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OrangeDrive is one interesting app that can help the user to store, host, share, and backup unlimited files, videos, images, and many more. This drive is supported with an ultrafast server so that it can benefit the user in an optimum way. Therefore, it also can conclude that OrangeDrive is an answer for cloud storage solutions in this era. It is 100% cloud-based software that reliable and provides limitless bandwidth for the user. For more information, related to the features and benefits, the following paragraphs can help to give a suitable overview.

Orange Drive

OrangeDrive Features

With this product, the user will get many excellent features, such as listed in the following:

  • It helps to share files & folders between users. So that it can ease each user to send and receive any images, videos, data, and many more in a very easy way.
  • End to End File Encryption, so that it will be more secure.
  • Password Protect Files, where this feature can benefit to help the file securely protected and open by the right person.
  • Upload any file type and video files. There is no limitation on any kind of files to be uploaded in this cloud-based storage. The user freely saves their data.
  • Move files or folders. It gives help for the user to easily move and copy any files and folder as necessary.

OrangeDrive Benefit

This software also can bring many advantages for the user, such as below:

  • One of the main benefits of this cloud storage drive is that it offers a reasonable price for many users. With very interesting features, Orange Drive charges for an affordable cost.
  • Orange Drive also offers unlimited files for its users. Therefore, no worry about spaces, bandwidth limitations, and many more. Just drop all your files into the storage easily and efficiently.

OrangeDrive Pros and Cons


What is excellent about this drive is that the cloud-based storage will enable the user to save as much data and various media into it. Therefore, it can help those with many data to keep without worrying about the limitation. Furthermore, it is also complete with a proper backup and security system. So that it will make the user feel safe and not experience further security risks.


More powerful features only on upsell, please check OrangeDrive OTO section below.

  • FE: OrangeDrive FE (Commercial License) : $16.93
  • OTO 1: OrangeDrive PRO: $39
  • OTO 2: OrangeDrive Enterprise: $47
  • OTO 3: OrangeDrive Unlimited Website Builder With Unlimited Hosting: $49
  • OTO4: OrangeDrive Traffic Pipe: $77
  • OTO5: OrangeDrive Agency: $197
  • OTO6: OrangeDrive Reseller: $97
  • OTO 7: OrangeDrive Max: $37

OrangeDrive Review – My Opinion and Conclusion

Overall, all the features in OrangeDrive are looking promising. Not to mention all the benefits that can guarantee customer satisfaction. Therefore, selecting OrangeDrive will be an excellent decision to make. This cloud-based drive is also complete with many excellent features to rely on. Including suitable backup in case of anything happen in the future.

By reading the explanation above, it is clear that OrangDrive is worth considering. Mainly for those looking for a cloud-based storage solution that affordable and meet everyone’s budget. This product is a good selection to choose from. Furthermore, the sophisticated technology is properly managing the user to easily save any precious data in fasten time.

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