paid membership section to your site.
  • “Verification Pages” Design
    Visitors will be redirect to specific verification page to verify their email address before get access to your content. You can full control the verification pages design, so you can make it exactly how you want it.
  • Integrated With All Major Autoresponders.
    With this feature you can build list, and run email marketing campaign. When customer clicks buy, their email will be save to your chosen autoresponder.
  • Get Important Data On All Your Customer Transactions.
    You can track all the chargebacks, refunds, purchases and much more. Or even more such as, how often your customers download the files, see when they access your product and much more.
  • Custom Email Alerts
    With this feature you can setup email alert to folow up or monitor your customer, like for multiple pages access, refunds, and etc
  • Easy To Use and 100% Newbie Friendly
    PayMember X 100% newbie friendly, and no need any technical skills.
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PayMember X Review – How it Works

For more details, you can check demo videos below:


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PayMember X OTO Upsells

  • PayMember X OTO 1 – PayMember X Pro ($47).
  • PayMember X OTO 2 – PayMember X Video Profiteer ($27). 
  • PayMember X OTO 3 – PayMember X Agency ($97). 

PayMember X Review Conclusion

Thank you for reading my PayMember X review, this software is perfect for anyone who want to protect their content and create membership section on their sites. With PayMemberX user can also building buyer list and run email marketing campaign, because this software full integrated with PayPal. Protect any kind of website and any kind of files or content will be easier with PayMember X, this software also works well with all type of website not only for wordpress but works with all kind of sites or web pages. For more details, please click button below to learn more. Hope this review helpful. Thanks!


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