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PayMember Review – PayMember is a brand new membership software integrated with your Paypal account to protect any kind of content and to build massive benefits over other members sites. With PayMember and the Paypal integration features, this software become the easiest to use membership software ever. You can secure your content in seconds, not only protect your content and integrated with paypal, you can also grab detailed data on all your customers, so you can building list with PayMember too. You can keep your content more secure with PayMember, collect email leads, and setup alerts to monitor everything automatically faster than you ever thought possible.

PayMember also so easy to use, and you can access full tutorial that will show you how to setup PayMember, no need skill or coding required, all you need to do is only 3 simple step first step is enter the URL of the content you want to protect, next is type the name of your product to identify it in your Paypal account, so you will know which content are bring sales. and Finally click a button and finish, just like that your content is fully protected. Below I explain the main feature and benefit of PayMember, but before we know the complete feature and benefits, know the author or the software creator is a good thing. Below is the detail of the author.

PayMember Review

About The Author – Dan Green

Dan green is top affiliate marketer who made over $1000 per day with affiliate marketing, he also one of top vendor on JVZoo, he always produce great software and very helpful software. One of his top software on marketplace is WP Socimate. Now he launch this brand new software that will help people make money online by protect their content, PayMember makes full use of the Paypal API to make membership site creation shockingly easy, it takes seconds to setup and you can protect any kind of content you want. Below is the complete feature review and also benefit, don’t forget to check the demo video below.

PayMember Review – Feature

Dan Green has finally cracked the code to creating your own FULL MEMBERS site in seconds. It’s way faster, way more powerful and way more secure than anything you’ve seen before. Its only take second to create your own membership sites. Paymember Feature:

You Can Protect Your Content In Seconds

You can protect access to any content or webpages on any site, so your visitors must enter their email address, and/or only verified Paypal customers can get access.

Automatically Download Links Protection 

You can keep your download link secure, any download links can be automatically protected so only paid visitor being able to access, with this feature your file will secure and will not work if anyone shared on blackhat forums, file sharing sites or anywhere else.

Works With Any 3rd Party Payment Processor

You can integrated PayMember with Paypal’s, even use 3rd membership site like jvzoo, or warriorplus, etc, as long as you recieve payment into your Paypayl account, this software will 100% work with them all.

You Can Protect any Kind of Content

Protect files, premium article, premium file, video tutorial,  and anything you want. You can use PayMember to create your own membership sites.

You Can Design Verification Page

All visitor must verify their email address on a verification page to get access to your content. And you can design and have full control of the page, you can design the verification page exactly how you want it.

Integrated With All Top Autoresponder

With PayMember you can collects email leads from Paypal. When your customer buy your product (content, file, tutorial videos, etc) Your customer email is saved to your chosen autoresponder.

Get Important Data

You can track chargebacks, refunds, purchases and much more for all of your customers. You can even know how often customers download, know their location, see when they access the page and much.

Setup Custom Email Alert.

You can also setup email alerts to monitor for example, multiple chargebacks, refunds or access, Paymember will automatically monitor your protected content 24/7.

100% Newbie Friendly

No need any skill required, no need membership setup experience, all you need to do is only 3 simple steps, don’t need to be a developer or a technical genius to use it! No coding required, all you need is only integrated with your paypal ID and with your autoresponder account.

paymember earning proof

PayMember Review – Benefit

Below is all benefit you will get when use PayMember as your membership software or as your content protection software.

  • Being able to turn your site articles or pages into something you can sell.
  • Being able to SELL videos (and stop them from being shared!)
  • Being able to create and sell PDFs, safe in the knowledge they wont be stolen.
  • Spending just a few seconds to add a whole paid content section to your site.
  • Having 24/7 monitoring and protection for your valuable content.
  • Getting the protection you need against blackhats and hackers.

Who Should Use PayMember?

PayMember perfect for anyone and any kind of content or web page business, if you are:

  • Blogger
  • Content creator
  • Affiliate marketing
  • Trainer
  • Product creator
  • WordPress theme creator
  • WordPress plugin creator
  • Software creator
  • Ebook author
  • Etc

You can protect all of your premium content, make money and building list at the same time with PayMember.

PayMember Demo Videos – How it Works


paymember review step 1
Step 1
paymember review step 2
Step 2

PayMember Review step 3

PayMember OTO Review

PayMember FE – All feature listed above + Unlimited Campaign  >> Click Here For More Details <<

PayMember OTO 1 – PayMember Pro >> Click Here For More Details <<

  • Multiple “Simultaneous” List Building.
  • WordPress Plugin Integration
  • WordPress Plugin Integration
  • 10x More From Customer Data

PayMember OTO 2 – PayMember Visual Editor >> Click Here For More Details <<

With this OTO 2 you can create customize stunning protected content with PayMember visual editor and PayMember team will host it all For You.

PayMember OTO 3 – PayMember Reseller / PayMember Agency >> Click Here For More Details <<

With Paymember Agency / Reseller License you will get a reseller license to PayMember. Allows you to keep 100% profit of the price of this software or plugin when you refer anyone to PayMember site, not only that you make an extra profit if your customers by any upgrades in sales funnels.

  • Included Sales & Marketing Pages
  • Included Amazing High Converting Videos
  • Iincluded 50% Commissions on all upgrades

PayMember Review Conclusion

Thank you for read our PayMember review, this software is perfect for anyone who want to protect content and at the same time make money online by selling your content (article, video tutorial, files, etc). With PayMember you can create your Own full Membership Site In second using Paypal. This software is realy helpful to start selling your content and stop It Being stolen. Hope this review is helpful for you, if you want to grab PayMember with discount price please click button below.


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